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Post your recent hauls!

I know a lot of us made resolutions to stop buying new things, but did you really pass up some of the post-holiday sales and deals as well as newly released limited edition goods?  Confess!  Smiley Very Happy


My recent items are:


TARINA TARANTINO Sparklicity Pure Gold (so pretty!)
LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection (great value)
TARINA TARANTINO Supernova Nail Lacquer - Starchild (50% off)
SEPHORA COLLECTION Daily Brush Cleaner To Go (morning staple for lazy days when I haven't cleaned my brushes)
BOSCIA Peppermint Blotting Linens ($6Cdn @ 3x)
CLARINS Instant Sun Shimmer Blush in Light (50% off)
BY TERRY Rouge Delectation Lipstick in Vanilla Cinnamon (50% off)


500 Point Perk:  Benefit Coralista (full size) and Bad Gal Mascara (deluxe sample)


Non-Sephora items:


MAC Soiree Nail Polish from the Cham Pale Collection

MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot from the Cham Pale Collection

Re: Post your recent hauls!

On Monday, I used a JCP gift card at Sephora to get the original Naked palette, and I'm in love!  I don't know why I was kind of against this palette before.  Monday was the first time I actually played with the tester.  I've always eye balled it on previous Sephora trips, but never swatched it for some reason lol.  After I bought it, I showed it to my boyfriend's mom and she liked it as well.  I asked her if she thought I could pull off most of the colors.  She said I could and that I'm not as pale as I think I am.  I always feel pale next to my boyfriend who stays tan since he has some Cherokee Indian in him lol. 


I also got the travel size Philosophy Hope in a Jar in the original formula.  The SPF one smells way worse lol.  The travel size should last me a good while since I only use a little bit of it at night.  A little goes a long way with my skin.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I recently got

1. UD naked1 (gift)

then I went online and I got

1. Aquolina pink sugar

2.Tokidoki punk lash mascara in baby rocker

3. Some pencil case to round it up to $50 so I could get free shipping

for samples

1.Someday perfume by Justin Bieber. I really dont like his music, but this wasnt half bad

2. Jennifer Aniston perfume. it was too strong

3. I was going to get a dolce and gabbana perfume, but they mustve run out so I got some firming creme which I dont need so I gave it to my mom

4. a $25 and up deluxe sample of bobbi brown eye creme.


~~We are all beautiful~~

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@sephoramusthave-  Gee the cleanliness aspect of having all individual testers is awesome!  Do they have a large product line?  I could see this happening if they had a small number products, Sephora might have a problem since they have thousands (?) of items in a store. But it would be nice for items that you put on your face or near your eyes, maybe not so necessary for things like hand/body lotions that wouldn't get so grubby. 

I've never seen a Merle Norman store here, I'll have to check it out. Also, please let us know how their products stack up to some of our favorites around here!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Today I have a small haul but i'm super exicited about it.  I bought the too faced size queen mascara I was looking at the teaster in my sephora today and across from the too faced display was the urban decay display so it took the tester and compared it to UD big fatty and big fatty was so small in comparison. Then i knew i really wanted it and I had an old gift card so i bought it I put it on when i got home. It works pretty well i just have to practice using the brush. 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Yesterday I picked up a nail polish and a mascara from CVS. They have a new Brand called signature i guess. I got the one in rainbow glitter i love it. I also got the maybelline illegal lenght mascara wich is an awsome mascara Bye

Re: Post your recent hauls!

So, the lash stash set I got is going back tomorrow.  Most of them were dry and thick Smiley Sad   I'll browse around the full sized mascaras to see what catches my eye.  I believe UD's Big Fatty mascara is my Holy Grail lol.  I'd like to expand and try another mascara.  I've looked at Kat Von D's Sin-Full Lash mascara before.  Maybe it's more my speed.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

kimmi---Oh I'm SO glad you kept the receipt! Seems like a lot of people are having that problem. For a mascara to be dried out before its even must be SUPER old. Shame on you Sephora. Because I know how many mascaras I've tried and I've NEVER had one dry out on me (not before the expiration date).

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@sephoramusthave  I've not had one to dry out before then either.  The lash stash is a good idea and all, but only if the mascaras are usable.  I've read good things about the Diorshow mascara, but Sephora inside JCP doesn't carry Dior.  *annoyed sigh*  Smiley Frustrated   I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for a mascara that does what I want since I use one mascara at a time anyway.  The most mascaras I've had at once is 3, and two of those were minis that came with something. 



Speaking of L'oreal, I saw where they have primers now.  I don't know how long they have had them, but there were a few different ones for face makeup.  I was surprised to see drug store makeup expanding to primers. 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I use mascara up one at a time too, but I do have a hard time spending too much money on it because its not something I use everyday. I like having a good one anyway, but I go for the travel sized ones instead. They cost around 10 bucks which is WAY more than any drugstore mascara and they last me a good while. 


I tested out the curling urban decay mascara....I soaked the brush in alcohol and cleaned it up at least 5 times, until it was completely clean and germ free and it didnt do anything but make my lashes darker....maybe I needed more coats. I just put on two. My lashes are partly curled (all natural) and part not. Haha sounds weird but I dont care.


