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Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Hi All! 


We are long overdue for an updated Subscription Sharing thread!  Whether it's BoxyCharm, Ipsy, or PopSugar we want to hear (and see) all about what you are subscribed to.





Interested in trading with other users?  Here are some things you need to know from @SydBristow and her trade threads:



IMPORTANT NOTE: To comply with Sephora's terms of use, items cannot be listed "for sale" or even for trade for Sephora or other gift cards. Please do not list "prices" either (which implies selling), but you can list approximate trade value.

Because a number of fake items have been sent in trades, it is strongly advised you provide photos of your higher-end items, including the labeling (you may be asked for it anyway) and list WHERE you purchased the item from. Fakes are readily available from less reputable sellers and can contain toxins! It is important to everyone to know where their cosmetics come from.

Please also be aware that some makeup products cannot be sanitized - please use caution in your trades. When in doubt, ask the community, it's a great resource! Used items you may wish to avoid are mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, and cream products.

Acquiring Items
Please use discretion with whom you enter into trades with. There is a summarized list of trusted traders here: Protect yourself in your trades, ask questions (such as where an item was purchased), ask for additional photos (to show level of usage and/or labeling to prove authenticity).
If you don’t feel 100% comfortable doing a trade because someone is new, you can request they send their items first.

Please use the private message system on Beauty Talk and/or tag the user you are trying to get in touch with. Communication is key! You can tell a lot about a trade by how the communication goes. If you will be unavailable for any periods of time, please be up front, and if there are any issues with shipping please be up front about that as well.

Having tracking and insurance on shipments goes a long way to figuring out where an item might be. The USPS puts anticipated delivery dates and tracking numbers right on the receipt. If there is any issue with an item you have sent out, please follow up with the carrier.

Consider providing your feedback on successful trades on this thread here:


**the previous thread can be found here: Subscription box photo sharing

RE: I'm definitely glad I cancelled play @KNC24. Since I canc...

@Lazybeautybeast I love Sephora as brand but I feel like I’ve outgrown the box. When your new to makeup or Sephora, you get exciting items. After having the box for a year or two, you pretty much have best of Sephora outside of the new stuff

Re: I'm definitely glad I cancelled play @KNC24. Since I canc...

@Lazybeautybeast that's totally why I cancelled play! as well - too many repeats of promos or favorites kits. I also cancelled boxycharm last may. I do look at the boxes and this was the first month I was really like I would have liked so much of all that stuff. But I am still getting other subs - I think I would miss getting none

@KNC24 I hated to cancel play! but after a year and a hal...

@KNC24 I hated to cancel play! but after a year and a half, I just wasn't impressed anymore! wish they could put some new samples of items in there, instead of the same products over and over

Re: @KNC24 I hated to cancel play! but after a year and a hal...

@lmaster I’m ready to cancel boxyxharm. I see their stepping up the game but not sure if it’s enough to keep me. 

Re: @KNC24 I hated to cancel play! but after a year and a hal...

@KNC24 yeah boxycharm can be really good or meh. I've cancelled a bunch here recently myself

Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

January Boxycharm. Overall, I'm happy with this box! I was hoping for the brow pencil, Ofra lippie, and the Sizzle Tarte palette. But 2 out of 3 isn't bad. I'll still get good use out of the Vol. III palette.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Ohhhhh I got the same box, @Lazybeautybeast, except I think I got a different shade of lipstick.  I'm not a fan of the Rainforest of the Sea palettes (not pigmented enough) and I think I already had this one, so I passed it on to my daughter...

RE: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Lazybeautybeast I got the same box. I was hoping for the smith and cult lipgloss. I’m on the fence with boxycharm.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My January Subs are starting to roll in!!!


1. Ipsy Glambag Plus - This one is my fave so far:


1. Violet Voss Mini HG Eye Shadow Palette in Berry Burst:  OMG - this has been on my wish list since it released!  I cannot wait to try it out!!!!
2. Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil:  I am really looking forward to trying this!
3.  Hey, Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum:  I am also excited to try this, too! 
4.  Vasanti Matte Crush Lipstick Pencil in Its Your Mauve:  Ohhhhh this is soooo pretty!  And I love that they included a sharpener in the box!!!!
5.  Briogeo Rosarco Milk:  Love this stuff!
6.  Ofra Rodeo Drive Highlighter:  I was soooo disappointed that I didn't get this in my December Ipsy that I bought one myself and I totally love it.  I was super surprised to see this in my January box so I am giving this one to my daughter.

Overall, Ipsy killed it this month!  I'm still sad about the bags going away, but I can forgive them temporarily Smiley Wink 

DM me if you're interested in a referral link!

