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Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Have any of you guys purchased anything yet? Hehe Smiley Happy Sept is my birthday month <3 Anybody else? Leave it here and share some hauls.


I purchases the clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel and got my bday gift.


My name is Michelle, I'm from NYC and my birthday is September 11. Smiley Happy


September Birthdays!

calamityjane65 Sept. 5 <3 

anab0906 Sept. Sept. 6 <3

LadyInWhite Sept. 6 <3

beautytester Sept. 11 <3 

lilmissmodel14 Sept. 11 <3

latinadiva Sept. 12 <3

sephoramusthave Sept. 16 <3

dianabt Sept. 17 <3

FireSpinner Sept. 21 <3

rikkie Sept. 21 <3

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Great haul!!! Once you go Shu, you won't turn to any other eyelash curlers! Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I can't believe I waited so long! I will say it gives me the same curl as my Shiseido one, but so much easier. Its like the perfect shape or something. 

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

The Shu curler is amazing! My mom forgot one when she came to visit and she tried mine. She basically just told me that she loved it and it was going home with her... Lol. (I have done that with her so many times so she didn't feel bad for doing it!) I ended up ordering another one for myself right away!


Anyways- the Shiseido curler refills work on the Shu curler just so you know!


Please let me know on the Guerlain kit! A girl put up a review on Sephora stating that the kit was made in 2001 and 2002 so she returned it. (It was on the bottom of the box). Could you be so kind to look at the packaging to if it is true, if you still have the packaging? Thanks!!!

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I always have bad luck with putting in the refills -.- they always fall out, I'll be sure to try it though lol. 


And its definitely says 2Q01 not 2001 Smiley Happy

I checked the second I got my package, I had seen that review as well. 

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Thank you so much for letting me know about the Guerlain kit! Now I am really considering it for F&F! Smiley Happy



Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Yay Wendy, 

You got your UD polish AND your Meteorites!! (or balls as Poshy likes to call them)  Smiley Happy

Nice pics Sweetie!!


Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Yes and I put it on yesterday and omg Smiley Surprised

I have to get the purple one now for sure!!

I'm so sad I have to take it off Smiley Sad!!!!


And yes I got my intact balls, (I can't remember who made that joke LOL!)

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

I'm not going to say, "I told you so"......but... Smiley Happy


Pretty sure it was Poshified, and she wasn't joking.

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

Tehehehe Smiley Very Happy

I will gladly admit that you were right!!


Crushed or intact? Hahahaha, I'm not sure that I'm loving them so much though, I'll have to keep playing with them some more. 



 Bahahaha, I'm going to play with the balls. 

Re: Sephora-tastic September Hauls

OMG. I think the ball jokes have become the main selling point on the Meteorites.


I don't have any. I worry that I won't like the smell on my face.

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