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Post your recent hauls!

I know a lot of us made resolutions to stop buying new things, but did you really pass up some of the post-holiday sales and deals as well as newly released limited edition goods?  Confess!  😄


My recent items are:


TARINA TARANTINO Sparklicity Pure Gold (so pretty!)
LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection (great value)
TARINA TARANTINO Supernova Nail Lacquer - Starchild (50% off)
SEPHORA COLLECTION Daily Brush Cleaner To Go (morning staple for lazy days when I haven't cleaned my brushes)
BOSCIA Peppermint Blotting Linens ($6Cdn @ 3x)
CLARINS Instant Sun Shimmer Blush in Light (50% off)
BY TERRY Rouge Delectation Lipstick in Vanilla Cinnamon (50% off)


500 Point Perk:  Benefit Coralista (full size) and Bad Gal Mascara (deluxe sample)


Non-Sephora items:


MAC Soiree Nail Polish from the Cham Pale Collection

MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot from the Cham Pale Collection

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I really need to replace my nail polish collection. Online some people say that it expires 18 months after opening, others say it never expires...does anyone know when it *actually expires*? I would be eternally grateful!!!


I used to have 40 or 50 nailpolishes but threw them away and only kept 4 nailpolishes ( all pink) and 1 topcoat. The ones I kept are about 2 years old and the ones I threw away were 10-15 old! The weird thing is...none of them dried up and they are all drugstore ones!


At my last Sephora JC Penney purchase the cashier tried to pressure me into buying a $2 orange OPI nailpolish...who wears orange? I've never seen anyone with orange nailpolish!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I think a lot nail polish bottles (and other cosmetics for that matter) have a little jar icon that says how long it should last.  My OPI bottles say 24 M (24 months).

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I checked my nail polishes and none of them have any sort of expiration date logo on them...but thanks! I guess I will go with 2 years as being my official expiration date for nail polish:D

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I usually rely on the swatch test when it comes to nail polish -- meaning if it has gone bad, it's obvious -- it starts to clump and separate, and it doesn't go on smoothly at all. If it does paint on smoothly, I would say that it's fine to use. If it clumps, toss it! 🙂

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I still don't really believe that nail polish expires. Or, if it does, it's pretty inconsequential. I've had a bottle of Sally Hansen remain perfectly fine for 10 years maybe! What's the worst that can happen if you apply an expired polish? If it thickens, I'll add thinner. No way I'm tossing my 100+ collection.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I'm just as iffy about putting expired products on my body as I am eating expired food. If I know the expiration date, I take them very seriously. None of the 4 polishes I have right now thicken or clump up, they look to be in excellent condition. I think I'll keep them at least the rest of this year 😄


Thanks for all your answers, it helped tons! 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I didn't purchase anything from Sephora BUT what I did purchase has to do with makeup so I thought I'd come online and share with everyone! 

I went to ULTA today because I needed this sponge (identacle to the "Beauty Blender" but its only $4) to apply my makeup so I picked up the following at ULTA:

-2 ULTA sponges 

- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Girl Flower- These are like the nail prints (nail stickers) from Sephora by OPI and I seriously LOVE the Sally Hansen ones. I find them to be much better than the OPI ones. Plus the options from the sally hansen line are adorable! 

-I also picked up 3 Neutrogena Spectrum+ Advanced Sunblock Face SPF 100+ because I go through sunblock like crazy and it was on sale (instead of $13 I got them each for $11). Not a huge savings, but at least it was a few dollars! 

After going to ULTA I went to Bath & Body Works. I had to get some more body/fragrance mist. I use their body mist as room spray and linen spray and of coarse for my body. So I purchased the following:

-Frangrance Mist in: Country Chic, Sweet Pea, Twilight Woods, Apricot Vanilla, Forever Sunshine

-Shea Cashmere Hand Cream in Country Chic- This is the first time I purchased this product and I am obsessed! It makes your hands feel silky smooth and its amazing, I love it. 

I also just got my package in the mail from Rescue Beauty Lounge. I purchased the following:

-RBL Base Coat... This is hands down THE BEST base coat I have found and used. 

-RBL No More War (an olive green)... This color in my opinion is amazing. It is SO different and just so unique I love it. 

-RBL Bangin (Bright cherry red)... Best red I have yet to find! 

Rescue Beauty Lounge is hands down the best nail polish I have ever used. It is pricy but I think its SO worth it. 




Re: Post your recent hauls!

@j12003: I must agree with you about the RBL polishes. I recently got my preorer in the mail and the base coat prep, base coat and top coat are hands down the best I've ever used. Also, I have found that they help the wear time of polishes besides RBL. I can't wait until the summer and fan collection comes out! I am truly addicted!

