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October hauls! What did you get?

Since we are all BBFFs, I thought it was a nice idea to have a haul thread each month and have ppl's bday here. Post new additions to your stash! And happy birthday to October BBFFs!



Heart Candacebt Oct 6th 

Heart Moregun89 Oct 8th 

Heart Ashley (baby dearest of waterbaby1981, turning 1 this yr, aww) Oct 9th

Heart Jenpred Oct 15th

Heart Wendyomgwar Oct 29th 

Halloween Oct 31st


ps. Haven't gotten anything yet but have some minis from BBFF trading coming my way, does that count? lol. I will be placing an order once I figure out which clay mask I want to try next.


Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Keep watching for them! They have been coming in and out of stock for a few weeks now, you could still get 'em!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oh! Thank you! I will keep checking back! They're on my loves list!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I picked up RiRi Woo lipstick and lipglass and I was placed on backorder for the Nude, Talk That Talk and Fixed On Drama lipsticks. I also got some Makeup Geek eyeshadows and a z palette as well. I was sent a $50 Visa gift card and I don't know what to do with it. I need help.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I tried very hard not to buy anything from the Rihanna Collection, but I too bought that duo.I don't regret it.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

OMG. You just reminded me that I have a Visa gift card hanging around somewhere.... I must find that....

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I bought my Christmas and birthday (not until November) gifts already because I was scared they would sell out. However, it's driving me crazy to have six Sephora boxes just sitting by the front door. I want to open them so bad:


Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip- I want the BM and Tarte lippies, the rest I'm going to gift

Tarte Of Giving Holiday Collection

Tarte Stop and Stare Set with 5 liners

Tarte Pure Delights with 8 mini Lipsurgences

Bite Best of Bite

Minimergency Kit

Ariel nail polishes

Josie Maran Argan Oil mini

BM Ready to go palette

Drybar Brush

Sephora collection Brush shampoo


and a bunch of mini's and promotions. I may have to open the Give Me More Lip Set soon because it's technically not "my" gift Smiley Wink

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Its an Argan Oil mini with a cleansing oil mini for $18. It's like the  the 0.5 oz pure argan oil (individually $14) plus a 1.9 oz cleansing oil ($12 alone).

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Is the argan oil mini here at And ...Drybar brush <333!!!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I love all the haul photos!  I'm anxiously waiting for two different orders, 1 from Sephora & 1 not from Sephora... I cant wait!!  I received the shipment confirmation, but its not coming until Monday!  Waaah!


xo, Mia

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

You should post when you get them! I'm sure some of us BTers are very curious what catches the mod's fancies. =P

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I definitely will Smiley Happy  I'm so excited for Monday!!

*Happy dance*

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oooh, I'm excited to see your haul! I'm anxious for it to be Monday now, and that is something I never look forward to, haha.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Oct Haul.jpg

Woohoo! Went on a fun little date with Mr. Husband last night. First we got Borderlands 2 GotY Edition, and yes it does count as part of my haul, I don't care. Then we went to Sephora and I got the Vice 2 palette (ermagerd, so much prettier in person) and the KVD Sinner and Saint roller balls which were in the clearance bin for $9 each. I also picked up a Too Faced Chocolate Soleil 100 pt perk. Smiley Very Happy Then we went to Ross and I got a new hair brush (I love this brush I have been rebuying it forever) and a set of mini nail polishes in fun rainbow metallic colors. After that we went to Target cause I had one of those $5 gift cards, and figured I would round out my day by getting a make up brush but it ended up they actually had the NYX products (which I didn't even think we would get out by us) and I had to grab a couple. I got the milk pencil, because I see it in tutorials all the time, the brow kit and some electric blue eyeliner (and justified my brush trip with my $1 E.L.F brush Smiley Very Happy ) Plus a 50 cent travel size Vanilla Sugar body spray out of the clearance bin. Then this morning I got my Sephora package with my Jasmine Perfumed Shimmer Dust and the Fresh lip balm perk, plus a couple samples (nothing I was too excited about).


But I am still really excited about my little haul. Smiley Very Happy This was probably one of my best trips to my local Sephora as far as customer service and it not being completely swamped with people.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Nice hauls ladies! If your bday's in October, don't forget to take advantage of the birthday perks from different companies, list of options kindly started by melanito:


So many good holiday sets, just waiting for a good promo. Any time now....c'mon Sephora....

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Went to Sephora today to use my 10% VIB coupon. Here's my mini haul---


1. kat von d lock it tattoo foundation

2. benefit theyre real mascara

3. smiths minted rose lipbalm

4. sample of marc Jacobs liquid foundation


Its really rare finding the KVD foundation in store, I finally got around to buying the full sized theyre real mascara and this is my second tin of the minted rose lipbalm. I looked at the marc Jacobs line and I'm super excited about trying the foundation. I came home and added 2 more MJ things to my loves list. Hehe.



Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Got my order this week and this was my first opportunity to post it, so I have been able to try some of the products out and I am really happy with everything so far.



A few items are gifts (roller ball and glamglow). A couple are staples (night gel and moisturizer). And the rest are to play with.


I even got a bonus sample! Don't know how or why it happened, but I will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?


My Nordstrom Rack had some LORAC palettes for super cheap!  I picked this baby up for $15.  Looks like the same size and shape as the GloGetter palette from earlier this summer.  The shadows are really pretty when swatched but look a little boring in the pan, can't wait to play around with it some more!  


p.s. Nordstrom Rack also had the Smashbox Heatwave palette for $25!!

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

guess who will be going to Nordstrom Rack soon... Smiley Happy

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Pretty! I haven't been to Nordstrom Rack in a while, but it looks like I'll have to make the effort to stop in.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

Nordstrom Rack is awesome!  A few weeks ago I saw a bunch of Too Faced Naked Eye Palettes for only $13!  I had JUST bought one from Sephora for the full $36!  I've seen Smashbox, NARS, Stila, Anastasia, UD, Pur minerals, etc.  They even carry some NYX items.

Re: October hauls! What did you get?

I think the last time I was there was before I got into makeup, so I've never seen their makeup section or realized what a great place it is to shop for cosmetics.