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Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

The 15% off Spring sale is around the corner... can I get a drum roll...




What's on your list?


Screen shot 2017-03-27 at 10.52.31 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-27 at 10.40.11 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-01 at 11.09.51 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-31 at 10.54.43 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 2.15.18 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-04 at 11.43.02 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-04 at 11.48.06 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-12 at 3.08.16 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-04 at 11.54.11 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-31 at 10.57.44 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-14 at 10.30.55 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-04 at 11.44.32 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-05 at 3.17.04 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-16 at 1.47.58 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-29 at 10.41.25 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-05 at 12.26.47 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-05 at 12.24.59 AM.png 


Screen shot 2017-03-22 at 10.39.36 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-12 at 4.59.30 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-05 at 12.50.58 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-04 at 11.58.05 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-30 at 12.14.28 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-05 at 12.47.04 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-15 at 2.52.09 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-03 at 10.35.10 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-21 at 12.09.32 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-04-21 at 12.07.41 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-09 at 1.35.17 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-22 at 11.34.59 PM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-09 at 1.13.05 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-09 at 1.05.04 AM.png

Screen shot 2017-03-05 at 12.51.35 AM.png

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale


Thanks so much! Not really looking for a deep cleanse, more as a second cleanser after I remove makeup! Changing it up from the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, which wasn't very deep either (I think).


The mix of all those great antioxidant veggies and green tea intrigued me Smiley Very Happy I'm so excited and the bottle is a great size too Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@flyte I like to think it's like a green juice for the face! Fun fact, they package the pump separately so it should arrive to you with a cap on the jar and then the pump in another part of the box. Makes me less worried that it's going to leak everywhere! 


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale


That is awesome! I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow in store then Smiley Very Happy

I had some shampoo and conditioner shipped to me recently and one bottle ended up leaking a bit. Glad to see I won't get any wasted product here.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

So far there are only a couple items I've pretty much decided to buy for sure, but a whole long list of things I'm still waffling on! Would love any TMOs/TMIs, if anybody has tried these products! 


Definitely Buying: 

Erborian Yuza Double Lotion (repurchase)

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Chiang Mai



Kevyn Aucoin Neo Limelight (it's so pretty!! but so pricy too...)

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud 3-Piece Kit

Tarte Tarteist Pro to Go (substitute for Viseart Petit Pro, which doesn't seem to be coming back in stock in Canada...) 

Reborn Perfect Morning BB Mask 

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Shu Uemura Chinese New Year Neon Balm

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand

Laneige Two Tone Lipstick

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist

Becca First Light Filter Face Primer 

Sephora Collection Pro Featherweight Complexion Brush #90 







Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

1) Featherweight #90 is a really nice brush. I had one and only ended up returning it because the associate recommended it for (liquid) highlight and I really needed something denser, plus the ferule was slightly loose on the unit I picked up. But it seems like a good multi-purpose brush.

2) I literally JUST searched Shu Uemura in the app today and got no results, even though I knew Sephora used to carry the brand. What.

3) I just got the Neo Bronzer and it wasn't even won sale and it's awesome (but not as pretty) and YOU SHOULD DO IT.


So I'm guessing this is why the site was "strongly encouraging" me to up my BI status last week? Rouge sale starts tomorrow at 15%, VIB presumably Wed at 12% or something, BI Thursday at 10%? Oh well, I'm never gonna make it to Rouge—my organizational gripes would prevent me from collecting too many products with the same purpose before money ever would (not to say I have much money, but that I'm neurotic)—so all I'm planning to do is return this bareMinerals Complexion Rescue stuff I don't like tomorrow for a gift card (why'd I use PayPal?) and replace it with Dr. Jart Premium BB, try out the Sephora fix spray, get SPF 50 with zinc (from the men's section because I see what they're doing), and maybe get the CoverFX Halo drops because they were excluded from the friends & family sale/I'm too guilty to exchange my Celestial for Halo? Who am I kidding; those will sell out. Hmm, they still have the Chinese New Year ed. Prisme Libre Mousseline Pastel powder online . . . YOU DON'T NEED IT.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@kathmbYay, thanks for chiming in! I'm glad to hear that the #90 is a good brush, even though you ended up returning it. I think I will probably end up grabbing it, but maybe during the November sale instead since my list for April is already quite extensive! >.> 


Weird, I'm still getting Shu Uemura listed (although I'm in Canada). Maybe something is up with their search function and you can access the listings via a Google search instead? 


