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Traveling Sephora Box (TSB12/11)

I am finally ready to start a TSB. I'm very excited about this and hope everyone who participates is as well. Please be fair with your trades, remeber that this si about sharing with your fellow beauty addicts, not trading up. I want everyone tot be able to find something they love. The box includes items from every price range, but it is mostly Sephora/department store items.


Please read the rules carefully before signing up:


*Please keep the VALUE of your trade the same.
- include new makeup, fragrance (used spray perfumes are ok), skin care, tools, makeup cases, gifts with purchase.

- can ONLY be traded for other swatched items and samples, NOT full sized new items
- have only been tried ONCE.
- must be CLEARLY MARKED as such.
- absolutely no mascara, lip products, wand applicators, open pot containers.

*You may NOT test Anything inside the box, you either take it or you don't.

*No home/store made samples, expired items or dollar store makeup please.

*Please only keep the box for 3-4 days. If there is some kind of a personal problem, notify us on this thread within that 3-4 day period, but do try to send the box out quickly. You are responsible for shipping costs for USPS priority mail with tracking (about $10). Please post the tracking number on this board or pm it to me and the person you are sending the package to.

* Everyone will post everything they take out and put into the box on this board.

Sorry for the long list of rules. I just wanted to avoid any confusion and really want this box to be great for every person who participates.
If this goes well, I will start the box again.

Please copy/paste the list below and add your name to it. The last person on the list will send the box back to me, so I can start another one. This TSB will not be traveling to Canada, sorry.

1. Lana


12. back to Lana

Re: Traveling Sephora Box (TSB12/11)

Who's kaitlyn, so I can send her my address?

Re: Traveling Sephora Box (TSB12/11)

This is an awesome idea, of course now I am sitting here wondering what ever happened to this travelling box. I hope it made it all the way around, sorry if it didn't. Wish I had known about this earlier.


Re: Traveling Sephora Box (TSB12/11)

Whatever happened to this box? It was fun to participate, but not so good for the hassle of the honor system for everyone to pass it along. I was just wondering if it made ts way to the next girl.
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