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Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

October is here and so is the holiday shopping season. Share all that you haul this month with us. 
I know October will start tomorrow but that’s my birthday month so I wanted to start the haul thread for it. Happy shopping my lovelies!



Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

They are gorgeous, @Ispend2much6. That’s one brand that really intrigued me, so it’s a treat to see them here. Hope you love them!

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@eshoe   Thanks!  I was curious also since I've heard about them for so long.

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)













Fenty direct 2x, the moisturizer came yesterday but I had already posted for the day😉 I don't usually go out & buy full size but the packaging is so darn cute not to! Plus, had to wait forever for her to release mini of the other skin. You have to put it together (the cup is refillable) & i think it wouldve went smoother if I didn't get trigger happy & remove the foil in the beginning. 😬it smells good. Fruity: think pomegranate. Will update more when I try it out. Fenty glow set. I thought it would be more pigmented/deeper & my very first order from Credo Beauty  thanks again @itsfi  for tagginng me about the F & F. The scrub is the only new to me, the others i have tried & are currently in my routine. I was just getting low. 🤑@ and tower 28 in cashew. 😍

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee ,

Everything that you bought looks good to me!  Thank you for the Fenty swatches!  I've been thinking about this set.

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

They do have some color @tsavorite it just happened to blend in with my skin tone🤗

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Ohhhhh are you liking the Fenty moisturizer?? @sonnydee 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Ive only smelled it & then wiped some extra from the lid on my hands. It does hydrate & had my hands feeling good though @lmaster 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee Love the Fenty haul

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Thanks @tjffc saw this set on the sephora site a few days before it was released so had to hunt it down 😳😍

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

The Fenty colors look great, @sonnydee!. I hope the moisturizer works well!

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Me too. I was looking up the ingredients again & people have already started reviewing. Smh, it was just released on the 23rd people. Give it a lil time before reviewing good or bad. But there is some bad on there 😬 @curlychiquita 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Love the haul, @sonnydee!  What's your opinion on the Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater + Squalane Makeup Removing Face Wash?  I DON'T need another cleanser but that one's been on my "Loves" list out of sheer curiosity.

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

I was curious about this one as well since I've liked almost all their products I've tried. I like it a lot- enough to get a fs. Some of the reviews complained about it leaving a residue after washing it off, I didnt have that issue but i also added water to it while it was in my hands & worked up a good lather than put it to my face. It cleans everything - mascara,light spf without stripping. The only thing is its a glass bottle😬 @CookieGirl1 I'm not clumsy but im also more than sometimes a tired mom of 4 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Fabulous haul @sonnydee! 💖 Your Fenty beauties look so good! I also would have thought there'd be more pigment, but there is something to be said about a lit-from-within-glow as well. Are the colors in the highlighters buildable? Maybe that would deepen the color for you. Ohhh, that's a great Herbivore skincare set you picked up; that jelly cleanser! 😍 How do you like the color of the Tower cashew gloss? I ended up going for coconut milk version, but was debating over that one and the cashew shade. 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Cashew is a bit more brown irl than I expected. I also have almond with a Tata set on the way from there. Only 2 orders, I was good. 😂 it is buildable, I got it to show up better after a couple of swipes. I havent played with it on my face yet 🤷@itsfi i probably will end up getting coconut too. 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Happy Monday! Beautylish, as usual wrapped up so nicely even though I didnt have anything fragile. The z palette is the xlarge phantom. And thats not a glare. It has a oil slick effect😍 CT is iconic nude I guess I forgot to swatch....PM mini haul! The tin for the PM lip balm is like a mint tin. If that make sense. Its smaller than i thought it would be but im ok with that because I got alot! 











Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee *sigh* that packaging!

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee @Great haul as always. Enjoy your PMG goodies. 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Thank you @SportyGirly125 😍

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Pretty haul! The packaging on the PM lip balm is really cute @sonnydee! 😍 It’s sitting patiently in my cart, along with a few other goodies, just waiting for me to rest up a bit from my last round of hauls. 😆 How do you like the consistency of the balm? I keep go back and forth on whether to pick up the PMG first or one of the new BITE lip tints in the tin. Decisions, decisions. 🤔 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

I used it last night ,& I admit, it was pretty hard in there scraping the stick on top. But it lasted on my lips all night & they are soft. I have had a few *cough: laneige* to dry them out or put them in worst shape than before. Nothing from bite excites me since they reformulated the mask....maybe I'll try a gloss & it'll change my mind.🤷 @itsfi 

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