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Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Hi All! 


We are long overdue for an updated Subscription Sharing thread!  Whether it's BoxyCharm, Ipsy, or PopSugar we want to hear (and see) all about what you are subscribed to.





Interested in trading with other users?  Here are some things you need to know from @SydBristow and her trade threads:



IMPORTANT NOTE: To comply with Sephora's terms of use, items cannot be listed "for sale" or even for trade for Sephora or other gift cards. Please do not list "prices" either (which implies selling), but you can list approximate trade value.

Because a number of fake items have been sent in trades, it is strongly advised you provide photos of your higher-end items, including the labeling (you may be asked for it anyway) and list WHERE you purchased the item from. Fakes are readily available from less reputable sellers and can contain toxins! It is important to everyone to know where their cosmetics come from.

Please also be aware that some makeup products cannot be sanitized - please use caution in your trades. When in doubt, ask the community, it's a great resource! Used items you may wish to avoid are mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, and cream products.

Acquiring Items
Please use discretion with whom you enter into trades with. There is a summarized list of trusted traders here: Protect yourself in your trades, ask questions (such as where an item was purchased), ask for additional photos (to show level of usage and/or labeling to prove authenticity).
If you don’t feel 100% comfortable doing a trade because someone is new, you can request they send their items first.

Please use the private message system on Beauty Talk and/or tag the user you are trying to get in touch with. Communication is key! You can tell a lot about a trade by how the communication goes. If you will be unavailable for any periods of time, please be up front, and if there are any issues with shipping please be up front about that as well.

Having tracking and insurance on shipments goes a long way to figuring out where an item might be. The USPS puts anticipated delivery dates and tracking numbers right on the receipt. If there is any issue with an item you have sent out, please follow up with the carrier.

Consider providing your feedback on successful trades on this thread here:


**the previous thread can be found here: Subscription box photo sharing

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I keep forgetting to post, but I’ve been loving this Boxwalla subscription, with the Most lovely, natural  skincare products. It’s an every other month subscription with full sizes. I haven’t gotten to try everything yet, but have enjoyed immensely everything I’ve tried! Descriptions from Siam Seas website in the spoilers.


Boxwalla February Beauty Box from Siam SeasBoxwalla February Beauty Box from Siam Seas


Said Clear Skin

Sai is a powerhouse antioxidant serum that synergistically combines a stable form of vitamin C and science-proven actives to create a second skin-like protective layer providing a firming appearance and natural glow.  It uses organic plant extracts’ energies to smoothen skin texture, soothe lesions and redness, brighten dark spots and even skin tone.

Uniqueness of Sai Serum

Sai is supposed to be mildly grainy. The graininess/powderiness comes from Duan Shi Gao or Gypsum, It is great for tissue regeneration & wound healing, used in TCM in powdered form on burns, scalds, as well as for eczema.  I synergistically combined it with 3 other botanical extracts in Sai to create cooling effect,  reducing heat therefore impacting in the reduction of inflammation & acne, and lesions on the skin, like in conditions such as psoriasis, rash or eczema.

Duan Shi Gao’s very fine powder is mixed in and suspended in Sai formula. However if you open up the bottle to look, it may look clumpy. This is because naturally, gypsum draws & holds water from its surroundings. This causes gypsum to expand even in suspension. However gypsum releases water out when it’s warmed. It is a pretty fascinating process actually!

How to apply Sai Serum

So the best way to apply Sai, is to pump onto the palm of your hand, rub your palms together to activate & warm up the gypsum powder then apply it on to your face in slightly outward & upward direction. You will barely feel tiny particles like powder on skin. The powderiness then will dissipate as you apply Sai onto your skin but the gypsum is there, cooling & releasing moisture onto your skin.



Kwam Rak Body Serum

Kwam Rak (means love) is a gorgeous true hybrid body serum that instantly hydrates like body lotion and deeply moisturizes like body oil.  This light, creamy textured serum immediately absorbs into the skin after application leaving only a delicate layer of oil to support and protect the health of your skin barrier and moisture within, while creating a radiant glow.

It is infused with synergistic botanical extracts and plant Ceramides to support the health, healing and moisture retention of your skin.  The unrefined organic mustard seed oil provides a cooling skin sensation as it is traditionally used as a massage oil to improve circulation and smoothen skin texture.

The grounding scent of nutmeg and faint mustard seed bestow comforting energy before the scent gently transfers into a blooming floral essence of Jasmine Sambac and Frangipani.


Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Oh wow!  What an awesome way to try unique and niche skincare!  Enjoy!  @sister13 ❤️

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@sister13~ Thank you for sharing with us! I've been following Boxwalla for a while but have yet to sub. The products always look so luxe! I like seeing how others enjoy their selections and hearing your opinions on the products. The Boxwalla group seems to have a pretty good setup for exploring new brands. Glad you are enjoying yours!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I think I first got hooked when the had African Botanics $250 oil for the $50 box price. It’s the only subscription I do. I like that it’s every other month, full size, and limited in scope with high quality brands. Though I admit I have no business. Getting new skincare! @KemoLove 

Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

FYI Boxycharm apparently messed up a lot of people's cover fx palette shade. (We all knew it was coming.) I even saw that some people received emails explaining there was an "it glitch" that caused groups to be mixed up based on the beauty quiz and that boxy is out of the palette so they are giving people like 4500 charms and telling people to check out trading groups. 😞 The label for my BoxyLuxe hasn't even been created yet. I really hope that means they are double checking the remaining boxes. 🤞 I hope I receive the lighter version. If I receive the darker palette, I will be willing to swap someone. @Kim888 I know you mentioned resubscribing for the palette. I hope everyone gets the right one.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Lazybeautybeast~ Thank you for posting about this, I didn't even realize it was happening. But, as you said, we all pretty much knew this was coming lol. I received an e-mail yesterday morning saying that my Boxyluxe was already on it's way. I guess we'll see what I end up with. I'm not sure why I'm receiving this box so soon, as they don't usually send mine out so early. And @Kim888, I agree, it's simple enough just to state "we don't use profiles." Don't bother saying that you will incorporate them and then choose not to for convenience.

UPDATE: I just received an email from boxy saying "Becaus...

UPDATE: I just received an email from boxy saying "Because of reasons outside our control we experienced a slight delay with our boxes this month. We are doing everything in our power to get you your box as soon as possible. Stay on the lookout for your tracking email next week!" I hope the "reasons" are they are checking the palettes.

I got this email on Sunday. like....spoilers have been ou...

I got this email on Sunday. like....spoilers have been out since January....we know this is your fault Boxy. I've been with them for 2+ years, get it together!

Re: UPDATE: I just received an email from boxy saying "Becaus...

Bahaha @Lazybeautybeast I also got this email and I sure hope that’s the case!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Lazybeautybeast yeah I’ve heard they really messed up! I’m hoping for the lighter one as well - luckily there seems to be a lot of trade threads popping up on Instagram and Facebooks but the whole thing is pretty unacceptable. 


 And their response as usual is horrible - they are just basically like oh it’s a sub sometimes you don’t get what you want - but  NO don’t say you’ll use our profiles if you don’t intend too. Other subscriptions manage to customize and use profiles, they can’t promise to use them if they aren’t going to


i haven’t received a label yet either sounds like just luxe went out so fwr

@Kim888 I'm not sure why some people get their boxes so e...

@Kim888 I'm not sure why some people get their boxes so early. I've seen both regular and luxe that have already been received but also people still waiting on both. My label is usually created the 6th-8th each month and I have it around the 15th-ish. My Dec luxe did come earlier but this one didn't.

my luck I'll get the darker version 🤨

my luck I'll get the darker version 🤨

Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Just thought I would mention this here cause it's super helpful! Now on ipsy, if you look at your glam bag items it includes your items but also includes your addons with lil badges on them! Cute and finally! I would forget what i got!

That is a great add on feature @sonnydee. Thanks for lett...

That is a great add on feature @sonnydee. Thanks for letting us know.

RE: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

How did I not see this? Thank you!! I was so pleased to get a HUDA palette for 12! Can’t wait to get it

@sonnydee ~ Thanks for sharing this! I noticed this too t...

@sonnydee ~ Thanks for sharing this! I noticed this too this morning and was wondering if anyone else could see theirs. I like that they added this, it is super helpful! I wonder if we'll be able to review our add-ons now or in the future for points? That'd be neat 😃

Re: @sonnydee ~ Thanks for sharing this! I noticed this too t...

They have it now that we can review our addons @KemoLove !😍😍😍😍

Re: @sonnydee ~ Thanks for sharing this! I noticed this too t...

That would be really cool. There system is so slow at earning points @KemoLove 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Woo hoo! Went to check it out and it looks like I got the Huda Mauve eyeshadow palette in my glam bag plus (already own it but was thinking about buying a backup). I really hope that reveal is correct. Thanks for the tip @sonnydee this helps to remind me of what I picked out when I was half awake that day :P.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Exactly! @niki172 🧟‍♀️😂 I hope you  

get your backup!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Thanks @sonnydee  - I can't remember if my shown box offerings were correct last time color wise or not. I remember thinking I was getting a nude lippie, but got the red one instead. With that said I think I remember knowing that before I got my box so here's hoping the reveal is correct :).

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