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Too Much

Is there such a thing? My hubby has asked me today to cut back my spending and slow it down. LOL. How horrible am I that I need him to call me out? I feel bad because I have like 3 orders coming in the mail. Is anyone else guilty of hiding bags or boxes?

Re: Too Much

Whoa, that is devious! I love it, Lol. Its like a secret savings account Smiley Surprised

Re: Too Much

I've thought of doing that myself but I never have. Smiley Happy  Love it!


Re: Too Much

the gift card idea is a great one!

Re: Too Much

I plan my on-line shopping so it will arrive on a day that I know I'm home and my boyfriend is not Smiley Wink I then try to hide the box until garabage day and put it out when he's not looking. Sad, i know! When there's a good event I distract him by buying the clinique shave gel (he loves it, but would never purchase it himself) or take him to the store & buy him cologne (during fragrance 3x points). I still get called out on it sometimes. He recently found the vice palette box & didn't believe me when I told him I bought it late '12.  

Re: Too Much

My hubby has questioned the amout of makeup I have and HE THINKS its enough, but I am not so sure. We have seperate accts so it's not really a big deal to him. I know that there is more than I could possibly ever use but I still feel like I need more. Its a bit of a compulsion kinda sorta, I love to see all the pretty colors in my collection and then i think back about how much money I have spent on stuff im not even using and it makes me think i maybe should not buy so much. What more could I possible need???? Hmmm........

Re: Too Much

My mail is coming today, UPS, so it will be obvious when a big brown truck drives up our 200 yard long driveway.  My husband works from home 3 days a week and of course it comes today.  I am getting packages from Urban Decay and Sephora, one from Amazon tomorrow (he'll be at work, phew) and one from later in the week.


I told him it was for the basket I am making for my sister's shower.  When I get a package on a day he is not here, I usually take it up to the burn pile and burn it!!!


I am a stay-at-home mom but tutor on the side, and I have a Macy's credit card that I use for my purchases.  Only problem is that it really enables me, and I almost always spend more than I have in cash to pay it off, so I sometimes pay off as much as I can in store and then pay the rest through our bank account and tell him that I am putting the cash in our safe.


However, after paying off my card this month I am CLOSING my account and stopping the ridiculous spending.  We are getting a new car and have another baby on the way, and I DO have enough.

Re: Too Much

Definitely not as bad as I used to be. I managed to justify my bi-monthly purchase of Perricone's Metabolic Formula to him (woohoo)...I love shopping though, especially for clothes and shoes (not as much into shoes as other people, but DSW's Premier Rewards program has gotten me more hooked than I've ever been). I wasn't very excited about fashion several years ago (just didn't like what I was seeing in stores, didn't feel like the stuff was "me") so shopping online helps w/ that...I also really love getting a good deal. Not to the extent that I'd buy something I wouldn't wear, but I'll watch something to see if it goes on sale or if I get a special offer from that site via email.


Luckily I have no credit card debt (he got me to pay that off completely when we first moved in together many many years ago) and I make more than him so he can't give me too much trouble. I'm typically not great at saving, but when we plan vacations I've gotten much better about making a budget and sticking to it (he's great at saving). So I've proved myself on that one...which feels great! He also just got a new Amex points card, so this may help justify my shopping a bit (not that I'd shop more than usual, just that we'd get the points which is good, we should have done this a long time ago...and then we pay everything off immediately so there's no interest).


Purging feels great, clothes...make room for the new!

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