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Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Hi All! 


We are long overdue for an updated Subscription Sharing thread!  Whether it's BoxyCharm, Ipsy, or PopSugar we want to hear (and see) all about what you are subscribed to.





Interested in trading with other users?  Here are some things you need to know from @SydBristow and her trade threads:



IMPORTANT NOTE: To comply with Sephora's terms of use, items cannot be listed "for sale" or even for trade for Sephora or other gift cards. Please do not list "prices" either (which implies selling), but you can list approximate trade value.

Because a number of fake items have been sent in trades, it is strongly advised you provide photos of your higher-end items, including the labeling (you may be asked for it anyway) and list WHERE you purchased the item from. Fakes are readily available from less reputable sellers and can contain toxins! It is important to everyone to know where their cosmetics come from.

Please also be aware that some makeup products cannot be sanitized - please use caution in your trades. When in doubt, ask the community, it's a great resource! Used items you may wish to avoid are mascara, liquid eyeliner, lip glosses, and cream products.

Acquiring Items
Please use discretion with whom you enter into trades with. There is a summarized list of trusted traders here: Protect yourself in your trades, ask questions (such as where an item was purchased), ask for additional photos (to show level of usage and/or labeling to prove authenticity).
If you don’t feel 100% comfortable doing a trade because someone is new, you can request they send their items first.

Please use the private message system on Beauty Talk and/or tag the user you are trying to get in touch with. Communication is key! You can tell a lot about a trade by how the communication goes. If you will be unavailable for any periods of time, please be up front, and if there are any issues with shipping please be up front about that as well.

Having tracking and insurance on shipments goes a long way to figuring out where an item might be. The USPS puts anticipated delivery dates and tracking numbers right on the receipt. If there is any issue with an item you have sent out, please follow up with the carrier.

Consider providing your feedback on successful trades on this thread here:


**the previous thread can be found here: Subscription box photo sharing

RE: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My November Ipsy. Okay box this month. Doesn’t get me hyped up. Everything is useful so that’s cool, but nothing dramatically exciting to me. This is probably my 5th shade of Amazonian Clay blush that I have gotten from a sub-box! Good news is that I love that blush formula! The small white jar is the Ciate London Translucent powder which will be fun to try. The Balm cosmetics Mary Dew-Manizer is the golden cylinder. Got more than my fair share of liquid highlighters now!! But, it’ll get used cause I love that glow for a night out, ya know! Trying out the Pixi by Petra lipgloss this afternoon! Love their lip balms so this should hopefully be a good product/formula!

Re: RE: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@KrishAtl I love the bag with the hearts! Super cute!

Re: RE: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I'm still waiting for my Ipsy but I am getting the Ciate as well and I am looking forward to try it out.

Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My Nov Boxycharm! I'm really excited for all of it! I love that they included beauty accessories (brush cleaner and tweezers)! Nice change of pace.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Ohhhh nice!  I would have rather gotten the tweezers than the eyeliner!  Enjoy, @Lazybeautybeast! <3 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

The Rose shade in your palette is gorgeous! Awesome box!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

My Sephora Play! November Box Variation #214

I hadn't seen any spoilers for this box yet:


Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 'Pink Tea' 0.04 fl.oz.

Moroccanoil Protect & Prevent Spray 0.67 fl.oz.

Tory Burch 'Just Like Heaven' 0.05 fl.oz.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder 0.035 oz.

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream 0.1 fl.oz.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream 0.17 fl.oz.




Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Thank you @bem564 this is my box & have been waiting for spoilers. Seems were always last for them😢

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@sonnydee You are welcome! I agree, we seem to be the last group to see spoilers.

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

I would much rather have had your selection.,   I dont know the number of the box I get (how to know?) but it had another dry shampoo sample (how can I stop getting this junk?)  A perfume sampled from a brand named "Juliette has a gun" which I will throw away because in a county where to slaughter each other with guns, the last thing we need is a perfume named "has a gun"..     A weird liquid lip stick.   A cc cream that appears to be white (how is this a CC cream?).      I am giving Sephora one more month.    I have altered my profile to eliminate hair products (but still get dry shampoos).     If Sephora would list the kits with the contents and allow us to select them, I would be much more satisfied than I am getting samples that I cannot use and end up donating.       I hope staff from Sephora reads this comment and works with their marketing/operations group.       So far, I am 1 for 10 in kits I found useful.    December may make it 1 in 11.


Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Hi @MoniqueDC! You can find your Sephora Play! box variation by logging onto your Sephora account from a computer (does not work on mobile) and clicking on the upper right hand side 'track  order'. From there go to 'recent orders'. You can then view the details of your Play! box and will be able to see an Item #. The last three digits of that Item # will be the variation or box # that you will receive. I'm sorry you haven't enjoyed your subscription to Play! It has been hit or miss for me, at times. But, it's something I do look forward to. Also, Sephora has offered the different variations of Play! boxes for 500 beauty points and has also offered some for purchase online as well. I hope that helps! 


Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

CED56877-018A-49B7-9C05-37DE19EF5153.pngJanuary Allure beauty box

Two Sunday Riley products I have never heard of! So excited!

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Beyond excited to try that turmeric oil. That bottle looks like a decent size but I will be happy with whatever they send, I always find a good use for most of the items in their boxes! 

agreed @Kim888 allure is doing great!! @jen81

agreed @Kim888 allure is doing great!! @jen81

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

allure has totally been killing it - this box looks amazing. Guessing those are new sunady riley products I couldn't find anything when I googled. 

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

EDIT:  @Mcakes  @Kim888  My guesses were way off!

Here are the actual spoilers for the Holiday Box (someone on MSA said the Decorte item is an eye cream.)



The Glossybox Limited Edition Holiday box is now available.  I'm really tempted by this, so I attempted to do some sleuthing.

Frequently an item will show as OOS on a brand's site when it's going to be in a subscription box.  New items are fair game also.


Here are my guesses for the three spoiler brands that were released.

1. Decorte- The 5 oz. bottle of their Essential Softening Milk is temporarily OOS- $45.  I lost my excitement for this when I saw that straight-up alcohol is one of the first few ingredients listed.


2. Rituals- They have a new scent, the Ritual of Yalda (described as featuring pomegranate and watermelon.)  It's marketed as a way to "create uplifting energy to overcome winter fatigue."- $15

The Ritual of Yalda Foaming Shower Gel

3. VDL- This brand is pretty famous for their primers, so the inclusion of any of them would be a good guess.  The newest one, the Lumilayer Metal Cushion Primer is my bet.- $40



Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Your sleuthing skills and reasoning are impressive @Ispend2much6 Smiley Wink

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Mcakes  They are also incorrect. Smiley Sad

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Now that you know what will be in the box, are you still tempted to get it @Ispend2much6 ?

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

@Mcakes  Nope.   I love the feeling of being "untempted."  It happens so infrequently, it's difficult to recognize. lol

Now to talk myself out of the Wander Beauty voucher on Gilt City...

Re: Subscription Central (Spoilers, Unboxings, and More)

Yay for you @Ispend2much6 ! lol Smiley Very Happy That is a very liberating feeling that is far and few in between with all of these beauty releases. I can't help you on the Wander Beauty voucher. I'm a sucker for their WANDER BEAUTY - Baggage Claim Gold Eye MasksSmiley Very Happy

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