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Post your recent hauls!

I know a lot of us made resolutions to stop buying new things, but did you really pass up some of the post-holiday sales and deals as well as newly released limited edition goods?  Confess!  Smiley Very Happy


My recent items are:


TARINA TARANTINO Sparklicity Pure Gold (so pretty!)
LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection (great value)
TARINA TARANTINO Supernova Nail Lacquer - Starchild (50% off)
SEPHORA COLLECTION Daily Brush Cleaner To Go (morning staple for lazy days when I haven't cleaned my brushes)
BOSCIA Peppermint Blotting Linens ($6Cdn @ 3x)
CLARINS Instant Sun Shimmer Blush in Light (50% off)
BY TERRY Rouge Delectation Lipstick in Vanilla Cinnamon (50% off)


500 Point Perk:  Benefit Coralista (full size) and Bad Gal Mascara (deluxe sample)


Non-Sephora items:


MAC Soiree Nail Polish from the Cham Pale Collection

MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot from the Cham Pale Collection

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@kimmi1115:  I'm so glad that you like The BalmShelter TM!  You got a great haul and it sounds like it was all good except for the lip stain, which I'm sorry you didn't like.  It's always a bummer to order something that turns out to be bad.  If I remember right, the tokidoki Fantistico Lip Ink Lip Stain is a "marker" style lip stain, and if it is, that's probably why it acted dried out quickly.  I don't like marker-style lip stains for that reason and also because the color always ends up looking like my lips are stained by some shade of Kool-Aid on me, ha ha.  My daughter loves those types of lip stains, however.  Anyway, as long as that was the only item that wasn't that great, I think you came out on top!  I got the Anastasia Hydraful Gloss in Moi in one of my recent orders (as the 100-pt perk) and I like it a lot, too.  I love those small lip glosses for carrying in my purse cause they don't take up much room.  And it's a perfect color for carrying for touchups throughout the day because the color kind of blends with everything.  Anyway, great haul!
Smiley Happy

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@tenngal: The lip stain was like a marker with koolaid color inside lol. 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I just placed an order at sephora online, and here's what I ordered:


Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (travel size)

Bare Escentuals Sweet Escape set -- this is an amazing deal.  It's $15 for a full sized Buxom mascara, full sized Buxom lip gloss, and I think two full sized BE eye shadows!

Philosophy Cheers body wash

Benefit Some kind-a gorgeous - I haven't tried this before


and I used the code VINOSPF code to get the Caudalie Vinoperfect SPF15 sample tube. 


I can't wait to get it!  Normally it takes over a week to get to me though.  Smiley Tongue


Re: Post your recent hauls!

Well, the last time I went to Sephora, I just purchased a gift for my friend, so I got:

Kat von D Shady Bronzer

Urban Decay Black Pallete

Korres Quince Lip Butter

And I received the MUFE VIB Set for free.


But, when I went shopping for myself (It's already been over a month! xD.), I purchased:

NARS Cream Eyeshadow in El Dorado

NARS Cream Eyeshadow in Corfu

NARS Blush in Desire 

NARS Blush in New Order

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage

Sephora Face Primer (It's pink, and it was on sale for $8!)

Tokidoki Prism Lip Gloss in Rocketeer

Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss in Electric Butterfly

Sephora by OPI Nail Polish in Caribbean Cocktail

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I just tried the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. I didn't expect it to work because I have long hair, but surprisingly, it did add some soft waves to the ends of my hair. I thought the $23 price was a little steep, but I have been enjoying this product.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@serendipity01: Buxom Mascara is my favorite! So when I went to repurchase it about 5 months ago, I ordered the Sweet Escape Set! It is a TOTALLY amazing deal! Smiley Very Happy But I'm super upset because I lost the lipgloss! I've looked everywhere for it! Smiley Sad It's an awesome set though - you'll love it!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@marinaanne147 - awww, I love Buxom lipglosses!  I don't use a ton of lipgloss (I apply it in the morning, but typically don't re-apply it throughout the day), but from the lipgloss brands that I've tried so far, Buxom has been my favorite.  Same with their mascara... it's my favorite from what I've tried so far!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

How can you not get swept up in a sephora store! Thats why I like shopping online, better reviews from acutal people! So I picked out what I wanted from and then went into the store in the mall at Beaverton, Oregon and forgot my list, but remembered excatly what I needed! Didn't forget anything, that's a big sucess  for me! Anyways This is what I purchased


+Laura Mercier Secret Camo  SE-3 ( perfect for my skin tone)

+ Prime Time Foundation Primer From bareMinerals in Brightening

+ Make-up for ever HD High def powder (liked smashbox halo but too expensive)

+ Fresh Super Nova Mascara ( got sample loved it)

+ Urban Defense Tinited Moisturizer in Halo ( not close to running out but I like a back up)

+ Too Faced Soliel Matte Bronzer ( real coco powder)

+ Smith's Lip Balm Minted Rose

+ Sephora Brand Red lip liner (lost on lip liner grabed a cheap one)

+Sephora brand Black eyeliner stick (same as above)

Re: Post your recent hauls!

waterbaby1981 wrote:

@officegal: does that Essie Aruba Blue look as pretty on nails as it does in the bottle?  I'm seriously considering picking that up next time I hit Target!  It's a gorgeous color.

