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Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Hi girls!


So I ordered quite a few of the $10 steals and I thought it would be fun for us to write up mini review on them for each other.


Mine arrived last night, so I've only tried two so far.


Eyeko Mascara/Eyeliner (still available)


I was SO excited to try the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner.... and it wasn't very pigmented. Maybe it is a little dry and I need to shake it up (??) and try again tomorrow. I'll report back. I haven't tried the mascara yet but the wand is very unique.




Caudalie Hand Cream and Lip Conditioner Duo (sold out- individual links below)


I had been wanting to try the lip conditioner and I constantly use hand lotion so this was perfect for me. The lip conditioner is very smooth and smells nice. The hand lotion smells sooooo good (sort of citrusy?) and my hands feel lovely!




What do you guys think of your $10 sets?

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I got the Stila palette that came with green, purple, and blue colours. I was disappointed by both the purple and blue. The purple comes out really dark and is more like a wine/black colour and the blue comes out black with faint blue sparkles. I really want a purple and blue shadow but all the ones I buy come out like this! The other dark brown it okay but not the most pigmented shadow ever. The light brown/gold is very nice. It is pigmented and has a great sheen to it. My favourite is the green. It actually comes out green and isn't too dark. 


I also got the Tocca set and I love it. The scent is a nice floral scent, kind of like moringa from the body shop but with a more lily of the valley hint. I got the fresh roller balls and I don't like them. They smell cheap to me, so I might  return them or something. I got the pink sparkle brush set and they are pretty nice. The face brush seems good for contouring or applying powder under the eye.

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I own two of the Buxom Full-On Lip stick (Milan & Amsterdam)

Anyone else find that Havana Buxom Buxom® Full-On™ Lip Stick is patchy looking and very drying on the lips?

I didn't have this issue with the other two mentioned above.


Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Yes! It is quite drying on my lips too, I had to add a moisturizing gloss on top

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Yay, I finally got my BF order!! 


Love my Philosophy cleansers. Wish I could have bought like 10 more. 


The Tarte maracuja oil (which came with the eye cream) is awesome--I like it much better than JM argan oil. I don't mind the woodsy scent, and I woke up with bright glowing skin and the pores on my nose were cleared out. 


The Art of Shaving sets are going to make awesome stocking stuffers for my dad and bf. 


I tried the blush brush from the glitter set. It's on the small side, but it is so soft and luxurious-feeling on the skin. 


I'm not sure if I should try the Too Faced waterproof eyeliner or not. 


I hope that the $10 BF deals are even better next year. 

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I've got MUFE Aqua Shadow sticks duo - well, as much as I LOVE their Aqua Eye liners, the shadow sticks fall a little behind when it comes to longevity. Good thing I didn't pay full price for them.

I also bought Josie Maran Argan Healers set, but I mean to give it to one of my friends as a stocking stuffer, so I haven't even opened it, lol.

Overall, I just haven't seen a whole lot of good $10 deals this time.

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I got the Smashbox Heat Wave lip glosses. All 4 colors are pretty. Tokyomilk Dark Takeout, love the lipgloss not so much #62 rollerball. Caudalie Beauty Grows Here Not sure yet. Hand cream is not greasy, but my hands are quite chapped. I have Fresh Sugar Treatment so I will probably give the lip conditioner away. Tocca Travel Fragrance Duo reminds me of Michael Kors. Plus. The Blinc Lash and Brow Discovery Dou have not tried yet but I do like their mascara. I have never tried the amplified formula and will bring it with me on my next trip. I am returning the Bliss Body Washes do not like the scent. I also got the Buxom Havana lip crayon not too bad but not my favorite.

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)



I got 2 of the bare minerals sets. I already own the full sized shadow duo in flashback and have hit pan on it so its a favorite, and its kinda hard to find ( free standing sephoras no longer carry this shade but jcp ones do). I really love the bareminerals ready formulas, its my favorite and the best by far. Its a powder shadow that's so creamy and super pigmented. People describe UD powder shadows as creamy, but UD got nothing ( !!) on this formula.


I got 1 of the OH sets. I have used and used up a full sized bottle of that cleanser (it gets all makeup off but leaves my face dry). It smells amazing though! I've never tried the wipes but just smelled the tester in store and its lovely!


Anyway, 2 as stocking stuffers, 1 for me Smiley Very Happy

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I got the nail appliques and they are soooo cute!  Very easy to apply as well.candy cane.jpg

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Wow! Your nails look amazing!!! I have never used nail appliques, but I am very tempted now.