Nice hauls!!!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@ Mermadelove


Isn't RBL amazing? I had been wanting to try the brand for a long time but I just couldn't justify spending $18 on a nail polish (it just seemed so ridiculous!) but than I caved and bought a few of them and I am now completely hooked! I have only tried the base coat... maybe I need to give the top coat and base coat prep a try! I seriously want all the colors they offer, they are that amazing! As of right now I am officially obsessed/addicted with these polishes... they are hands down AMAZING! 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@j12003: I hesitated for the $ reason, too. But I know have more of them than I care to admit because the colors are so unique and the application and wear--to die for!!!!!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@ Mermadelove


I agree. I think the colors are so unique... which makes it hard not to want them all. You are sooo right though, the application of them is amazing, and the wear of them is awesome. Plus what I absolutely love is you don't need layer after layer to get the true color. You only need one application and it looks perfect and the color looks super saturated and is very opaque. I pretty much sound like a little child that just discovered markers- I am ridiculous! I could seriously go on and on about this nail polish! 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Okay I went crazy last week and kept placing orders online (I would think of something else after I placed the order).


This is what I ordered:


REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask  - I have never used this before; will try this out tonight

Blinc Kiss Me Mascara - Black

Shiseido Eyelash Curler - Eyelash Curler Pad

SEPHORA COLLECTION Flashy Liner Waterproof  in Flashy Green

Dermadoctor POETRY in Lotion® 

Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Cooling Masque 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Purple Delight Nail Trio 

Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Advanced Airbrush Set


Plus I received the 500 point Too Faced eyeshadows and several samples!


Re: Post your recent hauls!

@macuser: I *love* the REN Glycolactic mask -- it's one of my favorite skincare products. I hope you find it as amazing as I do!


: )

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Since my birthday is coming up AND I had over a thousand points AND the 500 point perk was good AND there was a great 100 point perk AND I hadn't bought anything in a while, I finally put in a Sephora order!

I got:

tokidoki Purple Killer Candy Hair Pins - 2 Hair Pins1293299$9.001   
OPI for SEPHORA Traffic Stopper Copper Top Coat - Traffic Stopper Copper1312826$9.501  $9.50
Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow - Atmosphere1225259$20.001  $20.00
Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Truth 1292473$17.001  $17.00
Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - 1.5 oz1326057$19.501  $19.50
Sample - Fresh Soy Formula f21c Face Cleanser - 0.14 oz726463$0.001  $0.00
Sample - Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum - 0.05 oz1336775$0.001  $0.00
Sample - Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleansing Cloth - Single Use1291632$0.001  $0.00
Happy Birthday - Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath - 6 oz1300961$0.001  $0.00
FREE 100-POINT PERK - Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Brooklyn - 0.004 oz1338623$0.001  $0.00
FREE 500-POINT PERK - Too Faced Eye Love Eyeshadow Collection1338714$0.001  $0.00
Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray Train Case 

I can't wait until this comes! I'm going to Martha's Vineyard with my husband, housemate and her boyfriend and can't wait to get all dolled up with this stuff! 

Re: Post your recent hauls!

@mermadelove - ooh, and it was your bday too (saw that you got the bday gift)?  Happy Birthday!  Nice haul!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Happy birthday, mermadelove!!!! Hope you have a good time at Martha's Vineyard. Nice haul....I love the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. My hair needs all the moisture it can get.

Re: Post your recent hauls!

 Thanks for all of the birthday wishes! Ojon is my HG hair treatment!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

I had to place an order today since my VIB 10% off was about to expire so I hauled -


Bumble&Bumbler Brilliantine

Bare Escentuals Bright Stars

Korres Liquid Lipstick Trio

Hampton Sun SPF 15 Gel

100pt perk First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads


As of tomorrow I can get my birthday gift so I guess I'll have to make a trip to my local Sephora over the weekend and grab another "Happy Birthday to me" present or two!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Happy birthday, kalex! I did a bday haul, too!

Re: Post your recent hauls!

Yes, the hauls continue!!

This week I received my Color Me Beautiful order:

3 Lipstick Sealants (I highly recommend!)

1 mascara

I got two large free samples of Adrienne Arpel's Papaya facial scrub (4 ounces!) and another whose name escapes me but it's an illuminizing moisturizer.


Then today I finally used my 10% coupon. I got :

Clinique's new bottom lash mascara

Sephora's starter brush kit (great price)

Smashbox eye shadow in Bliss

 and Hourglass eye shadow duo in Suede.


Sephora=temporary heaven!


Re: Post your recent hauls!

Oh and a lady was there buying a gift card for a friend's birthday. I told her my birthday was in August so we had plenty of time to become friends. What a great friend she is!!

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