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Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Have any of you guys purchased anything yet? Hehe Smiley Happy Sept is my birthday month <3 Anybody else? Leave it here and share some hauls.


I purchases the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel and got my bday gift.


My name is Michelle, I'm from NYC and my birthday is September 11. Smiley Happy


September Birthdays!

calamityjane65 Sept. 5 <3 

anab0906 Sept. Sept. 6 <3

LadyInWhite Sept. 6 <3

beautytester Sept. 11 <3 

lilmissmodel14 Sept. 11 <3

latinadiva Sept. 12 <3

sephoramusthave Sept. 16 <3

dianabt Sept. 17 <3

FireSpinner Sept. 21 <3

rikkie Sept. 21 <3

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I love the packaging, but the formula of the shadows could be better. I ended up returning one when they first came out, because it had 0 color payoff Smiley Sad 

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I absolutely adore the packaging on those Guerlain palettes!!

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Here are all my items I've purchased this month (I forgot to include the Kat Von D Spellbinding palette with the other stuff, so I will upload separate photo).


my september hall.jpg

Too many items to list individually, sorry...

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Great haul! The Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover is my HG of all HG! LOL

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

@posh - how does it compare to Lancome Bi-Facil?  I have a sample of the Sephora that's been sitting in my drawer forever, sounds like it's time to take it out! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

@drrragon: It's just as good as the Bi-facil! But for a fraction of the price Smiley Happy. Let me know how you like it!

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

MermaidBarbie I can't get enough of seeing that KVD Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book!  Gorgeous!!!


How do the Purity wipes compare to the liquid?  Do they do the same cleaning job removing makeup?  PLMK!  Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Smiley Happy The purity wipes don't remove every single trace of makeup and oil compared to the cleanser. The cleanser is really good. The main reason I purchased it is because I want to use it as a second step in cleansing my skin (first, cleanse face with towelette or liquid cleanser, preparing second cleansing with clarisonic mia 2). Also, because I like to test things out, I used an astringent, and I couldn't believe the residue these 'one step' wipes didn't remove. Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Thank you for letting me know about them.  I won't get them I was hoping they worked like the cleanser.  I use the Purity cleanser already.  I wash my face & eyes with it and then put it on my clarisonic head and cleanse again.  Love that stuff & the smell is so refreshing.  Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I bought a bunch of Urban Decay stuff on clearance this month (feminine + dangerous + deluxe shadow palettes; some discontinued liners; 100 pt perk mini lipstick)




My roommate had to throw out all her makeup and brushes because of a bad eye infection and I'm getting her the retractable hello kitty kabuki brush for her birthday :3


Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Seeing the Feminine Palette always makes me smile! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I actually got it as kind of an afterthought (they were all out of the fun palette) but it's really growing on me, I'm happy I went for it!

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Urban Decay all of the things!! (: 

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

So here's the picture:

ysl haul.jpg~ YSL Glossy Stain in 107 Naughty Mauve (Rebel Nudes)

~ YSL 500 pt perk

~ DIORLOVE promo code

~ Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 100 pt perk

~ Dior Lip Maximizer 100 pt perk

I take back what I said earlier. I will keep 107! It's a beautiful shift shade that stays even once it turns into a stain. I can't describe it, but it has a purple sheen even once the gloss wears away. I was looking for something darker for fall, but it's a really pretty color so I'm keeping it. 

107 glossy.jpg

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I did a couple of hauls at the end of August and moving now into September, collectively it's the most I've purchased in a long while, but the holidays are coming up so it's the "calm before the storm".


Just this week I purchased:


-Urban Decay Naked Skin Kit (shade 3, birthday gift for my cousin)

-5 Hello Kitty Nail polishes (all nail stuff is for ANOTHER cousin's birthday Smiley Tongue)

-2 sets of HK nail stickers

-HK Tokyo Pop nail file set


Last week:


-HK Happy Fun Make Up Collection (this and the other HK haul items were for a friend's birthday, last year for her birthday/Christmas I got her all the Toki Doki items)

-2 HK nail polishes

-2 sets of HK nail stickers (totally kept one set, turns out it was on sale for $1 rather than the usual $3, score!)


Before that, toward the end of August it was:


-Anthony Logistics Glycolic Wash

-Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash (my bf loves this stuff)

-Ole Henriksen's 3 Little Wonders (needed to restock on a bit more serum)

-Smashbox Studio Skin foundation (my newest foundation love, SUPER long wearing)

-Smashbox black liquid liner

-Jack Black All Over Wash

-Bare Minerals Fab in a Flash kit (gift for a friend)

-HK Tokyo Pop Palette (belated birthday gift for a friend, SOOOO tempted to pick one up for me, but I was able to resist)

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Good on you for being the gift-giving makeup fairy! Smiley Very Happy  I wish I had more friends that were into beauty products, that way I'd still have all the fun of shopping, but none of the guilt! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I could totally be your friend! I'd even say thank you and return the favor and buy you nice things.

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Thanks! I'm like the gateway to make up, beauty, and skin care products for all my friends! My cousins and buddies all come to me when they have random questions on what's a good rosey lip gloss with gold shimmer, what's a long lasting eye liner, or new moisturizer should they consider using! Smiley Tongue


I like gifting the with items I know they'll like and use but would have never though to look for or pick up themselves.


Plus when I'm about to shop (be it online or in stores I always ask around if someone needs anything or is running low. My bf snatched up the JB wash last second because he realized he just about used all of the current tube on his last work trip.

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I bought the Give Me More Lip set and I love it, especially the hourglass mini,it doesn't move.

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls


I accidentally bought some OCC Metallic Lip Tars yesterday (didn't realize they were metallic until I got them home) and I think I'm in love!  They are surprisingly wearable for everyday.  The photo isn't totally accurate, the copper colored one has the most beautiful metallic sheen to it.  The redder one has a bit of gold microglitter.  The shades are Super NSFW (red) and Authentic (copper).  Sometimes when I buy stuff on a whim it turns out badly, but I am really loving these two babies!


Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

love the gold glitter in super nsfw, very pretty!

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