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Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Happy holidays, ladies!

I know a few of us have been talking in the past week or so about the Traveling Sephora Box. There are a few of them going on the Sephora Facebook website, but many of us spend alot of time here and virtually none over there. I think beauty talk is more fun and user friendly, so I thought I would start a box here. This is a great way to get rid of things that don't work for you, share with your fellow beauty junkies, and help out women who are less fortunate. (Powder to the people!!Mascara for mankind!!!))


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the boxes, here are the rules we are using:


1)The items can be skin care, makeup, hair, etc.

2)They can be full sized, deluxe samples or regular samples.

3)The majority of the items MUST be Sephora, but you can throw in other things. Just make sure that they are things with brand names, no dollar store stuff. (i.e. Nyx is ok.) I would use the rule of for every 1 item non-Sephora related, throw in 3 Sephora items to counter-balance. 😉  Unless it's a high end item like MAC or Guerlain-- use your common sense. (Thanks, kalex!!)

4)Once or twice used/swatched items can be included, but no more than 2 used items per person without checking with us first. Used items MUST be in "like new{ condition. For makeup that has been used, please disinfect it with some alcohol before putting into the the box.

5)Please baggy each individual item and label, this way product won't get everywhere if something is damaged.

6)For every item you take out of the box, please replenish with something of equal or greater value. Example: You cannot take a FS product and replace it with a sample or Deluxe Sample. Also, please post what you took out of the box when you receive it.

Please get the box back in the mail no more than 72 hours after receiving it. If you cannot comply, please let us know right away. If taking vacations, please let us know if it is conflict with when you will be receiving the box. We can always switch you with another participant, or find another solution.

8)Every one, must ship via Priority Mail WITH Delivery Confirmation, pm'ing the recipient and myself with the DC#.

At the end, the box will come back to me, I will take a few items and then the rest will be donated to a local  women's shelter.

I have a list of 5 to 6 people that are definitely interested and the list will be limited to 25 people.  If you contacted me ahead of time your screen name witll already be on the list.

For those of you interested in joining, add yourslef to the list, cut and paste and repost the list to this board.

I've decided to shorten the number of open slots in the list so that we can  get this box going because I based this one on the way they were doing it on FB and there are LOTS more people that look at it. It seems a shorter list fits our purposes better-- otherwise we will be waiting forever for the list to get populated! I'm waiting for two people to get back to me that I PM'ed a few days ago. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow, I will get the box in the mail then so we can get rolling!!

  1. Mermadelove
  2. runy
  3. kalex
  4. tenngal
  5. katie1724
  6. fireckacker7383 (?)
  7. prettyinpa 
  8.  macuser
  9.  daisy346
  11.  Back to me (mermadelove) and then to the shelter

Happy Haulidays, Share-a Haulics!!!!!!!

Blessings to everyone!!!!!!!!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I think it is a great thing to do and I'll let Peggy (the original creator of the very first one) know that the love is spreading to beauty talk! 🙂


Goodness though, some of the's gotten so technical lol! 


For those of you who have never participated before or have been a part of one of the more recent ones that haven't quite made it all the way through--this box is a leap of faith. It's about sharing a commonality with other women all over and trusting in eachother. If this trust gets taken advantage of--then that sucks. But these things happen. Start it again! I say this not to damper it but to encourage what you are doing and to encourage ladies to not be afraid! 


Thanks Kalex for making me aware that this was going on! I'm sure Peggy will be so proud to know that what started as a little idea has grown into such a wonderful and fun thing!! 


Just an FYI, the last person who received the first TSB donated the rest to a women's shelter. 🙂 Keep it beautiful ladies!! 




Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

@melahlah: I'm planning to donate the box when it get backs to me , too!! That was a major selling pont for me on getting this started over on beauty talk. DEFINITELY tell the person who started the first one how her fabulous idea is helping to spread beauty in different areas of the country to out less fortunate folks! It sounds like two more boxes are going to spring from this one, which I think is great because it helps to spread the cheer!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I agree, it's a beautiful thing.  I too have been reading some of the boxes not getting around on FB and it's saddening, but let's keep the beauty comminity helpful and as positive as it's been and like you said take the leap of faith to help a sister out 🙂

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Got the box today!  Just beginning to sort through it all--FUN!  Will update when I ship back out...

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Can't wait to see what you swap!!!!!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

You guys... COUNT ME IN FOR ROUND 2!!!  😄 😄 😄

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Yaaaaaay, officegal!!!!! 🙂

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

This is so much fun. The second box will be even better....count me in on that one, too. If we lived closer together, we could meet once a month & each bring 4 things to swap. As it is, this works well. I'm determined to get rid of or use up things this year! I hate to throw things out, though. It seems so wasteful. Better to swap them 🙂

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

@daisy346: I totally agree and would love to be able to do that! I actually was daydreaming about a meet and greet yesterday, but I don't know if it would be realistic. We are scattered pretty far afeild. But wouldn't it be cool to have  us all meet in NYC or some other cool place and get to know each other in person, swaps stories, products and make overs on each other???

