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Subscription box photo sharing

I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!


(I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I'm letting Lip Monthly go.  It is only $10 but the last two bags have been real disappointments.  Especially when I've gotten a repeat of a gloss which I received from another subscription box AND hated (Cargo Anguilla) and repeats of brow liners that I've already accumulated several of from subscription boxes (Ofra).  I'd rather put that $10 to better use.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I got my May PSMH today!   I am really happy with this one - While March and April were nice, there wasn't one item in either box that I really, really loved.

  • Kitsch Tri'd & True Y Shaped Necklace: This is by far my favorite item in the box!!!! 
  • Sisters of Los Angeles Surf Sand Love Beach Towel:  I love this!  I am not a fan of the Turkish Towels PSMH sent out last year (they just didn't do a great job drying me off at the pool/beach), so I was happy to receive a regular beach towel and I love the bright colors!
  • Middle Kingdom Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red: This is really pretty and I can't decide whether to keep it or gift it to my mom or sister
  • Sage & Row Bare Shave Cream:  Can't wait to try this!
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo:  Love this stuff!
  • Hammond's Candies McCraw's Flat Taffy:  This was devoured within 2 minutes of opening the box.  Smiley Happy

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

My Ipsy bag came in!

  • Adorable Breakups to Makeup bag! <3 <3<3
  • UD 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil - Already love this so I'm excited to receive a smaller version!
  • BellaPiere Cosmetics Mineral Gel Eyeliner Pencil - I'm not sure about the waterproof claim, but it goes on really smooth and the pigmentation is great!
  • Not Your Mother's Haircare Deja Vu Style Extender - very excited to try!
  • Pixi Bronzer - Really nice size! 
  • The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream - very excited to try!

Here is a photo of my "mama" bag from Sephora with the "baby" bag from Ipsy to show the size difference - FYI - the bigger Sephora bags are NOT lined like the mini bags from Ipsy


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

That Glossybox is so tempting!!! I have, for the most part been pretty pleased with my Birchbox items, but Ipsy just wasn't impressing me at all, so I cancelled it.  Most of the stuff I received in my Ipsy bags I've never used no matter how many times I change my profile. So I am on the hunt for a new box to try!

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I received my Birchbox this month with only three samples. Two were missing! I e-mailed them, and they just said sorry it happens, and they will send the other two in the mail.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing


Just got my first Glossybox! The nail polish is super cute! The Doucce mineral lipstick is different... stiff yet hydrating, this one might benefit from the hand cut to reveal the creamy core thing.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

May PopSugar Box:




May BirchBox: 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I want to order the June gemstone from Julep, but the offer code in my box was only 30%.  Did anyone get a better offer in their box that they are willing to share?

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

June Birchbox - I received the eyeliner in the color Indigo, very pretty! ***i could be wrong but I feel like I saw someone write they wanted the Clean perfume, if you do I will send it to you. I don't need it I already own it. So if anyone wants it I will ship it to you (no trade or anything... just because Smiley Happy )


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I found a new 100 point Birchbox code. I hope it's ok to share here. 



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Just order one month of the urthbox to try it. 

Need to find healthier snacks. So let's see how it goes

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Allure Beauty Box July Spoiler


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I got my Birchbox Today:

1. Harvey Prince Hello Vial Sample


2.  Stila Liquid Lipstick in Venizia


3.  Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil - I love this stuff and already use it every day - this will be a nice size for travel this summer Smiley Happy


4.  Supergoop Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30 - So tired of Supergoop!  I am drowing in the stuff and will have this brand in my BB, Ipsy and PSMH this month!  I'll use it, but I'd like to try something new.  Smiley Happy


5.  Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUP Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator


6.  ***Add-On:  Hayden Reis Pineapple Bag - This bag is huge!  It will be perfect for toting wet swimsuits home from the beach, pool, etc...  It is made of sail cloth and since I have no experience with sailing, I expected it to be like canvas, but it is actually super thin and lightweight and almost looks like paper.  It is supposed to be water resistant and very durable.  I really like it! Smiley Happy