To be honest, I bought it way back when and still haven't tried it yet. *blush* I'm a sucker for sparkly blue polishes even though I don't wear it frequently on my fingertips. I thought that it would be a nice lighter alternative to Chanel Blue Satin. But now I also have Dior Tuxedo and probably need to commit myself to nail polish rehab!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Hi Officegal,


Great choice of blush! It is my favorite. I bought 2 since it's limited edition. Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Today I bought...


1. Origins Rain and Shine Liptint with SPF 10 in Razzleberry (for moi)


2. Origins Rain and Shine Liptint with SPF 10 in Plum Perfect (for gift)


Both are gorgeous Christmas red lipsticks. The Razzleberry is brighter and the Plum Perfect is warmer. 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@mermadelove - I'm thinking I will try the regular/normal brush head next time, instead of the sensitive.  And by the way, they have limited edition brush heads that have a pink circle on the bristles, instead of the usual black (at the clarisonic website).  I'm definitely using my $25 off coupon to get one of those!  Smiley Happy


The instructions for the Clarisonic said to apply the cleanser "liberally", so maybe I was a little too liberal and ended up with soap running into my eyes.  Purity lathers more than the microdelivery wash (which does't lather at all), but you're right that it's not foamy... I think I just had too much  .Smiley Indifferent

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@serendipity: I made the mistake of buying two delicate brush heads when I bought my mia during the F&F sale. Seeing as how the standard brush is gentle enough for me, I think the delicate ones will be way too gentle to be effective for me. I think I'll throw them in the next TSB I'm involved in.

Re: Post your recent hauls!


daisy346 wrote:

This is all so interesting! I've had my eye on that Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. I don't know how long I can hold off on buying it....aaghhhh. I'm trying to cut out small purchases & get the Clarisonic. Seeing that pic made me want it even more! Let us know how it works, serendipity.


I'm a little late, but re: returns- do you think that's true, that they have to throw out opened products? I always imagined they can use them for testers. I've never returned an opened product...the only time I've returned is when I bought something I didn't really need & had buyer's remorse. However, I like knowing I have the option of returning an opened product if it breaks me out or looks really bad on. I think there are a lot of people who abuse the system though.


I am so quote-happy right now. Anyway, daisy -- I am in the same boat! I want that Clarisonic so badly (I always thought it was so expensive...until I realized that I could have bought about 5 Clarisonic systems with the money I was spending on miscellaneous cosmetics and skincare over a few-month period (okay, maybe not five, but you get the idea)). However, I keep finding things that I want, both skincare and cosmetics! Aggh!


...and re: returns, I would love to know for sure (moderators?). Perhaps the cashier was just trying to scare me? The thing was, I really hadn't used it. It would makes sense to me to re-sell the obviously unused / sealed products...and then the swatched or gently used ones could be sterilized and turned into testers...(or put to some other use?). I don't just seems like a huge waste to throw everything away, especially the barely-used items. I have a few that I'm dying to return, but I don't feel good knowing they'd be thrown away (nor do I want to be on the receiving end of the caustic side-eye from the cashier Smiley Tongue).


: )

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I don't see why they couldn't use the stuff for testers....when they put testers out, it's not like they get sterilized after each person uses them. Multiple people are using them.


That's good to know, serendipity. If When I get mine, I'll be sure to register it to get the coupon. Keep us posted....there are several of us here drooling over your Clarisonic Smiley Happy

Re: Post your recent hauls!


officegal wrote:

@katie - I have the Schiapp polish and love it in the summer.  Smiley Happy

Hah! I quoted!!! Thanks, mermadelove. Anyway, I LOVE how Schiap looks! It's a little bright (one of my guy friends was like, "Nice...nails..."), but I love it. It made me want to buy the Schiap lipstick, but it would look ridiculous on me. No, really.


Re: Post your recent hauls!

I got:

DKNY Delicious Duo

Lip Vinyl Pencil

MUFE powder

MUFE mat and velvet foundation

Jet set mini brush set

too faced look of love set


Re: Post your recent hauls!

Just got a Haul. I got...


Benefit Feelin Cheeky Value Set

Smashbox Iconic Eye Set

Nars Nailpolish in Orgasm

Sephora Collection Concealer Palette

and a Free Deluxe Sample for Stila Glamoureyes Mascara



Re: Post your recent hauls!

@sarithor  Nice haul!  I really wanted to get the Benefit Feeling Cheeky set, because it's a great deal and I haven't tried highbeam yet.  I'm curious to see the MUFE uplights (and apparently there are some NARS illuminators coming soon too) so I think I might wait until those come out to compare...

Re: Post your recent hauls!

yeah thats why I got the feelin cheeky set, I hadn't tried posietint or high beam. I really like High Beam and I've always loved Benetint, but I'm not sure about posietint. I liked it earlier, but I just noticed in the mirror it didn't blend properly.. that might have been my mistake. I'll try again tomorrow.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Nice haul, sarithor!