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Stunning September 2020 Hauls

S hopping is our fave form of cardio


E xcited for new releases!


P atiently waits for a good promo to buy


T empted by new stuff from our fav brands


E xhaustly, makes lists for sales


M emorizes card numbers for faster checkout


B reaks no buys for lower/smarter buys😉


E rratic? No, not us! We're planners


R est assured! This month is going to be great!

Until, midnight on my birthday, September 1st! Please continue to post last minute August hauls on August thread. Happy haulin y'all!


tenor (21).gif

tenor (22).gif

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Purchased this item, and was so excited for it, and to take it with me this upcoming weekend on my mini stay-cation, only to find out its missing one of the items I wanted (Fresh Sugar), and the store near me does not have it in stock, nor do they have it online anymore... Sadly my little haul is going to be a return, but if you guys find the set you should get it as long as it has all the items, because they are a good size, and have good products.


Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Oh, thats too bad about the missing item, because thats a great looking set, @Anastasiya13 .

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@haleyvvvv  Yeah it was, but hey summer is almost over, and I can just use up my full size items for now.

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Bummer that your set was missing a product, @Anastasiya13!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@CookieGirl1  Yeah it was, but I guess it was just a sign to use my full size items with me

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Anastasiya13, so sorry the set was missing the Fresh balm. 😢 Doubly sorry the set is OOS. 😔 The Sephora Favorites sets are a great way to try a bunch of goodies. There will be more sets coming this year that include other products your looking to try (and hopefully that Fresh balm will appear in another bag)!

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Anastasiya13 ,

I'm sorry that you didn't get your Fresh Sugar!  If you return the set, as you plan to, you could just buy that item instead.

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@tsavorite I am returning it, and it won't be worth it for me to get a full sized fresh sugar, since I needed a travel size of some of my favorites, which is why I bought the set in the first place. Sadly they don't have more of these sets in stock, or otherwise I would just have exchanged it.

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@Anastasiya13 Aw, that sucks. If your adventure wasn't coming so soon, I'd check my local Sephoras for you. I hope you still enjoy your staycation! 

Re: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@WinglessOne  Thank you. It will definitely be enjoyable still...I would just have to pack some of my full sized items instead. ❤️

RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Sephora haul: - Charlotte tilbury - pillow talk - Sephora - refresh brush cleanser - Sephora pro Face palette - light - Sephora - ultra shine lip gel pink crystal - urban decay - eyeliner whiskey - urban decay - eyeliner perversion - Urban decay - heavy metal glitter gel Trader Joe’s haul - 4 plants

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Nice hauls, @WhereYouStand !! Love pillow talk!! Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

The Sephora Pro palettes are great, @WhereYouStand. The plants are so fun!

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Great haul!! @WhereYouStand love the skeletons!! 💀

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@WhereYouStand I LOVE your 4 plants and the way you arranged them! 💚🖤 Enjoy all your goodies! 

RE: Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thank you 🙂

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Those skeleton yogis look fun @WhereYouStand! I saw them at TJ’s over the weekend and came so close to picking one up. They look great next to your new succulent! 

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

any other new things you saw @itsfi ?😄

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

@SAlyFitz, the stores by me hadn't received their seasonal pumpkin products yet, but I did see some other new goodies that caught my eye:

  • cold brew seasoned teas - there's a raspberry & black current black tea and a lemon green tea
  • hearts of palm pasta - I didn't pick it up this time but was intrigued by it as a gluten free pasta alternative
  • ginger turmeric granola - this looked yummy (rolled oats, candied ginger, coconut and turmeric) and was a popular item. I thought it might make a nice addition to yogurt or an acai bowl, or just as a snack on its own. 😁 
  • there were three new pastas in the frozen food section that looked mighty tasty. I managed enough willpower to only circle back once and still pass...this time. 🤣 
  • also a few new sauces. I tried the herbed tahini sauce as a salad dressing the other night and as a dip with carrots and cucumber slices.

Now I'm hungry SAlyFitz. 😂

Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

haha even before i saw this response i made a plan to go on thursday night! i hope for some seasonal selections to have arrived! although i dont go often so im sure ill find things =]

RE: Re: RE: Stunning September 2020 Hauls

Thanks 🙂
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