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

PSMH and Ipsy came in today and I'm pretty happy Smiley Happy


PopSugar Must Have

1. Henri Bendel Dopp Kit:  This is so cute and very, well constructed/sturdy - I love it!
2. Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 30:  I am not a fan of setting sprays at all and have not had luck with this one in the past, but I'll give it one more chance before passing it on to my niece
3.  Sorial Card Case with $25 off code
4.  PopDental Portable Toothbrush
5.  Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes
6.  The Good Bean Fruit and No Nut Bar in Chocolate Berry:  I liked it!
7.  Hallmark Signature Greeting Cards:  These will all be used Smiley Happy


1. Summer Lovin' Bag - Very cute and lined, which is a big plus!
2. Breakups to Makeup mini bag - Redeemed with points
3. Jelly Pong Pong Eyeliner/Eyeshadow: Never tried this brand, but I've heard good things
4. Pur~lisse Pur~Bright Ultra Skin Brightening Serum:  For some reason I thought I was getting more Super Goop in my Ipsy bag, but Pur~Lisse is also not too exciting.  I am drowning in SuperGoop, Pur~Lisse and Coola - I get them in GWPs, subs, etc... and I use them and give them away, but they seem to multiply Smiley Happy
5.  Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo
6.  Aurora Gel Effect Nail Polish in 4 Alarm Fire
7.  Crown Brush Tweezers:  I am super excited about this because I actually need new tweezers  Smiley Happy

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

July Boxycharm


MDMflow Greater Than Mascara

Vasanti blush brush - scratchy Smiley Sad

yourMinerals Transparent Veil setting powder

Gorge I'll make you look amazing daily spray (leave in conditioning spray)

OFRA lip liner in cherish (hot pink)


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Got my Loot Crate today. I'm still a little disappointed in the lack of female characters represented (ladies only ever seem to show up on posters, the cheapest items Smiley Sad ) but there are some interesting items this month. The theme was "Heroes". 



1. Retro Wonder Woman Poster

2. Legend of Zelda sweatband

3. Lootcrate button

4. Batman multitool (bottle opener and two mini-screwdriver tips)

5. Batman Q-Pop figure

6. Star Trek air freshener

7. "Regrettable Superheroes" hardcover book

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

This is what I'm getting from Ipsy.  I'm pretty happy with my goodies!


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Glossybox is en route!


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Here is this month's Glossybox:


First off, I absolutely love the way they pack it!



Contents of this month's box:

1. Lollipops Makeup Lip Balm (FULL SIZE) Retail ~ $5.50

2. Manna Kadar Lash Primer (FULL SIZE) Retail ~ $24

3. Sparitual Nail Lacquer (FULL SIZE) Retail ~ $12

4. Pop Beauty Kajal Pen in Sooty Black (FULL SIZE) ~ $10

5. GlamGlow YouthCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser 1oz. Trial Size ~ $9.50


Overall Value of this month's GlossyBox ~ $61.25

I am pretty happy with the choices they made. It seems like they are finally listening to my survey responses as well as my feedback I have reported for the previous glossyboxes. For example, the nail polish color is spot on correct!

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Glossybox. I like this one. The lip balm smells like heaven. The nail polish is a color I would wear. And I've been wanting to try out the GG cleanserSmiley Very Happy


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I know a lot of people were curious about Julep's friction stick. It along with the pedi foot cream I hate (but others love) are the Sweet Steal at Julep today. Get both for $15. If you accepted a box this month, the secret store opened today.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

My Japonesque shadow in Birchbox 2 is full-size. The sea salt spray is the same 3.38oz size I received in the Modern Mermaid Box (I never priced that box, so I assumed it was the full size). This is a generous sample! Too bad I do not love the product.



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

ive gotten 2 UrthBox's   completely forgot to post 

i chose the diet suggestion so its a mix of all heathly ones

but you can chose if your want gluten free only or others

ill post them when i get home tonight!!! Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

It was $100, I believe... totally worth it!



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I love my Mugler Addict subscription! The fall 2015 box is Alientastic, I am in heaven! 

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