I hate how Sephora only has one kind of mascara tester...mascaras are different because of the brush...its not really about the formula so my lashes dont look the same when I use the tester. People always look at me funny when I'm disinfecting testers but they are the weirdos to me! Do they have any idea how many hands those testers have been through? Nasty.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I've used a mini tube of UD's curling mascara, and I wasn't impressed either.  It only darkened my lashes as well, and there were times when the formula seemed a bit more on the liquidy side than normal.  I agree about various mascara brush testers.  The clinique counter in the mall has matching tester brushes for each of their mascaras.  That's the only place where I've seen that so far. 


I saw one girl, probably early teen years, pick up a UD gloss, applied it straight to her lips, and place it back just pretty as you please.  Didn't clean it, didn't even get a tester for it.  She seemed probably new to makeup, but surely she would have some common sense about germs. 


I ended up purchasing the NARS Volumizing mascara.  It was a few bucks more than UD's Big Fatty.  The brush is the fluffy bristle kind I like, but not as big and tapered as the UD one.  Fingers crossed it works well, because I'm not going back to the mall until after Christmas lol.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

jxw200---Oh yes please get back to us when you've tried the L'oreal! I had no idea they came out with those! I know that they had some discontinued HP ones a while back that people really loved(that I never got to try...) and I know that Cover Girl came out with a cream shadow in a lipgloss style tube....but I dont know how good those would be...


I have tried Benefit, Shiseido, and MAC Cream shadows and so far I have not found better ones than Benefit. Benefit is my HG cream shadow.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Today, I just bought the Show Some Lip set and the BE Introducing Cheek Tint set. I also got some cool samples and the Smokey Eye Shadow Promotion.

I bought them online, so I have to wait a couple of days to try them Smiley Sad but it will be worth it.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I just went to Sephora the other day and got a nice haul!  I am so excited about my new products :


-Lancome Bi-Facil makeup remover (really hope this works well)

-Fresh Sugar Rose Lip treatment

- Sephora Collection blush in Peach Fusion (for my sister)

-MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #42 (sooo pigmented)

-Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful-(this is gorgeous!)


Smiley Happy

Re: Post your recent hauls!

thats an amazing haul @maltipoo!! =) i recently fell in love with the Fresh Sugar Lip line... but haven't gotten around to buying them! and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush!


let us know how everything turns out! Smiley Happy

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I think I need help!! My recent haul wasn't in just 1 day its been over the time spand of 3 weeks!!

Maybe 4 I literally have been visiting Sephora at least 2'x a week... Smiley Surprised

Ok so let me start  from the beginning of when  this ridiculous "l need to go to sephora and buy more make-up" spree began


Sephora Collection Beauty In A Box Purple Smoky

Sehpora Collection Lip Stain in Beige

Sephora Nectar Shine in Mango

Clarisonic Mia

Murad 60 Day Kit

Murad Clarifying Toner

Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Naked

Sephora Collection Shadows in Aspen Summit , Dying For Fudge, Bohemian Chic, Hawaiian Beach

Sephora Collection Eye Liner in Pearl Beige

Tarte LipSurgence in Exposed and in Glisten

Sephora Face and Eye Travel Tool Kit

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil Stash

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color in Rose Bloom

Tarte The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity

Prada - Candy

SmashBox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner


And I think thats it but I dont even know to be honest... That list is just from the receipts I pulled put of my bag...Lord only knows how many receipts  I have at home....


The saddest part of all of this is I will be going back to Sephora this week to purchase UD Pallette in either the Mariposa or the 15 year Anniversairy (not sure which 1 to get)

Buxom Travel in Style Duo

and either the Smashbox You're Fab Lip Gloss Set or Give Me Some Lip (vol.1) ( not sure which 1 )







Re: Post your recent hauls!

@isha85 That is a FAB haul!! Those are several fantastic products!!!


Lucky you Smiley Wink


Be sure to test out the Smashbox lip gloss set... I got the previous set and the lip glosses smell TERRIBLE! And most of them were super sheer. I love the 15th anniversary palette. Yesterday I used the light pink and deep purple shadows for my Nerd halloween costume & today I'm wearing Chase (light golden color) and M.i.a. (brown) for work! You won't regret buying ANY urban decay palette =)

Re: Post your recent hauls!



Thx!! Althought it is a fab haul I think I'm going a little overboard  but to be fair I've thrown out alot of old make up, all of my drug store make-up (cover girl, rimmel, maybelline all tossed!!!) So now I've gotta build back up my make-up collection and I've sorta become a "snob"  when it comes to make-up if its not from Sephora or MAC I want nothing to do with it... Is that bad?? I definitely know its bad that I've been hiding receipts from my bf

Smiley Very Happy

 Thx for the advice on the Smashbox Snap You're Fab Set...... Do you have a recommendation, the Smashbox Set or The Give Me Some Lip set?

