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October hauls! What did you get?

Since we are all BBFFs, I thought it was a nice idea to have a haul thread each month and have ppl's bday here. Post new additions to your stash! And happy birthday to October BBFFs!



Heart Candacebt Oct 6th 

Heart Moregun89 Oct 8th 

Heart Ashley (baby dearest of waterbaby1981, turning 1 this yr, aww) Oct 9th

Heart Jenpred Oct 15th

Heart Wendyomgwar Oct 29th 

Halloween Oct 31st


ps. Haven't gotten anything yet but have some minis from BBFF trading coming my way, does that count? lol. I will be placing an order once I figure out which clay mask I want to try next.


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oh man, I'm sure this isn't the whole list, but it's a start.

Hourglass Ambient light palette

Hourglass Mood light

Give me more lip

Nars Foreplay

VIce 2

Ocho Loco 2

OCC Primer

Nars Guy Bourdin Palette

Nars lip set

Nars lipstick in Goodbye Emmanuel

Nars blush in Couer battant

Soap and Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

Too Faced a few of my favorite things set

Hourglass opaque rouge lipstick in Edition

2x Tweezerman Betsey Johnson tweezers for Christmas gifts

Sephora Pantone Full Spectra palette


I also just ordered a couple things from Butter London's Friend and Family sale, 

Catwalk Clutch

Nail Art Tools

British Racing Green.  


I'll post if I find more stuff...which is probably lurking in the bathroom somewhere!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

BYB027UCIAE-Exz.jpg-large.jpegIt's here!  Too bad I have strep and can't play.  Smiley Sad

But at least I have this!


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

That is my favorite Bobbi Brown book! I have a couple of other ones but this is so helpful Smiley Happy

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I was going to take a pic, but I might never get around to it...


From Sephora:


Bite Beauty Best Bite Set

Tarte Pure Delights 8-Piece LipSurgence™ Lip Set

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Set

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil (in Ozone)

Sephora Favorites Lash Stash

Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads

SEPHORA Daily Brush Cleaner

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish



Holly Jolly Nourishment Sample Bag

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream (.25 oz samples) x2

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Treatment

the DiorLove set

VIB Skincare Sample Bag

Skincare 3-pack (Clinique, Smashbox, Kate Somerville)

Benetint (100-pt)


from Ulta:

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-In-1 Treatment
several Ojon travel size hair stuff

Cargo Lash Activator Night Primer

2 Real Techniques brush sets

bareMinerals Kiss & Tell set

bareMinerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheer

3 Ulta lip glosses/crayons (which are going back as they are bad)



Living Proof Full Thickening Cream .5 oz

4 piece Hair Sampler from Fekkai

Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo (travel size)

Cargo waterproof mascara

Beauty bag w/ 12 samples

6-pc hair sampler (all travel size)

bareMinerals 5 Pc gift bag



Clinique eyeshadow quad (in "Teddybear")

Clinique Bonus Time bag

Birchbox stuff

Beauty Box 5 stuff


Re: October hauls! What did you get?


My order of the Disney princess mirrors came in! I though it would have been cancelled because they went so quick. 

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I should have got them when I had a chance. I held each of them in my own hands and put it down one by one argh! Silly silly me.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

They look so beautiful together, like sisters! 

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Lucky girl Smiley Wink  I've been stalking the page non stop and haven't seen the Cinderella or Jasmine mirror go back up.. was this at like 3 am? Smiley Wink

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

YAY you got them! They look so pretty all lined up Smiley Happy . I'm so lucky to have gotten the Jasmine and Ariel compacts, but I am still on the hunt for a Cinderella one!!!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Yes, I'm happy I got them! I hope you're able to get the cinderella one. Good luck!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Thanks! Fingers crossed!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Ohhh you got the whole set! congrats congrats! I've seen Ariel compact on and off sometimes, but never all 3 at the same time, looks like you found that second of miracle, lol. I love them so much, every corner of the compact and packaging is beautiful down to the shape of the bar code, definition of meticulously designed. So worth getting. =D

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I already have the cinderella & ariel mirrors. I just needed the jasmine mirror to complete the set. The cinderella & ariel mirrors are going to be gifts for friends. I'm making my friend, an Ariel theme gift for her birthday. I'll put up a picture of the gift.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oooooo, I will be your friend! Smiley Wink I got the Ariel mirror (and I realize exactly how lucky I am), but I continue to stalk for the Cinderella mirror. I still remember the exact moment when the SA told me the Jasmine compacts had been recalled, and that sinking feeling of disappointment: first missing out on the Cinderella mirror, and then, no chance of the Jasmine mirror…wah, wah, I want some milk and cookies!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Mini haul from today:


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

20131031_155122.jpgThis isn't my entire haul for October, just what UPS dropped off for me today. Smiley Very Happy The only thing I bought was the Too Faced Bon Bons set (so pretty I want to eat 'em all!) and the rest are samples + 100/250 point rewards.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Ooh. Congrats on your haul! Let me know what you think about your Bon Bons palette. 


I got mine in last week, and I'm actually really disappointed. I obsess over all things Too Faced, but for some reason, I found these to be really chalky and unblendable- a huge disappointment for me. I think I probably just got a bad batch, but I'm going to be returning mine. Smiley Sad

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oh, sad!! It looks so pretty, and got good reviews, so I was optimistic about  it! I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet, but now I know to proceed with caution. :-/ 

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I got one too and I'm not super psyched with it either. My big issue was the massive drop-off the shimmery/glittery shadows had. It was seriously all over my cheeks. Pretty colors, though, esp the top row. I'm thinking I might return mine too. ... Maybe. Not sure yet.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Aww. It's really disappointing to hear that you're not happy with it either. I mean, those colors are gorgeous; I was so psyched to have finally ordered it.


But when I put it on... ugh. I was so frustrated. I literally had a straight line in my crease from where the darker shadow didn't blend... at all. I didn't have much of a fallout issue, but I can imagine how that would be really frustrating.

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