Augh, I think I might go ahead and take the plunge on the Neo Limelight! It definitely looks super awesome and pretty, haha. The bronzer looks beautiful as well, but I'm just always afraid of makeup pulling super-orange on me. 


& I think it's awesome that you have a less consumerist mindset!! And stocking up on SPF is a pretty good idea; I would totally do the same if I'd already found a sunscreen I knew I liked. Smiley Happy I hit Rouge at the end of last year and I'm not really proud of it. It was definitely a lot of stress and impulse buys, so I'm really trying to make fewer, more well-informed purchases during the April sale. 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@concreteroads, I have the Sephora Pro Brush #90 and I really like it. I currently only use it for setting my face. It's a super big fluffy brush that can pick up a lot to cover the face. It doesn't deposit a lot of product on the skin though (granted if you dip it in a lot of powder and don't buff out the brush a little you might get a big powder deposit on your face but it is easy to blend it out with the brush) and is easy to blend things out. (: 


I do like the Fresh Perfecting Wand! I have lips that tend to get dry and need exfoliating somewhat often. I like the little nubbies on the end that you can use to exfoliate your lips and the lip treatment really hydrates my lips. It's not a deep exfoliation but a buffing to help at least the surface of my lips. I will do a deeper exfoliation later to supplement it, but I've found that I do not have to exfoliate as much since I've started using it. 


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@MariekeBT Good to know, thanks for the tips! Smiley Happy I think I might actually pass on the Sephora #90 brush then and pick up a more targeted blush brush during the sale-- I was hoping it would be good to apply blush and highlighter diffusely, but I have a smaller face so a big brush wouldn't be good for me (even though the blendability and small amount of product picked up sound really good).


You've convinced me on the Fresh Perfecting Wand though! I have super dry lips so the hydration boost sounds awesome. How do you like the taste/flavour?  

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@concreteroads you're welcome! You might want to look at it in stores to see if you like it (I'm trying to think that this was a smaller brush, but I believe it's more small-medium size) but we recently were able to see the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Sculpting Blush Brush #99 in person and I really really liked it. Depending on your preferences on what kind of brush to use highlight you may like it for that too. (: 


I honestly just pulled out the wand and put a little onto my finger to test this. I'm really hoping nobody saw that LOL. It doesn't really taste like anything to me! It does leave a glossy look on your lips btw!


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

At this point, this is my shopping list. Of course, I have all day to edit it and know I can always go back and buy more if needed/wanted.



Item 1246693
Size 1 oz/ 30 mL

Item 1928464 Size 1.7 oz/ 50 g

Item 1393057
Size 5 oz


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@shyvicki the larger Clinique x Crayola set is 50% off at other retailers right now, which makes it the same price as the smaller set in your cart! I have the smaller set on my loves list too. It's so stinking cute! 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

The boscia black cleanser is absolutely worth it, I even got my mom hooked on it!

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@gxlxaxm Your buy list makes me want to come over to your house for a make-over party!


I'll bring enough wine for everyone.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Hahaha you have no idea how bad my makeup room is! My friends who have seen it think I'm nuts.


Yassssss wine and makeup party! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

@Insomniacmuffin I'll bring the snacks. Smiley Wink 


Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Yassssssss! haha

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Oh, I am SO bummed the Bite Beauty Love, Bite, Lip set is out of stock.


It says it's "coming soon," but I've already seen it reviewed various places, and I know it was available last week. What gives?

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Yeah, it sold out yesterday, I think...


It had been up for a week or two and then gone in time for the sale. I had it on my buy list. So bummed. Maybe it will come back in stock before the sale is over? 

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I have no clue where you are located but I saw it yesterday at the Eaton Centre Sephora (Toronto). Smiley Happy

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

I think it went up a bit earlier than intended online. You may still find it in-store, if you're looking to get it with the 15% off. And it could be available online for the sale.

Re: Sephora 15% off Spring Sale

Definitely buying:

Sunday Riley Tidal

Sunday Riley CEO

DDG ultra gentle pads...


Purchasing the skincare as repurchases but I also have a list of "treats" some eyeshadow, lippies, non necessary items but I have no reason to treat I can save these for when I have a bad day and need a pick me up or if I celebrate something...hmmm...