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Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Happy holidays, ladies!

I know a few of us have been talking in the past week or so about the Traveling Sephora Box. There are a few of them going on the Sephora Facebook website, but many of us spend alot of time here and virtually none over there. I think beauty talk is more fun and user friendly, so I thought I would start a box here. This is a great way to get rid of things that don't work for you, share with your fellow beauty junkies, and help out women who are less fortunate. (Powder to the people!!Mascara for mankind!!!))


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the boxes, here are the rules we are using:


1)The items can be skin care, makeup, hair, etc.

2)They can be full sized, deluxe samples or regular samples.

3)The majority of the items MUST be Sephora, but you can throw in other things. Just make sure that they are things with brand names, no dollar store stuff. (i.e. Nyx is ok.) I would use the rule of for every 1 item non-Sephora related, throw in 3 Sephora items to counter-balance. ๐Ÿ˜‰  Unless it's a high end item like MAC or Guerlain-- use your common sense. (Thanks, kalex!!)

4)Once or twice used/swatched items can be included, but no more than 2 used items per person without checking with us first. Used items MUST be in "like new{ condition. For makeup that has been used, please disinfect it with some alcohol before putting into the the box.

5)Please baggy each individual item and label, this way product won't get everywhere if something is damaged.

6)For every item you take out of the box, please replenish with something of equal or greater value. Example: You cannot take a FS product and replace it with a sample or Deluxe Sample. Also, please post what you took out of the box when you receive it.

Please get the box back in the mail no more than 72 hours after receiving it. If you cannot comply, please let us know right away. If taking vacations, please let us know if it is conflict with when you will be receiving the box. We can always switch you with another participant, or find another solution.

8)Every one, must ship via Priority Mail WITH Delivery Confirmation, pm'ing the recipient and myself with the DC#.

At the end, the box will come back to me, I will take a few items and then the rest will be donated to a local  women's shelter.

I have a list of 5 to 6 people that are definitely interested and the list will be limited to 25 people.  If you contacted me ahead of time your screen name witll already be on the list.

For those of you interested in joining, add yourslef to the list, cut and paste and repost the list to this board.

I've decided to shorten the number of open slots in the list so that we can  get this box going because I based this one on the way they were doing it on FB and there are LOTS more people that look at it. It seems a shorter list fits our purposes better-- otherwise we will be waiting forever for the list to get populated! I'm waiting for two people to get back to me that I PM'ed a few days ago. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow, I will get the box in the mail then so we can get rolling!!

  1. Mermadelove
  2. runy
  3. kalex
  4. tenngal
  5. katie1724
  6. fireckacker7383 (?)
  7. prettyinpa 
  8.  macuser
  9.  daisy346
  11.  Back to me (mermadelove) and then to the shelter

Happy Haulidays, Share-a Haulics!!!!!!!

Blessings to everyone!!!!!!!!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

LOL!! Good luck, dearie!! When do they go back to school???

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Ok, beauty buffs! I heard back from the people I PM'd and I am going to launch the box as soon as I get the  address I need.

The list looks like this!

If everyone keeps the box for the maximum time and priority mail takes the maximum time, we'll have this turned around and to the women in need in 6 weeks.

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm, for sharing with your sisters in need, and for making the world a more beautiful place!


  1. Mermadelove
  2. runy
  3. kalex
  4. tenngal
  5. katie1724
  6. prettyinpa 
  7.  macuser
  8.  daisy346  
  9. serendipity01
  10.  Back to me (mermadelove) and then to the shelter



Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Yay!  When we're done with this box can we start a new one?   I volunteer start next if no one else wants to.  Maybe we can recruit more (just a few, not too many) people for the next one too!  I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I can't help it.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}


P.S. I want in on that box, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

The box has shipped!!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I'm very excited!!!!!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Ooh it's comin my way I'm SO excited!  I hope it gets here before the weekend.


Add me in that 2nd box too!  Just can't get enough ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe we should consider posting the 2nd box in a more popular/busy section of the board...?