2.  Boxycharm:


1.  Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Strength and Moisture Leave in Mask:  Love it!!!
2.  Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Pencil
3.  Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume III Palette:  I think I may already have this one, but if I do, it is packed up waiting to be moved into my beauty room once the paint dries... I'm not a huge fan of Rainforest of the Sea palettes in general because they don't have much pigmentation, so this one may go to my daughter whether I already have it or not
4.  Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Havana Nights:  OMG!  This is gorgeous!!!!!!!!
5.  Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Face Masks: I cannot wait to try these!!!

DM me if you'd like a referral link!

3.  Up Words Up Box:  


Detail of some of the items:


Upbox is a new sub for me - I kept seeing it on Instagram and everyone was posting 50% off coupons, so I couldn't resist trying it, although I cancelled for next month because $40 is a little pricey given all my other subs.  Upbox is an encouragement box with a Christian message and it is literally packed with goodies, so if you don't mind paying more than other monthly subs, it is well worth it (I believe the value is over $150).  I love that all the brands are indie brands, too!

1.  Miss Violet Lace Moonbeam Sparkle Serum
2.  Crosbee + Crew Cinnamon Spice Soy Candle
3.  Sew What Steph hair ties
4.  Elmwood Avenue Be the Light Decal
5.  Stinny's Platinum Glitter Gel
6.  Purely Posh Vanilla Almond Lip Balm
7.  LB Love Organics Vanilla Chai Organic Lip Scrub
8.  Sela and Sage Star Earrings
9.  Entyze Honey Vanilla Brulee All Purpose Salve
10.  Lulu Sugar Holiday Sparkle Candle 
11. Purely Posh Vanilla Almond Body Butter
12.  Harrison Valley Whipped Tea Tree Charcoal Soap
13.  Samples of Harrison Valley Activated Charcoal Face Masks
14.  Simply AC Boutique Oh, Honey Bath Bomb
15.  Bella Boutiques Sparkle Earrings
16.  Quotable Words Pouch
17.  Quotable Words Tray
18.  Encouragement Cards

This is a really lovely box and I may subscribe again down the road!


Hi! I got the exact box you got from Ipsy glam plus..they...

Hi! I got the exact box you got from Ipsy glam plus..they knocked January's box out of the park!! Talk about starting the year off with a bang! I couldn't believe the products i got in my Ipsy plus for only $25 i was stunned!!💯💯

Re: Hi! I got the exact box you got from Ipsy glam plus..they...

@Bigdawn I am super impressed with this month's Ipsy - I calculated the value to be more than $200 - not bad for $25!  Plus, I love every single thing in this box! <3

wow that looks like a really lovely sub box! ( well all o...

wow that looks like a really lovely sub box! ( well all of them do) the peace Christian box, love the message it gives

Re: wow that looks like a really lovely sub box! ( well all o...

Thanks, @lmaster!  I really love the encouragement, but also all the indie brands!  It's a fun box and I just resubbed because I think it's worth it! <3

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

That Upbox is an interesting one, @Tamara76. The Vanilla Chai lip scrub looks like it might be really good! Love all the word cards, too, those are funSmiley Happy

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I am really enjoying this box, @eshoe!  And omg - the Chai Vanilla lip scrub is amazing!  It smells incredible!  It is one of those creamy lip scrubs, though, so if you want moisture and exfoliation, it's great.  But if you want stronger exfoliation, like with the Lush Lip Scrubs, it may not be your fave.  The brand has an etsy shop if you want to check them out! <3

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Thank @Tamara76!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My daughter's December Scentbird box finally arrived on 12/31...


🌸🌸🌸 This month she selected Valentino's Valentina Acqua Floreale. This scent is described by Scentbird as having “ethereal whispers of bergamot and orange blossom” that “fade into a floral heart of pale rose and skin-soft jasine and tuberose. Gossamer strands of amber and patchouli complete this delicate, feminine scent.”🌸🌸🌸
My daughter really enjoys this scent, but I find it too heavy and musky for my taste.

Scentbird is an excellent way to try new fragrances before you buy them - you get a month’s supply of fragrance for only $14.95!!! And now you can also choose a beauty product instead of a fragrance as your monthly option!

DM me if you want to subscribe - they have a deal where you can get a free perfume with your new Scentbird subscription and I can send you the link Smiley Happy

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Tamara76Any way to see a list of brands they have?

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Samtian Yes - Go to their site and scroll down to the very bottom of the home page and click the link on the right that says "shop perfumes."  You'll be able to see the list of current perfumes and if you click the links at the top of the page once you're there, you can see the makeup and body products.


If you subscribe, it's easy to see everything and you can load your queue for the next 10 or 12 months so that you get what you want every month!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Tamara76Awesome thanks!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My ipsy bag preview for the month of January!!! 💖Not so sure about getting a hand cream (I already have lots of lotions) but hey, I'm open to trying it out. 

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