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Post your recent hauls!

I know a lot of us made resolutions to stop buying new things, but did you really pass up some of the post-holiday sales and deals as well as newly released limited edition goods?  Confess!  Smiley Very Happy


My recent items are:


TARINA TARANTINO Sparklicity Pure Gold (so pretty!)
LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection (great value)
TARINA TARANTINO Supernova Nail Lacquer - Starchild (50% off)
SEPHORA COLLECTION Daily Brush Cleaner To Go (morning staple for lazy days when I haven't cleaned my brushes)
BOSCIA Peppermint Blotting Linens ($6Cdn @ 3x)
CLARINS Instant Sun Shimmer Blush in Light (50% off)
BY TERRY Rouge Delectation Lipstick in Vanilla Cinnamon (50% off)


500 Point Perk:  Benefit Coralista (full size) and Bad Gal Mascara (deluxe sample)


Non-Sephora items:


MAC Soiree Nail Polish from the Cham Pale Collection

MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot from the Cham Pale Collection

Re: Post your recent hauls!

So for this year I have been trying to cut back on my Sephora spending since my UPS guy automatically thinks there is a package for me when he sees a sephora box on his truck....I do live close to a store, but my store isn't too big, so I have to get a lot of things online (including the UD 24/7 15th anniversary set).  So far in 2011 I have gotten:


A train case

Urban Decay 24/7 15th anniversary eyeliner set

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 3

Bliss perfume/naked body butter set

Glee mini nail polish set (as a present for my niece)

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner duo with sharpener in Whiskey and Flipside


I am trying to hold back haha!  I can't wait to see what Urban Decay's next anniversary item is going to be.....

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I wonder what my UPS guy thinks. Especially when I get two Sephora boxes on the same day or two in a week!

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Re: Post your recent hauls!

I gave in and bought the new Dior Gris Montaigne nail polish, which is absolutely gorgeous.  I also bought the Clinique Chubby Stick while I was at it.  I had been waiting for both eagerly, especially the nail polish.  Have a look!



Re: Post your recent hauls!

OMG! I LOVE that. That looks so awesome! Smiley Happy

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@officegal: That's gorgeous! I love the color : )


In terms of hauls, I *so* want a Clarisonic, so that might be my next big purchase...and, naturally, I fell in love with the NARS pink set (it totally grew on me!), but I did return the eye shadow, and I'm going to return a lipstick I got from Bobbi's pretty, but it didn't "wow" me enough to justify it. I feel better about it because I never opened or swatched it -- I tried it on in the store, and when I saw it a little later, I didn't like it as much at all. Return! (I love returns almost as much as I love buying...)


: )

Re: Post your recent hauls!

officegal - I love that nail polish! 


This weekend I picked up the new OPI "Black Shatter" top coat from the Katy Perry collection.  I'll attach a picture, but sorry it looks messy because I just painted over the polish I've been wearing for the past week (Zoya's "Pasha", which is sort of a putty/brownish/greyish color).  I think it would be interesting if they made it in other colors as well.  I'm not sure now I'm liking this black... I'll have to try it over other colors.


I also just ordered a Clarisonic Pro!  I originally wanted the grey one, but it was hard to find (hard enough trying to get the "pro" version), so I settled for white.  I'm still really excited about it, though... can't wait till it comes in the mail.  Smiley Happy


I have my eye on the new Stila blush with the heart pattern that's on the Sephora homepage too!  So cute!  I wonder if there will be a good VIB promo for February....


Re: Post your recent hauls!

I LOVE that finish, Sarithor!

And ladies I bought a Clarisonic Mia laast year during the friends and family sale. BEST purchase I ever made. The first one I got was defective, so when I went to visit my parents for Thansgiving, I brought it with me and exchanged it in person ( I buy online99% of the time) because I didn't want to be without it for two weeks or more!

If you go to the Clarisonic website they have thme in laveder, white, aqua, white with pink hearts AND you can have them personalized!!!!

IF mine ever breaks I'm totally getting a personalized one in lavender......or aqua........ Smiley Very Happy

Re: Post your recent hauls!

P.S. I should be getting my most recent haul tomorrow, so I'll post all about it once I've played with stuff!!!!

Hey, we should review our hauls here with each other! Then we can ask each other specific questions and get quick turnaround, unlike on the reviews.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@mermadelove, @serendipity01: I really want the yellow Mia -- the only thing that's keeping me from buying it is that it's only one speed, and my skin tends to be on the dry side and at times a little sensitive. For that reason, I wanted the Plus or the Pro...but I may not need more than one speed. I've read many reviews (for the Mia), and the vast majority of them are positive, including from people with dry and/or sensitive I think I'm leaning toward the Mia (and it comes in yellow!!!).


: )

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@katie1724, that's so funny! I do that too (buy and return). It's a habit I'm trying to break, actually. I'll break down & buy stuff, then by the next day I realize I don't need it and I'll end up returning it. Returning things has saved me a lot of money, though. There's something satisfying about feels like money in my pocket. I do keep a large portion of the things I buy, otherwise my makeup drawers wouldn't be bulging.


I've decided I'm getting the Clarasonic Mia. I feel like I should wait for some kind of discount though- 10% or 20% or whatever. On something that expensive it'll make a big difference.

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