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Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

The 15% off Spring sale is around the corner... can I get a drum roll...




What's on your list?




Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I somehow only got a couple things, I am proud of myself! I picked up the new stila glitter in sunset cove, smashbox covershot ablaze palette, tarte sunscreen and the cover fx perfect loose setting powder, (mostly) essentials.  

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Only picked up a few things in store today to get the tote. Ended up getting Marc Jacobs Highliner in Luna(tic), Elizabeth and James Dry Shampoo and Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray. Will be ordered the rest of my things online tomorrow 😏

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I went in store today just to get the tote, but the SA who checked me out (despite me giving her my VIB Rouge Card) did not immediately give me the tote or the 15% off. I had to tell her and then she had to check with the other SA about it. I just picked up the Sephora Gel Concealer. Will pick up a little more online, but trying to not buy too much!

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I'm impressed! I ordered around midnight PDT last night and my order had already shipped by 9:15am EDT! Woo-hoo I'm excited for the pretties! (also bummed about ebates. 2.5%? When does that happen?)

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@Llgc I was so mad when I saw that this morning. Ebates was 8% before I went to bed last night, then suddenly 2.5% just in time for the sale. I have never seen Sephora less than 4%. Bummer indeed! I may hold off buying until later in the week to see if it changes. Most of what I need is pretty boring, and unlikely to sell out. 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Topcashback is 5%. I've used them many times and they are legit. If anyone wants a referral just pm me. 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I tried to use that when I made my order this morning.. I had to go through my phone because my wireless internet wasn't working, have you ever used it successfully through mobile? 


Also, roughly how long does it usually take for the transactions to show up in your topcashback account? I'm really curious to see if it worked! 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Kept my list pretty simple this time! A little bit of a splurge since Iv only bought a couple of items since the beginning of the year Smiley Happy Can't wait to try some new items and a couple of repurchases! 


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

My list after all the changes the past few weeks. Has anyone used the products below? Would love to hear your thoughts before I purchase.

My skin is dry and sensitive to redness/irritation. I know I love the bite lipstick already!



Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I have used the Coola Mineral Face. It reminds me of the consistency of Porefessional. The tint looks dark buts ends up very sheer (I'm a pale person). I like it a lot.



Can't tell which Bite lipstick you are getting, but I love Amuse Bouche in general, it really stays in place compared to some. You can't rub your lips together to redistribute it (in my experience), it will disturb the finish, sort of ball up or chalk up or something. You can put a gloss or balm over it though if you feel you need to touch up after a while.


Or put more of the original lippie on I guess. I never rarely carry my lipsticks around with me.



Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Thanks a lot @gingerleigh <3 I have been trying to find a sunscreen that works for me before summer. My skin seems to react to everything and the mineral sunscreens I've tried leave a white cast (I am pale too). I am definitely looking forward to receiving this. I just added the tinted stick to my list too after seeing it came to sephora today! 


Yes it is the Bite Amuse Bouche Smiley Very Happy I have a mini set and I really love the formula. I just missed out on the Tatcha Cherry Blossom trio today so I might try and get a similar color from Bite! The hardest part is finding a color that will be flattering on me Smiley Happy 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

ohh I see, good luck on your quest! 


I got home and checked out BeautyTalk and immediately felt sad about missing that Tatcha set. 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Thanks @gingerleigh I will definitely need it! 


I hope the Tatcha set comes back, my friend pointed out that it's not labeled as LE on their site Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Here's what i stocked up on for the vib spring sale!


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

After a lot of adding and editing, this is what I got:


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Being a responsible adult this year Smiley Wink I NEED foundation/sunblock and face cream. 

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette VPE10 Warm Neutral Mattes
ITEM 1916717
SIZE 0.84 oz/ 24 g

AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ 102 Light Pink
ITEM 1763911
SIZE 1.05 oz

SUNDAY RILEY Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream
ITEM 1794148
SIZE 1.7 oz/ 50 g

MAISON MARGIELA ’REPLICA’ Fantasies: Dancing On the Moon Maison Margiela REPLICA Fantasies: Dancing On the Moon - 0.04 oz/ 1.2 mL / Sample
ITEM 1928910

SHOW BEAUTY Pure Moisture Shampoo Show Beauty Pure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner / Sample
ITEM 1922830

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Packette Duo / Sample
ITEM 1910934

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I can't be the only one that wants to buy something from the sale but don't have anything in mind to purchase.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@Sophiaaax3 You're not alone! I'm still trying to figure out what to buy or if I should just skip the sale altogether. 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I'm the same. 

I already have extras on the skincare products for daily uses. Anything else is just makeup that I don't need. But the sale is still very tempting.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I made my sale purchase earlier today. I don't intend on buying anything else since I'm on a low buy. I got the Alterna root & scalp stimulator for my mom to give as part of a Mother's Day gift, and the Tata harper purifying cleanser. I got a sample of this in the cult beauty goodie bag and I really like it. This will be my new pm cleanser

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I went to a SiJCP today. I was shocked to see the two things I wanted most in stock! Fairly plentifully in stock even! ...for the Favorites set anyway.


They had the "Let Love Glow" SiJCP Favorites set, and the "Love, Bite Lip" multistick + gloss set in the pink tin.


All the pink Bite tins are pre-dented so you don't have to worry about messing them up. I know this because I examined all three of them. lol.


Edit: I went back the next day, lo and behold, fresh and plentiful Bite sets in completely undented pink tins. I grabbed one and will be returning the dented one. The gloss had some cloudiness on it clear plastic body too. I didn't check yet but I'm hoping the replacement set will be free of that defect as well.


The "Let Love Glow" has a $42 retail but it rang up at $36 so after the 15% discount it was 30.60 plus tax. It is such a good set too.


I was not offered any tote, but maybe they don't have them at SiJCP?


I also got some clearance bath and body stuff and a clearance concealer brush, and I picked up the SiJCP $26 version of the Sun Safety Favorites set.


If anyone wants to check out the SiJCP favorites sets, sorry I'm lazy to put in pics and stuff, but NouveauCheap has a whole entry on them which she posted within the past week or so.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Guess who was up late watching Youtube videos & placed two orders at 11:50 PM last night? THIS GIRL. I ordered the Sephora Set In Stone brush set, I had been eyeing it for a while and this seemed like the perfect time to order. I love anything marble and the acrylic case it comes with looks nice too. I almost ordered the Tarte brush set, but after watching and reading enough about them, I was turned off by them. I had told myself I was only buying one thing, until I quickly decided against that & placed a second order, buying the Korres Greek Yoghurt cleanser & the Sol De Janeiro body mist. This multiple time use code is T R O U B L E.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Youtube videos are deadly. I did all my shopping yesterday, then watched a video this morning and ended up buying one of the new Hourglass bronzers and a Marc Jacobs eyeliner. Smiley Very Happy No more youtube videos for me.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I second that. I needed the cleanser, that was a repurchase that I absolutely need in my life. The brushes were more of a kinda need/ kinda want. I have been looking for more eye brushes and that set was just calling my name.. As for the body mist, that was just an ehhh, why not buy.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I agree! I haven't watched any YouTube videos...yet.  I don't need the added temptation haha.  There's something about when everyone is excitedly talking about all their stuff that makes me lose my rationality.

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