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Stunning September 2020 Hauls

S hopping is our fave form of cardio


E xcited for new releases!


P atiently waits for a good promo to buy


T empted by new stuff from our fav brands


E xhaustly, makes lists for sales


M emorizes card numbers for faster checkout


B reaks no buys for lower/smarter buys😉


E rratic? No, not us! We're planners


R est assured! This month is going to be great!

Until, midnight on my birthday, September 1st! Please continue to post last minute August hauls on August thread. Happy haulin y'all!


tenor (21).gif

tenor (22).gif

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@itsfi   Ooohh, Rose Meringue is the one I would have chosen.  And thanks for letting us know that TJ's has their pumpkin products in; I love that rooibos tea and forgot all about it!

I wonder if the Harvest Blend tea is actually Celestial Seasoning's Cinnamon Apple Spice.  They have similar labels.  I know TJ's Candy Cane tea is Celestial Seasoning's Candy Cane Lane.

I like to figure these things out so I don't have to be without my favorites for the rest of the year. 🙂

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

😳😳 what!! TJ Candy cane is CS CC?! Oh my. My life is complete!! Thank you @Ispend2much6 !! Now I can stop with that 

hoarding at least! BIC is so valuable it’s amazing. Lol 😂🥰




Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Sunnysmom   I'm pretty sure I've "investigated" that before.  I know the pumpkin rooibos looks like Harney's, but Harney's doesn't have any pumpkin in it like TJ's does.  At least TJ's and Cel. Seas. are cheap; not much is lost to try. 

I really need to cut down on caffeine, but it's so hard...

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Ispend2much6  Urg I need to cut down on caffeine too. I saw my Dr last week and he said I should switch to decaf 😳

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@ather   I'm sorry.  I used to drink two quarts of unsweetened iced tea per day; that's a lot of caffeine!  It seems like I can only have one mug of coffee in the a.m. if I want to sleep at night.

The best decaf coffee I've found is Equator's Decaf Organic Blend and their Eye of the Tiger Decaf Espresso.  Harney's decaf Assam is superb.  I hope you can find some favorites!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Ispend2much6  Oh yum. I love iced tea. Thanks for the suggestions I’ll definitely give them a try!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@ather  You're welcome.  I'm happy if someone else benefits from my experiments. 🙂

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

You are so right @Ispend2much6 it’s same! My eyeballs bugged and jaw dropped as well. 😂 I was thinking I had a strange addiction to this stuff because I crave it so much. It’s decaf too! I may imagine it but I still think a little green tea buzz. Maybe not. It’s soo good. Now I have to get that and the other spice one also. I want some now. But too late! 😘😘 1000 times. Lol. 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Sunnysmom   Other than caffeine, green tea still has three other stimulants- theobromine and theophylline are related to caffeine; and l-theanine, an amino acid.  I don't know if they would give you energy or not, but sounds like it.

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Man @Ispend2much6 “the more you know “ is never more true than here! 😊 Makes good sense. I knew about l-theanine because I’ve taken it before in stuff but not the others I don’t think. Could very well be. Thanks once again! I need no google anymore. Just “Ispend2much - what is the meaning of life “?! Pretty sure I’ll find some excellent answers and help. 🤗

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Oh my goodness @Ispend2much6. I wish there was an emoji for my facial expression when I read your post that Harvest Blend may be Cinnamon Apple Spice. What?!! I could have this tea all year?!!! Alright, that's it, I'm off to get my hands on a box of Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice. There's only one way to see if they are dupes for each other. 😁


@Ispend2much6, Rose Meringue has your name written all over it. Such a beautiful color. The pic doesn't do it justice. 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@itsfi    In my investigation I see Cel. Sea. has a Vermont Maple Ginger with a guaifenesin-type herb in it, good for allergies and smoke irritation.  I need to stock up on that one!

I hope that Cinn. Apple is a match for Harvest Blend. Please let me know!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

*adding Vermont Ginger Maple to the cart, @Ispend2much6! Wouldn't you know it, I see there's also a caramel apple flavored tea?! Don't mind if I do. Making a note to clear out space in the pantry for all the tea I'll be stocking up on. 🛍🛒

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls




A few treats I couldn’t resist but should’ve waited for with upcoming event. 🤦🏻‍♀️
This CT powder is so pretty. Is it same as one at Nordstrom, I dunno. Didn’t check. Very powdery and soft, lovely glow and shimmer, I don’t see sparkles , happily! Very neutral also. Prob similar to many others? lol.  Will wear a lot over stuff. 
Rare Beauty Transform Lip Soufflé color is comfy and deep cherry red. Blurred effect but good pigment also. RMS rich radiance master radiance base-wow. Kind of a creme version of the CT highlighter. Will mix nicely with anything else or on own for extra glow. I’ll never use up this jar, little goes a long way. But I need and love the natural glow. Reminds me of CT eye shadow pots for face. Or Chanel Lol. Soft and easy to use. Jo M fig/ lotus is nice because fig cuts sweetness of floral so isn’t too much. Love getting to try fragrance this way plus how cute is the bottle. 😊
Fun little naughty haul. Oops. 
Top swatch is CT, RMS underneath 

@blackkitty2014 @Ispend2much6 @TraceyEB @itsfi 


rms beauty Master Radiance Base Cream Highlighter Rich in Radiance Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Superstar Glow Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick Transform Jo Malone London Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne 1 oz/ 30 mL Spray 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Beautiful haul @Sunnysmom!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thanks so much @faeriegirl ! 😘

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Lovely haul, @Sunnysmom!! That lippie is so pretty!! Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thanks @haleyvvvv , fall makeup shopping is so fun isn’t it! 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Fall makeup shopping and winter makeup shopping and spring makeup shopping and summer shopping. I am a big fan of shopping for makeup for all of the seasons, lol, @Sunnysmom!!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes @haleyvvvv ! I suppose me too. F/W will always have my ❤️ tho!! 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Sunnysmom  I’ve been eyeing the new RMS and I’m wondering if it’s wearable alone or it’s I would end up looking like a greasy donut 🍩 Any thoughts?

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