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Yeah, maybe if we out it in MAkeup Tips and Trends we will get more people!!!


Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I want to me included on the 2nd box too!


The other day I went through my makeup and skin care items and have quite a bit I would like to trade and or donate to a box. Nothing it wrong  with the items I either changed my mind on the colors or the item just did not work for me but of course I did not decide until after I threw away the packaging.


As for more people, if this thread is moved to another forum, would someone please PM me (please!) I do not read each category.




Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I came home today to the best package ever! Our TSB! Thanks to Mermadelove everything arrived in place and packaged securely. She also included a note of instructions I will be passing on to the rest of you ladies! I plan on getting this box out tomorrow so it can be on it's way to Kalex! Mermadelove had some great stuff, here is what I hauled:


Sample Size

Per-feft Skin Perfecting Gel in Radiant sample


Deluxe Sample/Travel Size

MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in 36 (fuschia pink)Travel Size

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel Deluxe Sample


Full Size

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Classic Rock ( diamond infused white) Full Size

Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Kudos Full Size


Bare Escentuals Full Tapered Shadow Brush


And of course, here is what I added:


Sample Size

Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil Sample


Deluxe Sample/ Travel Size

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 Deluxe Sample

Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse SPF 15 Deluxe Sample


Full Size

Benefit She Laq with all brushes but one, Full Size (out of box but never used, valued at $30)



Tarte Concealer Brush


I can't wait to read where these items will find a wonderful home ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}


It's so awesome that you are having fun!


It makes me so excited to see everyone's anticipation and sharing! We should do this all year long!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I was cleaning out my stash yesterday in preparation for getting this box!  And getting a head start the one I'm going to start when this one is over!


I'm definitely grabbing that tanning mousse sample!  My skin is naturally the color of cool whip so sometimes a fake tan is in order!  ๐Ÿ™‚

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

@ kalex:

You constantly and consistently crak. me. up!!!!

"My skin is naturally the color of cool whip......."


I can't wait for when you start the next box, Kalex!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Yaye one thing has already found a home!


I rocked the hell out of my haul for NYE: used the BE diamond shadow and the MUFE Lipstick - fuscia pink!  I looked at the color wheel and apprently that was a recommended pink for me, and it totally worked!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

OMG! I'm SO glad that lipstick found a home! I loved the look of it, but I thought it was too cool for me. (Both in tone and brightness!)

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I started going through my stuff, figuring out what I'm going to add to the box. Very excited!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

LOL!! Tag, you're it!!

I think it's great to start another one in a different area, because that way different women in need will get the leftover products in the end!



Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!!

I'm not taking part in this but just want to say it's a great idea and I look forward to reading your posts about this project.  Great initiative, mermadelove!  Good luck, everybody!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!!

Question:  What $ value is assigned to the sample sizes?  Say I have a $14 lipstick to put in, but want to take out Sephora samples, how many of those = a $14 lipstick (or other product). What value is on deluxe sample size? I understand the $ for $ exchange, but wouldn't know how many samples = how many $. Or is this on a 1 item in, 1 item out as long as the item in is not less value than what you took out?


I have a lot of high end samples that I would love to contribute to the box- they just aren't the right colors for me. Thanks for the clarification!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!!

Of course Mermade will have the decision on this, but my personal opinion is that to keep things uncomplicated we should stick with the "one in one out" rule.  So full size replaces full size, deluxe replaces deluxe and so on.  


It is my understanding that we should be putting more in than we're taking out.  I am correct on this?  Meaning we replace what we take out but then throw in extra besides that.  The ultimate purpose of this box is donations to women in need, the bonus is that we get goodies while doing it?


Basically with all the stuff we addicts will be putting in there you should never have a problem with finding an equal value item in the box!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!!

Kalex- Makes sense, I can much easier understand the same size in, same size out rule anyways. I got confused with the $30 lipstick example. Thanks for the info.

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