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October hauls! What did you get?

Since we are all BBFFs, I thought it was a nice idea to have a haul thread each month and have ppl's bday here. Post new additions to your stash! And happy birthday to October BBFFs!



Heart Candacebt Oct 6th 

Heart Moregun89 Oct 8th 

Heart Ashley (baby dearest of waterbaby1981, turning 1 this yr, aww) Oct 9th

Heart Jenpred Oct 15th

Heart Wendyomgwar Oct 29th 

Halloween Oct 31st


ps. Haven't gotten anything yet but have some minis from BBFF trading coming my way, does that count? lol. I will be placing an order once I figure out which clay mask I want to try next.


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I went a bit over the top this October, there was just so many limited editing stuff that I wanted! And I got so many samples >.<


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Wow!  Nice!  What's below the Ocho Loco Set?

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Those look like Illamasqua nail polishes!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Thank Smiley Happy !Yeah and I have more stuff coming >.< I think I need an intervention. (the stuff there is sephora ALONE) but if you are wondering which nail polish it is, its the blue egg one, the UV purple one and rubber pink one. The thing is that for us Canadian its 22$ a bottle, so its 66$ right there for 3 nail polish Smiley Sad </3 and a 100$ just for both smash box CC and BB. 

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Thanks!  yeah everything is more expensive here Smiley Sad

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Gorgeous Smiley Happy! ocho loco 2!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I'm also an October baby so I went a bit, um, overboard.  It's been fun.


Sephora Superstar Favorites

Sephora Lash Stash

Sephora + Pantone LE  Radiant Cut Eye shadow palette (received damaged but replacement will be here Saturday. THANK YOU Sephora)

Smashbox  Wonder Vision  lip gloss set

Smashbox Wonder Vision Sparks Eye shadow set

Smashbox Wonder Vision Cosmic Eye shadow set

Smashbox  Essential Metallics set

NARS Bourdin blush Palette (shipped today)

Stila Color Outside the Lines Smudge stick s set

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk palette

LORAC Dazzling Dozen eye shadows

LORAC Pro to go eye & cheek palette

Kat von D Ladybird palette

UD Grindhouse duo sharpener

Cotton pads & cotton swabs

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide toner

Escada Delicate Notes shimmering powder

 A bunch of samples


Still to buy:

Fan brush either IT cosmetics or Eco Tools. Need to decide which


May buy now or later:

NARS blush in Sin or Douceur or Luster or maybe another one

Maybe a Dior eye shadow palette but not sure which color family.

 Maybe Stila Holiday Essentials kit

Maybe Anastasia BH Lavish palette

Maybe the Laura Geller lip gloss set


Or I may just wait & see what else comes out for the holidays. I haven't decided yet. LOL



Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Yeah my skin care order made it today.  I ordered:

White Lucent Bright Eyes Anti-Dark Circle Kit

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Dr Brandt Glow Set - Ruby Crystal Hydracreme and Overnight Resurfacing Serum

Boscia Konjac Sponge

Together in Pink Hair Ties

100 pt perk - Deb Lippmann Happy Birthday Nail Polish

Samples - Jack Black Epic Moisture, 21 Drops 18 Sleep, Guerlian Lingere de Peau 


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Have you ever tried the Dr. Brandt glow set before? I have been looking into buying it.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

@ melisa16 No, but I had been researching the for about a week trying to find a retinol that would work.  I had narrowed it down to a few and got some feedback on here. I actually was leaning toward the Dr. Brandt set (I liked the idea of a smaller size of 2 items I was interested in) when he was doing a q&a on twitter for birch box.  I tweeted a question to him asking if you had to pick one product for oily/aging skin what would you suggest.  His response was the overnight resurfacing serum.  I've used it twice now and I have my fingers crossed. I haven't had any adverse effects yet, and it does seem to be brightening my complexion.  

Re: October hauls! What did you get?


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Also find this super soft brush at Hobby Lobby for $8 that I hope will work well for contouring.


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Dear Lord, I am mesmerized Smiley Very Happy


What are your favorite items so far?

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oh from which company are those color wheels on the left???

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Those are from temptu. Kryolan makes some similar items as well

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Since I was COMPLETELY out of skincare, I decided to place an order ... I don't have tons of it hoarded... none at all. Nope. Tellin the truth, ya'll.


photo 1.JPG

Caudalie Cleansing Water (I am totally ga-ga over cleansing waters and toners right now! I need help!)

Ren Rediscover Radiance Kit

PTR Max Complexion Correction Pads

Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Overnight Repair Pads- THESE ARE AMAZING. I AM IN LOVE.

Bite Beauty The Lip Kit- I'm completely out of lipstick too, I swear.

OH Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask- hope I like this!

OH 3 Little Wonders

MUFE Powder Foundation- the samples sucked me in to this... makes an amazing contour powder. Except I ordered the wrong shade. Fail.


Samples: Korres Wild Rose & Vit C Brightening Facial, Ren Hydra-Calm Day Cream, Jimmy Choo Flash, Narciso Rodriguez for Her


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Completely out of skincare? BeautyTester Bot malfunctioning, phrase not defined in the vocabulary database. I have at least 3 of everything when it comes to skincare, lol.


Nice haul. =D

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Haha I must have taken a page from your book. I ordered a bunch from $5 PTR so yes I have 3 of a few things in travel size. What have you done to me?

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Hahaha, yes my "backups" are absolutely overflowing... doesn't stop me from buying more!! At some point I should take a photo of my extras to show and then hang my head in shame after posting Smiley Very Happy

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Love your new avatar beautytester and cant get enough of everyone's hauls. 

Re: October hauls! What did you get?









image.jpgI went a lil crazy this month with all the holiday collections coming out.

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