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Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Yes, that was the best I can come up with, but between the Blitz bag promo, the 20% off and the Black Friday, it's a pretty bad month for your wallet, lol. Happy birthday to the November babies! In addition to Sephora, don't forget to take advantage of the numerous b-day offerings everywhere else (sometimes it take a few days after signing up to get the offer):


And of course, before you place an order, don't forget to check Missie and Rikkie's hardwork that will rob you of all your points and will power:


Ahhh I can't wait to see the Blitz bags, I really hope they didn't sub out the 2 things I really really wanted. I placed plenty of order in Oct but only half came, so the rest will go in the Nov board I suppose. Can't wait until the 20% off next week! So, what did you guys get?

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

ok its not really a haul but today I picked up the cranberry joy body,room,linen spritz from the bodyshop and it is amazing! I cant wait to use it during the winter Smiley Happy when I went there, there was a game where you press the button and you get a deal such as buy one get one free, a certain percent off, my mum pressed the button and I got the 50% off coupon! the spray was originally 12 but then got reduced to six dollars. I am so happy!! <3 <3 <3 Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Well, I had an accidental haul at Nordstroms today.  I went in for some Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray (had been wanting to try it for a while now) and ended up getting a couple more things... Well, if you count that one thing was a purchase and then a lot of things were gift with purchase (I couldn't pass it up).  Estee Lauder was having a great GWP for spending $45.  I thought it would be a great way to try some of their makeup.  I love thier Advanced Night Repair serum (that was my purchase), so everything else was a bonus!


The clutch and everything under the clutch was the GWP.


There were some really cute patterns on both the eyeshadow palette and clutch.

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Hahaha, accidental haul *wink*

Niiiice. Yup, the advance repair serum is my choice of purchase whenever I want the EL GWP too. I didn't go in for the EL or Clinique GWP this/last month cuz my eyeshadow palette splurges cleaned me out. X.X

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

My mini haul Smiley Happy


Too Faced Natural Eye Collection (repurchase)

Tarte Glamazon Lipstick in Playful

Marc Jacobs Nail Polish in Gatsby

Sample: Clinique Moisture Surge

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

I just bought that MJ polish! It's like a pinker dupe to Chanel Rose Moire, which was so brush-strokey and chipped easily on me.

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

I didn't even know it was a dupe! I've already put on the polish and in one coat its opague! It has a bit of a thicker consistency, but isn't streaky. I'm excited to test out the wear time of this polish, it took no time to dry

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Brow Powder Duo in medium

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

That brow powder is totally awesome, you'll love it!

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

@glossy, I've had this on my list for way too long. I love my brow wiz and use a powder from an Elf kit (which I surprisingly love).  But I wanted to try this powder too.

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

@roxystar4 You'll have to let us know whether you think it's worth the splurge for this one or if drugstore powders work essentially the same. I have one from NYX that I've been using but have been eyeing this one. Curious whether I should splurge when it runs out.

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Totally agree.  Won't use anything else now.

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

I just bought the Tarte TSV for November 18th on QVC. It's called Bow and Go. It has 16 full-sized eyeshadows, 4 full-sized Lipsurgences, 2 full-sized chubby SmolderEYES, and 2 full-sized Light,Camera, Lashes! mascaras. Wow! Happy birthday me Smiley Happy


Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

The three orders, enabled by BLITZ.  Doesn't look as dramatic as it sounded, right? Smiley Wink


NARS Albatross Highlighting Powder

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Poppy


12 samples- got one extra per box!

3 BLITZ Bags- received Festive Cheery, Glowing Magic and Holly Jolly- were shipping from MD, had NO substitutions, except Glowing Magic was missing the NARS primer- only had 7 items (twas bummed, really wanted to try).


Does anyone else ever have the urge to throw their makeup purchases in the air and roll in them like people do when they win a million dollars? Smiley Very Happy  You know, like this:


Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Hahah yes! I always feel like I won the lottery when my Sephora order arrives. Smiley Happy

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Yes!  I had to pull all my palettes out when I was checking to see if I had a particular shade, and I was all "Use all the colors in the box!"  Twas a silly thing, and the dogs were like "Mom, move your stuff off our bed!"

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

I got the Holly Jolly bag, Nars pencil sharpener, and Sephora+Pantone Full Spectra Palette in Nightfall tonight!

Holly Jolly had no subs, which was exciting! 

Nars sharpener for my new pencils, I've found you're best off with the brand's own sharpener.