I love UD it is my new fav brand!!!!  Mariposa or the 15 year Anni? I dont know!!! Smiley Sad Im leaninng towards Mariposa cause I think I'll use the shades alot more but Im just so tempted to buy both there both equally pretty!!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@isha85  Awesome haul!  I know what you mean about moving on from drug store makeup.  I got tired of arguing with Covergirl shadows and whatnot.  I though the Covergirl concealer was gonna take the skin off my nose!  That went in the trash asap lol.  I still have some drug store products, such as my rimmel london liner in Ivy lol, and I use Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. 


As for Urban Decay, their palettes are amazing!  If you by some chance see the limited edition 15th Anniversary Palette, I'd pick it up.  It is becoming harder and harder to find.  I absolutely love mine.  I hope the company decides to release at least some of colors as singles.  They're too pretty to banish away for eternity! lol.




@katie723  I have one of the Bare Minerals blushes, and they work well.  The jar can be a bit messy at times, though lol.  Hopefully, they'll turn their blushes into a pressed "ready" edition like they have done with their eyeshadows.  Your post about the MAC products have me even more curious about them! lol.



Re: Post your recent hauls!

@kimmi1115... Thx!! I kno what u mean about the Covergirl shadows all the 1's I had are all in the trash... It could just be me but I think the quality over the years has diminshed.... As for UD.. IM IN LOVE... Lol... I absolutely love their products and Im so happy with the quality of them and happy that I started buying them... I bought the Mariposa pallette last night I havent used it yet but I plan to very soon... It was such a struggle between the Marisposa and the 15th Anni pallette but I recently picked the the Tarte Starlet Limited Edition Vanity and it almost has the same colors with the exception of " Deep End"  .... So I think my next purchase from UD will be the Naked Pallette that everyone is so in love with.... As the for the singles I hope that they will be releasing them soon so u dont have to buy a new pallette again if your just running out of 1 or 2 colors that would be a waste of $$$.. One of the reps at my store told me that UD is working on releasing a Holiday Pallette but shes not too sure right now its just rumor so if I hear more and validate that they are I'll definitely post and let u know....

As for the cream blushes, the 1`s from MAC are great I had 1 a couple years ago and I loved it I think besides the Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color that I bought recently which is my new fav, it was 1 of my fav blushes.... Its very easy to work with and its blends very easily....



@Katie723.... I spent $200 @ Sephora last night Smiley Surprised but I dont regret it.....

My Haul Includes:


UD Pallette in Mariposa

Smashbox Life Is Your Set Eye Liners (great colors for fall and amazing quality)

Smashbox Snap You're Fab Lip Gloss Set ... I ended up getting this set because my store was all out of the Give Me Some Lip Vol.1 they will be getting some in soon so I still plan on purchasing it.... I tried on the colors like u suggested and they were very pretty and didnt have a smell to them at all.... Maybe u got a bad batch last year or they were sitting on the shelf for too long if u happen to be in Sephora soon stop by there stand and check out this holiday set maybe this time around it will be different at least Im hoping it is for u cause the colors are wonderful....

I also got another UD Lip Liner in Wallflower

I also picked up 3 Sephora brushes 2 of the SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic All Over Shadow Brush - Small #22 and SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Pointed Liner/Eyeliner Brush #17 which is my new fav tool for applying eyeliner I tested it out last night with my MAC Fluidline Gel Liner and it went on super thin and perfect something I could never do with my angel brush... after this haul I think I am officially done purhasing make-up for the rest of year... theres only 2 months left I think I can manage... I`ll just have to stay away from Sephora for the next 2 months cause with the Holiday Season approaching I know theres gonna be alot of Holiday Sets Im gonna wanna purchase.. i dont know if I`ll be able to do it Smiley Sad

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@ Kimmi I totally understand about the Covergirl foundation! I tried so hard with so many drugstore brands to match myself, or find one that works with my skin and it just was futile. Foundation is something worth spurging on just to get it right. And when used with a brush, you really do use alot less. My current foundations have lasted me since the begining of the summer and are still way over half full(2/3's ish ) full. I think if I actually did the math, how many foundations I bought from CVS alone and didn't actually use but couldn't return (didn't have recipet or something, whatever the reason) has costed me more then buying a better brand once or twice a year.


For eyeshadows I still like some Maybelline ones and use them. Their  Eyestudio collection is pretty good and feels nice on (pretty good staying power w/ primer) and their liners are good too . I have an in a pinch/ lazy day nude eye kit from Maybelline I will grab and go. But CG shadows have gone down in quality dramatically! I was psyched with there, what are the called, Eyeblast liners? The one that Dre Barrymore advertises the like crayon ones? came out and was soooo disappointed after I bought them. Lesson learned there. lol

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Im a bit of a makeup snob too and only recently have I gotten some drugstore stuff - ecotools foundation brush & kit, rimmel eyeshadow, maybelline eyeshadow and mascara. I love yes to cucumbers face wipes also!

Anyway! I went to return something yesterday & got strawberry rosebud yay!

And on Friday I got nails inc polish, jack black balm, & a Dior quint
Hmm before that I ordered guerlain 4 seasons Bronzer for f&f and picked up the neutral nails in set - i think that's all for the last two weeks or so!
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