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Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

October is here and so is the holiday shopping season. Share all that you haul this month with us. 
I know October will start tomorrow but that’s my birthday month so I wanted to start the haul thread for it. Happy shopping my lovelies!



Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Awwww @Sunnysmom!!! 🤗😍😘 I find myself thinking " would love this or that" a lot. Which isn't as bad as when I'd be in the stores and I would occasionally say it aloud to myself, using everyone's BIC names. 😆 That was always interesting if I happened to be in the store with friends - I got some strange looks, like "who is she talking about?" [Notice that I didn't say anything about my friends finding it odd that I talked to myself though - hahahaha! 🤣]


The neutrals and taupes in ND Glam are beautiful! I can't wait to use them and I'm happy the palette is not LE. L'Occitane online has $20 off your first purchase if you subscribe to their email list; and, I would imagine it will have some sort of holiday sale soon. 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

That’s a riot @itsfi , nope, nothing to see here people. 😂 Your memory is top notch that’s for sure. We are all lucky to have you here as our pal! 🥰😘🤗 

Thanks for the tip with website! I get almost cranky when sites don’t offer us more % even after we sign up! $20 is good! I haven’t with them so I would of course have to make it worth my while. Hmm. Love some of their stuff like the old peony and hand cremes can’t be beat! Thank you! Great for gifts too now. 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

And what came today...PM shipping notification e-mail, order confirmation & order itself had highlighter. What didnt have the highlighter - the packing receipt & the box    . I sent a pic when I chatted with CS & they are sending out a new one but the quads have arrived! 






Charlotte Tilbury direct..super nude, one of the holiday lippies with the special cap. 😍so pretty. Ordered 2x. In my defense, 1 had the lip liner iconic nude  with it as a set. But it got cancelled🙁



. {It's on the way from Beautylish} 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

The swatches are so beautiful, @sonnydee!

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee ohhhhhh pmg!! Gorgeous!!

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Pretty swatches @sonnydee! Very helpful too! Thank you! 🤗 Do you have a preference for any one of the PMG quads?

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

I was most attracted to the darkest one -interstellar icon& that hasn't changed. They are all pretty though but that is the one I would wear the most I think @itsfi 💙

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

I get that @sonnydee! It’s a pretty quad! I initially was drawn to the blue but those other 3 shades are looking mighty purdy in your swatches. 💙🤎

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Love all of it 😄

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Beautiful goodies @sonnydee ! Loving those PM quads. 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee not again 😞 glad you got the quads and they are going to send the highlighter out.  CT Super nude looks gorgeous on your skin.

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Thanks @SportyGirly125 I watched a few reviews on YT & when they said it was almost like very victoria but darker 😍 I knew I would love it

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee  Yay, you got your quads! Hope you'll have your highlighter soon! 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@WinglessOne 😍 impatiently waiting

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee Oh my goodness.  Those PMG quads.  

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)



Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

@sonnydee that nude lipstick and silver highlighter from that quad looks so bomb! That's excellence, right there. 👌

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Once you go PM or ND there's no going back ... @rosegoldlovely it's just never the same. Great quality, bad for your wallet🤑

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

A few recent arrivals: Ipsy bag add-ons (I love paying $18 for a $85 item), Dermstore beauty bag for October (they had a number of top notch skincare I wanted to try before purchasing the full size like Lancer serum and Elemis obnoxiously expensive treatment), Sephora favorites (accidentally items ended up in different pics), Victoria B direct and Amazon with Catkin, NeoGen and I Dew Care. That I Dew Care gel cream is awesome: absorbs quickly and gives your skin a luminous look (it’s colorless despite the color of the gel in a jar). Catkin has gorgeous packaging, especially given the price point. Two of the lipsticks have shimmer and one is duo chrome. The eyeshadows are really good quality. Highlighter and blush are fantastic. The blush is extremely pigmented. VB products are lovely. Tried it today for all the conference calls. Oh and I had to get this new Mamonde lip mask, because their original lip mask is one of my all time favorites. And of course I could not miss Natasha’s mini with such a lovely color story












Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Outstanding haul!! @Zvezdochka everything is gorgeous!! 

Re: Share your October Fall Hauls (2020)

Beautiful haul @Zvezdochka💕 Love that Neogen essence! Which VB lipstick shade did you pick up?

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