I was really quite pleased with the Pantone palette, I've been back and forth so many times, but it's worth the $19!  It does need a white base for extra vibrancy, but I threw a quick look together with the bright turquoise, yellow, and cyan blue shades and even my very conservative Southern beau liked it!  I'll probably get the Daybreak set when the sale hits!  

On the downside, I got ZERO extra samples with this order!  It's the first I'd placed since getting my Rouge kit and I was sort of disappointed.  Not the end of the world, but still!

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Here's my $3 out of pocket order (I had a discover rewards gift card for Sephora)... so happy!  Smiley Happy  But now the 20% off sale is coming up and this seems like a great time to stock up on my everyday essentials.  Gahh, I'm supposed to be on a no/low buy.


Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

I'm going to SiJCP this weekend with my mom to get the bday gift, and give mom ideas for Christmas lol.  We'll both have 20% off, and that cannot go to waste!  That would be a sin!

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

these are coming in the mail (ordered from beauty . com 20% off, no tax, and % cash back with ebates).


Naked Basics Palette


NARS Madly Blush

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

I kept my purchases as low as possible, even though it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!  I bought a new MUFE Aqua Liner (the liquid liner, LOVE that formula!) in Gold, which is absolutely stunning and perfect for the holidays - so glittery and glimmery and beautiful.  I also got a Soap & Glory Body Butter (smells amazing), a Lancome lash primer (smells like play-dough LOL!), a few odds and ends from the cheap section, and 2 Blitz bags - Holly Jolly and Glowing Magic.  I only got 7 samples in my Holly Jolly, no PTR oil (which I really wanted to try, bummer) but everything was perfect for my Glowing Magic, which is the one I was most interested in.  The bags themselves are very cute too.

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Happy Birthday month! Mine is this upcoming Saturday! I got the b-day gift on my last order, but think I'll be putting it in the travelling sephora bag #2 when it comes around. I never noticed Lancome's lash primer smells like play dough, now I must go home and smell childhood!

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Hahahaha it was definitely strangely nostalgic!  Happy almost birthday!!!!!  Mine is two weeks from yours (the 23rd) which is fun!  I love having a November birthday, everything is so bright and crisp and everyone is bringing out their fall stuff... just the best!


I was a tiny bit disappointed by the birthday gift this year, but definitely a good call to put it in the TSB - if a sample TSB rolls out I might put my name on the list and stick my Sephora b-day gift in there!

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

So, like alot of you lovlies I've been keeping my bag until the 20% off tomorrow, buuuuuut as soon as Coach Poppy and Clinique's Chubby Stick came up as perks, well what can I say I gave in. I really wanted a "blitz bag" with my promo code, but decided the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel was more important since it lasts about 10-12 facial peels at just 0.2 ounces. Whenever those come up I tend to snag em while I can since they work for me. Ya know what they say...if a skincare product works, then it's worth it! Fortunately, FREE is WORTH it right now Smiley Happy Also, I literally checked back again and the chubby stick and coach poppy is already out of stock for perks,that was QUICK! They wenre't even up for a full brown 15 minutes yet...had to go back on my e-mail to make sure it was on my order. WHEWW! I'm safe, atleast I hope so!

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I went to a store today! And swatched and peeked and gawked and swatched and swatched until I think every single SA in there said hi to me at one(or multiple) point. I went right when they opened so they had almost no one and everybody was super nice and the girl kept putting samples (albeit the ready made jar ones) in my bag and was like "I'm giving you this....and this.....and this......and let's put in another conditioner....hmmm....and this.....and this...." at some point I almost said "you know, I don't mind if you just hand me the whole box." =P


So I just brought a tweezer and got enough samples to make up for the samples I didn't get for the past dozen trips:

Origins also had a bunch of coupons, a $10 off and a small eye rollerball with purchase, you can combine the two, as I did, for the Charcoal mask purchase. And I also brought a Aunt Annie jalapeno cheese pretzel dog, my guilty pleasure, but alas, it didn't last long enough for me to take a picture.


You know how some palettes look awesome online, but they don't look quite as good instore? that's the way with most palettes on my list but I fell in love with every single shade in KVD Saint, which is what I'll def be buying in Dec:

And I don't think I need a whole matte palette, but the Stila one is beautiful, especially love the orange.

And yes, they are both missing a swatch, a pan that's been swatched so empty there's not a spec of shadow left. Anyways, it was a great trip today. =D

Re: Notorious November hauls! What did you get? =D

oooh I had the same experience with Saint!  I swatched it for the first time last week and immediately felt these vibes of WANT! WANT!  I took a deep breath and put it back on the shelf, but man it was hard.


Glad you got your one tweezer, hehe Smiley Happy

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