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Subscription box photo sharing

I've been on the Ipsy waiting list, but still look at the thread. I thought we could have a shared thread from all the subscription boxes (including non-beauty ones likes underpants and lifestyle such as Wantable and POPSugar). That way we can live vicariously through each others goodies!


(I know there are unboxing videos on YouTube, but I do not have the patience to sit through a five minute video about someone apologizing for the state of their hair. And I know there are blogs where I can see photos, but everyone usually gets different items in their boxes)

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

When you want to talk about exchanging some of those for some handmade jewelry gimme a pm.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

The thing I wear less than nail polish is jewelry.  I hate wearing it, so I rarely collect it.  Other than my wedding and engagement ring, I own no expensive jewelry at all.  My Dad even won a $5000 tennis bracelet in a contest and gave it to my sister, because he said he knew I did not wear jewelry.  He was probably right to give it to her, because I would probably only wear it to dress up events (if at all).


When I went to a Bat Mitvah recently, I had to poke new holes in my ears to get my earrings on.  It had been so long since I wore any that the backs were closed.  I thoroughly grossed out my husband too, but it is not like he had to stand there and watch.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I rarely buy premade jewelry, it typically isn't to my taste. I prefer natural polished gemstones, which is an expensive habit (say artisan and the price doubles or more). I found out that buying the stones I liked as beads was a lot more affordable, so I have a larger bead stash than I do makeup.


We didn't do rings because my husband knows how much I hate diamonds. Lucky in retrospect because I end up dropping sizes after we married.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

For me, it is not a matter of taste.  I think it looks beautiful on.  I just do not like wearing it.  Even when I run, the watch I wear to track my heart rate bothers me.  It just feels uncomfortable.  


Earrings are the worst (my ears always feel them), followed by bracelets and necklaces.  I can actually handle rings, but I always take them off to apply lotion 100 times a day and forget to put them back on.  I also hate holding things in my hands, which is another weird quirk.  


My husband saves a ton of money that most husbands spend on jewelry, so he should be more supportive of my makeup/skincare addiction.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

LOL. my husband put me on a bead no-buy until I use more of what I already have. Sounds like dangling pieces are your bane, my favorites are usually shorter necklaces that are closer to being chokers. Here is the choker I made in May for a dinner event.




Re: Subscription box photo sharing

See.  I find that beautiful, and I love purple.  I know I would rarely wear it though, because I like to be bare (from jewelry).  


My husband asks that I use my backups before I buy more, but I could not use everything up if I wore makeup everyday for the rest of my life (even if I lived to be 100).

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Well look at it this way: If you ever get in to painting your nails, you have one of the best nail wardrobes in the world Smiley Happy 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I feel kinda guilty posting in light of Notcreative's BB problem, but I've GOT to show my pics! Pic sharing is one of my favorite arts parts of getting these boxes! I suppose that's silly, but... whatever. Smiley Happy


Here's my Birchbox... I'm pretty happy with it, I'm always psyched to get a face mask and the bronzer is decent. BBs don't usually have enough coverage for me, but otherwise this one is pretty good, so far.







Here's my Ipsy. It was not a good month. The liner was pretty bad and the mascara wasn't great (although I liked having the chance to try it without buying it.) The lip balm smelled super grape-y... but it has GLITTER in it! I'm 41, I  don't want glitter in my lip balm. Smiley Tongue





Aaaand the Sample Society. I'm sure everyone's the same, but it was SO awesome this month, I have to post it anyway. Smiley Very Happy




Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Wow! The Sample Society Box is especially impressive :-)

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

They really seem to be stepping up their game! Smiley Happy I like their new product booklet, too. MUCH better than what they used to do and better than the sample list cards the other boxes do. Smiley Happy

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

They put out the first spoiler for Sept.  A full sized Resorsea Eye Cream ($85).  I loved everything in the box this month.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Holy moly! ... I do already have an awful lot of eye creams, though.

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

My Birchbox finally arrived today (after not updating the tracking for 8 days)!  I emailed them and asked them to cancel the replacement box.  My box is the exact same as yours.  As a matter of fact, all three of the boxes you just posted were the exact same as mine.  I love this box, so I am happy it arrived.  


Birchbox August 2014.jpg


This is what they were going to replace it with, so I am very happy my original arrived.


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.57.00 PM.png

Re: Subscription box photo sharing



Also, how funny is it that we always seem to get the same boxes/bags? 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

We must have similar profiles (if they're legit), because sometimes I get items that could not have come from my profile.  Did you watch the videos where they gave sneak peeks into three members boxes?  One member had the same box as us, and the reason she was given the item totally made sense for me.  I think they may actually be legit for Birchbox.



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Was it? I saw the videos, but didn't remember that one was like ours.


I think the profiles are actually reasonably legit for BB, but I know they don't use the reviews we write in determining our boxes. Meanwhile Ipsy's profile seems meaningless but the reviews we make do matter.


Have you seen the sneak peek for next month? They've shown the items that we can choose from. I've already received two of the four and I seem to recall not being super interested in the other two. ::shrug::

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I have not seen the previews, so I will check that out now.  

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

I too am a bit annoyed with my Sample Society box - this is my first box from them (and most likely my last). Aside from the products being extremely tiny, I do not feel they are age appropriate for a 50+ woman. Nicole Richie perfume? They can't be I also do not use nail products, and the largest sample was cuticle oil.  I hope my Birch box is better this month...samplesociety1.jpg



Re: Subscription box photo sharing

give it one more month! Some months are better than others. 

Funny fact- about 10 years ago, my friend's mom who was in her 50's at the time fell in love with the Brittany Spears Perfume. It's still her signature scent, so she won't tell anyone what it is, but a few of us know Smiley Tongue 

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

LOL about your friend's mom and Brittany Spears Perfume Smiley Wink  I am a fragrance junkie and I am willing to try any fragrance regardless of the name or endorser, but this scent smells like it might be more appropriate for someone 30+ years younger than I am (no offense to anyone older who does like it). My husband hates it too - enough said Smiley Wink  

Re: Subscription box photo sharing

Agreed that you should give it another shot.  I've come close to cancelling a few times but then the next month I was glad I hadn't.

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