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Stunning September 2020 Hauls

S hopping is our fave form of cardio


E xcited for new releases!


P atiently waits for a good promo to buy


T empted by new stuff from our fav brands


E xhaustly, makes lists for sales


M emorizes card numbers for faster checkout


B reaks no buys for lower/smarter buys😉


E rratic? No, not us! We're planners


R est assured! This month is going to be great!

Until, midnight on my birthday, September 1st! Please continue to post last minute August hauls on August thread. Happy haulin y'all!


tenor (21).gif

tenor (22).gif

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls


Thanks so much! 💕

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Lovely pick ups! I have been meaning to ask you how does ppu work? I’ve been watching you and @itsfi bring home some fun things and also I’ve been following on IG 🧐🤩

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls


PPU opens the first Friday (through the following Monday) of each month. Indie makers supply one polish each for sale, so you can shop a huge number of small brands at once (there are usually 100+ to choose from!), with one combined shipping fee. All are limited edition, made only for PPU that month. It's a pre-order situation; once the event closes, the brands make the polish and ship it to PPU, who then ships it to you once they've got everything in, which is why it takes 3-4 weeks to get your stuff. There are always a few odds and ends as well...a couple of pieces of jewelry, some cuticle oils, hand creams, soaps, stamping plates, top and base coats, etc. The site is polishpickup dot com to shop.


HellaHandmadeCreations dot com is similar in format and shipping timeline, but it's open the 14th through 21st each month, and the selection is smaller (40ish brands, IIRC). Shipping fees are based on actual costs instead of a flat $3, but they're still pretty reasonable; I think I paid $4-something for 2 polishes each time I've ordered.


I've been enjoying expanding my collection into colors and finishes that just aren't available in mainstream brands. I'll never give up the OPIs and Zoyas completely (obviously, lol), but indie brands have such a wide range of interesting ingredients that mass market brands tends to ignore 💕

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@SAlyFitz, I’ve been happy with polish pick up. 💅🏼 I would never have known about them if it were not for @RGbrown - thank you again! I haven’t tried Hella Handmade Creations yet; timing just hasn’t worked; I need to set my calendar for when it goes live. 😂 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

i ordered last night @itsfi @RGbrown i understand why limits on self must be placed lol i was at like $236 order and then chipped away down to $76... i cannot wait for Christmas themed months! its really cool some brands i found familiar from whats up nails! thanks ladies!😘

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@SAlyFitz @itsfi 

Limits are hard! I've tried to make myself stick to two per month, though I've been fudging it a bit. Last month I ordered two plus a fluid art medium, and this month I went for two plus a stamping plate 🤪


I got notice last night that my HHC order from last month shipped, and it looks like ordered a magnetic polish (which I don't remember doing AT ALL) now I think I have to get a magnet too 🤨 It never ends 😅

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

that is so minimal fudging... i did that too though because deliciously smelling cuticle treatments and that pen with beautiful glitter black ink tagged along for the ride home 😌

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Just doing our parts to stimulate the retail economy @RGbrown @SAlyFitz! 😉🛍 One (or two or three ...) polish at a time. 😂🤣😂

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Yaaaay @SAlyFitz! Yes, limits are a must! It's amazing how quickly my cart can fill up. It seems to take me a looooong time to whittle it down to the 2-3 polishes I try to limit myself to on a monthly basis. I don't always meet my goal. 🤣 I hadn't even thought of the Christmas themed months - I'm sure they are going to best me; I may need to limit myself to 1 polish for the next couple of months. I'm so excited to see what you and @RGbrown picked up. 💅

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

i will do my best to post hauls but if (and they usually do) get beyond me, youll see them pop up in the nails thread 😁

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Nice polish haul, @RGbrown !! Such pretty swatches. Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thanks so much!


Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Beautiful Nail Polish hauls, @RGbrown !  Of course!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thank you @tsavorite! 💜

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@RGbrown I LOVE your polishes.  I've been browsing Polish Pickup but haven't purchased anything...yet.

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls


Give it a whirl; they're totally worth it! 💕

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@RGbrown, you're my nail polish queen!  I love your new colors!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thank you @curlychiquita!! ❤️

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

*squee!!!! Look at all the pretties!!! 💅💅💅 That emerald green, red and purple - lots and ooohs and aaaahs coming from my neck of the woods! 😍😍😍 I completely understand about not remembering what you ordered and where you ordered. I thought it was just me. 😂🤣😂🤣 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls


It's impossible to keep track anymore 😛 Thanks so much!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Awesome polish haul! @RGbrown 

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