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Thank you!  You should definitely try them out!  Check out  That's where I get most of mine Smiley Happy

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I have a question about these: how many different sizes of nail appliques were in the package? I saw these in store but they looked like I'd have to trim them down a lot, my nails are small and skinny. They look cute on your nails btw Smiley Happy

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Thank you!  There are 8 different sizes given for each hand.  They do look a lot bigger in the package than they do once you put them on your nail (with the curve of the nail, it takes up more of the sticker than you would think, if that makes sense).  I use nail appliques all the time.  I've probably had 30 different kinds on my nails, and I've never had a problem with them. I've never used the biggest one, unless I put it on my big toe, so I always start with the 2nd one in for my thumb and then the smallest one on my pinky.  Then I go from there with the sizing.  Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)


I got:

Bite Lush Lip Trio: I hate this so much. The texture is so dry and thick. The colors are off. Its just too thick-like icing on my lips or something. AWFUL. Two thumbs down.

Living Proof Set: Love this and very happy with it. Already loved Living Proof's entire line. Good deal for $10.

Too Faced Duo: Christmas gift

Josie Maran Hand and Nail set: Christmas gift

TokyoMilk Dark Set : LOVE IT! The lip tint in Lucky especially! Its so pretty Smiley Happy



Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I agree on the Bite lippies- I hated the one that came with my Rouge welcome package. The color is great, but it smells strange and is really drying. 

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I love Blinc Mascara, it's even better when you use it with the coordinating primer. Really loving Alterna as well. Was going to stock up on my Alterna styling products with the $20.00 off of $50.00 but some of them are no longer offered. Smiley Sad  Too bad, so sad.


Just be prepared to see what looked to me like spider legs in the sink after I removed the Blinc 'tubes'. (even hate typing that S word) Even when I thought I was used to it and prepared for it....I wasn't. It's worth it though. Hope you love it

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I haven't tried everything yet (just got it all today!), but here's what I got:


  • Bite Beauty Lush Lip Trio
  • Caudalie Beauty From The Vine set
  • boscia Detoxifying Duet
  • Eyeko Skinny Mini Duo
  • Living Proof The Full Collection
  • boscia Pore Perfection Set
  • Blinc Lash & Brow Discovery Duo
  • Buxom BUXOM Curtain Call Set
  • Buxom Buxom® Full-On™ Lip Stick - Havana
  • Tarte Little Miracles Best-Selling Essentials
  • Stila Artful Eye Collector's Edition Vol. I
  • Stila Artful Eye Collector's Edition Vol. II

(I may have gone a little nuts.)


So far, I (like everyone else) am really really happy with the Stila palettes. They're both so sooo pretty! Nice pigmentation too. Smiley Happy


The Buxom lippie in Havana is a bit dark and purple-y for me, but it may grow on me. The one that came as part of the duo is much more to my liking as it's more of a neutral color.


I'm on the fence about the Bite lip glosses. The one with my favorite shade of the three is also more shimmery/glittery and I'm not crazy about that. We'll see.


The Caudalie lip treatment seems nice. I've only used it once so I can't speak to its effectiveness, but it smells and feels nice. I'm not sure what I think of the hand/cuticle cream. It has a distinct scent and I haven't decided if I like it or not.


I bought the Tarte set for the powder and the oil. I've never liked the mascara and plan to give it away.


I haven't tried the rest yet, except for an Eyeko eyeliner swatch on my hand. It reminds me of Stila's liquid liner, which is my absolute favorite, except it wasn't that difficult to wipe it off my hand. I'm thinking easy application but not great staying power.



Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

You got a ton of great stuff! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

Yes. Yes, I did. Smiley Wink

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

my black friday purchase reviews:


Stila Artful Eye II and III palettes - I bought these when they were released early and I'm pretty much over the moon about the neutral palette. The other one I'm a little less satisfied with, the dark blue is a matte black with blue glitter (instead of a blue shimmer like I wanted) and the purple looks like a shimmery bruise on me... BUT the green is absolutely stunning and the two neutral shades are good too.


BareMinerals eye set - I love this shadow duo! sometimes silver shadow brings out all the redness in my skin but I was able to balance it out with a  browbone highlight in a shadow from a different palette. It makes for a beautiful simple smoky eye.


I have some skincare stuff from the sale that's still in transit, I'm looking forward to that too!

Re: Review your Sephora BT $10 products here! :)

I also got the Stila neutral palette to keep in my gym bag. It's a perfect substitute for my most commonly used colors in UD Naked 2. 

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