FUN, fun, fun!!!!!!


Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Definitely fun! A weekend of beauty 🙂


I love reading about it when someone else gets the box. It's so interesting.


Did you girls do the cash for beauty clunkers thing Sephora had a while back? I totally did. I had PLENTY of beauty clunkers to trade in. I wonder what they did with all the clunkers! Wouldn't it have been an interesting time to work there, and look at what everyone brought in?

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Kalex- So what's your time frame on the second box?  This is just too much fun.


@mermadelove - That actually sounds really cool.  I'm from NYC so that would be perfect!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

@runy: Let's see if anyone else would go for it!!!! 🙂

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}



 After reading about some of the other TSB's and the issues they are having. ( including the one I am currently involved in on FB), I just wanted to say thank you to the beauties who have already received and sent the box for staying in the spirit of fair play, generosity, fun and sisterhood. Other TSB's have had issues with people holding on to boxes waaaay longer than the three days they committed to, swapping for things that are of lesser quality than they are taking out, etc. The ladies who have already had the box have been super quick, super generous and really great about keeping us up to date with what's going on, making it really fun for us who haven't gotten it yet, so an extra thank you for setting a fine example. And to the ladies who haven't gotten the box yet, thank you for your positive energy and enthusiasm.

So often on the news we hear about people getting swindled, cheated, and hurt. This is a great way of experiencing that people out there are GREAT when given the opportunity to share from the heart.

*~*~~*Sparkle on!!!*~~*~*

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

RE - Memadelove - "Thank you beauties!"


I think it has alot to do with BeautyTalk having the feel of a close community why we don't have the problems FB TSBs do.  I've never met any of you and yet I feel like I know some of you pretty well! 

We are all VIB's as well which might also have something to do with the fairness and generosity.  It would be a sad day if one of us, who spends $350+ a year at Sephora alone, would go low enough to steal donations from homeless and abused women. (Not to say that someone who can't afford to gain VIB status would steal, I've been there, I'm just saying if one can afford to gain VIB then one can afford some generosity.)


Love you ladies!  Can't wait to start the next box!



Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I would like to join the next box. How can I get involved with this? Smiley Happy

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

@pennstategator: I think kalex is the one who is going to be starting box number 2, so PM her for details.


@macuser: I think you are right about the economy affecting people.


And I can't remember if it was kalex, officegal or macuser that said this, but I think that part of the reason our box is going so well IS because we have a great coomunity here at beauty talk. A major reason I wanted to do this and a swap and trade board here is because I feel like I'm getting to know people here in a way that's much harder on the FB site.


As far as a meet and greet, I think if we give enough lead time, we could probably make one happen in NY. My in laws live there and it sounds like a few of us have connections there. I LOVE the idea of a once a year meet and greet where we storm a SEphora!

Who is inerested?

Let's start a list so that we can get going on organizing one. Add your username and what time of year would be best for you!


1. mermadelove: May or  early June

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

I would love to go to NY but I am NOT getting on a plane with 4 children!


Who wants to visit Omaha?!!!  Bueller...?  Bueller...?   


Any one?


Darn it.

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

@kalex: If I'd won that megamillions I would have hired a private plane to get you!!!


@officegal: I've been to Toronto and I LOVED it! (My cousin's wife is from there and the wedding was there.)

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Kalex - Omaha would be fine with me. I use to live there a long time ago! Plus my grandparents lived in Lincoln when they were alive.


I would love to go to Toronto too! Sorry but I am not that big on New York but then again I can not afford to go to either of these places.


Anyone in  the Virginia area? I want to go to my graduation in May in Lynchburg,VA.


I was suppose to hear from the HR department today for a job I was offered on Friday but because of weather their office is closed todaySmiley Sad . I really hope I get the job!


More money...more makupSmiley Wink


Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Hey, good luck on your job from me, too!  Plus, you are next in line for the TSB after me and I plan to get that box turned right around to you, so hopefully by next week you should have a new job and the TSB!

Re: Share-A-Haulics= Traveling Sephora Box!!!!! {UPDATE}

Just wanted to let everyone know that the thread for the 2nd TSB is the VIB section!  Everyone who responded in this thread or by p.m.'ing me is on the list in the order you responded.  If we have a few Canadians we can move you around to be together on the list if shipping is faster/cheaper that way.  Let me know if you have any ideas regarding the 2nd box!

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