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Subscription box photo sharing

I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!


(I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

This is my box and to be honest it's been the only box That I really am not excited for. I have too many red lipsticks, the fresh face cream makes my face break out and I really like getting the fragrance samples. I was really hoping for the blue tansy mask because it was the only one that fit my skin concerns. 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box and the Rachel Zoe Box of Style graced my doorstep today! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.40.35 PM.png

Laurel Brightening Facial Mask (a powder), a bowl to mix it in, and a brush to slather it on. I've been wanting an official mask bowl and brush for a while. I've just been using whatever's handy which, at times, is a plastic cup, so huge upgrade for me!


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.41.04 PM.png

Box of Style: La Soula Rose Gold Rings, Odeme Gold Tray, Nudestix Lip & Cheek Balm, Rachel Convertible Clutch/ShoulderBag/Laptop Case from Gigi New York, Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream, and Skinesque 3-Step Charcoal Mask. 


I gotta say, both of these boxes have made me feel very luxe and fancy, which is pretty impressive as I'm sitting here in a black tank top with old paint (I think) splotches on it and a pair of flannel pajama shorts with little cartoon-y terriers on them. LOL.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

@MarciaBrady  You are way too fancy now!  LOL!   


That mask bowl and brush look like so much fun!!!! 


And I almost went for the Box of Style, but opted for the Popsugar LE Fall box instead since I already have too many bags/clutches that are too small for me.  I love those rings, though!!!! ❤️   Enjoy!!!!

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

@Tamara76 I know! I can't even handle myself anymore. 


That purse is definitely not for day-to-day toting of stuff, but if I ever only need to haul a mini lip gloss and a stick of gum, it will definitely be my go-to! LOL

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

The 2nd October Spoiler for Boxycharm is up on my subscription addiction. Everyone will get Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

BoxyCharm Spoiler Alert

BoxyCharm Oct. 2017 SpoilerBoxyCharm Oct. 2017 Spoiler

As a reminder, the first spoiler was Becca Prosecco Pop in either the pressed or liquid version. 


**courtesy of MSA**


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Here's the complete spoilers for September's Popsugar Must Have box from MSA.  This is a good box! The Figs and Rouge product is a primer/highlighter, and the black compact is Lipstick Queen's Black Lace Rabbit blush/lip color.  The pink case is a phone case.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Ohhhh - thanks!    I haven't been keeping up with spoilers, lately!  I am most excited about the Lipstick Queen blush because I have the matching lipstick!!!  ❤️   @Ispend2much6

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

@Tamara76  You're welcome!  Strangely enough, the blush seems to work even better as a lip color from the reviews I've seen online.  But, I'm going to try it both ways. 🙂

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Here is the Sept Ipsy bag...described on the site as "All black, faux leather, and spiked. Is there anything more Like. A. Boss. than the September Glam Bag design? We. Think. Not."  It's a thick pleather and it's lined inside with a blue polyester liner.  



I completely forgot to take a pic of the contents (d'oh!) and put these away but here's a pic from the site - 


Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Ohhhh!  You scored some nice goodies!   Other than the Smashbox Primer (lol!) I love everything in your box!  I'm super impressed with the quality of Pixi blushes and highlighters and I LOVE that Organic Pharmacy Face Cream!!!  @ZombieMetroAnt


P.S. I also love your bracelet!!!! ❤️



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Is the liner scratchy or smooth?  I'm getting the exact same contents.  Not too bad.    I still haven't touched the last organic pharmacy product I received so maybe I'll try them together.  I'm most intrigued by the pixie by Petra duo.  I haven't tried much from that brand.  @ZombieMetroAnt 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

The liner is smooth @heartsmyface in a beautiful cerulean blue.  I like the Pixie duo - it translates well, is light on initial application but the color builds up easily. I think it'll look totally amazing on your skintone !  Heart 



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Perfect:). It's been a while since we've received a simple chic black bag.  (Not that I use even a tenth of the ones I have) @ZombieMetroAnt

RE: Subscription box photo sharing

Ipsy glam bag reveals are up! Here's what I'm getting in mine! I'm so excited for the Tarte mascara and the sheet masks.

Re: RE: Subscription box photo sharing

Looks like a good bag!  @cindyvonlovely 

RE: Re: RE: Subscription box photo sharing

I'm happy with it! Could be a lot worse ☺️

I just cancelled my ipsy. I wasn't ever getting anything...

I just cancelled my ipsy. I wasn't ever getting anything good in my bags

RE: I just cancelled my ipsy. I wasn't ever getting anything...

I plan on cancelling too after October, I've been sticking around just for a chance to get the Halloween bag (hopefully). But they have been picking their game up with the products.

Re: RE: I just cancelled my ipsy. I wasn't ever getting anything...

@cindyvonlovely  OMG - Last year's Halloween Ipsy bag was waaaaayyyyy too cute!  I hope they top it this year! ❤️

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

BoxyCharm September Spoiler update: here are the projected variations for the ColourPop item.

BoxyCharm spoiler updateBoxyCharm spoiler update

Please see prior posts for the September Box as well as the confirmed "big item(s)" for October!

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