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Notorious November Hauls 2022

November is here (Well almost here) which means the official holiday shopping season and the month when most of us shop more than rest of the year. 
May it be what you shop during Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale or anything else you haul for yourself or for gifting. Show and tell here and enable us all. 


Image from Campaign USImage from Campaign US


I really really wanted to connect with you all through your haul so I am starting the November thread a few days earlier. Until No ember actually starts, keep posting your hauls in October thread and do come here as soon we Hit 11/01. Happy Shopping 🛍 



Happy Birthday to all November BIC babes 💖


Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@ather I think this box was actually a hit. If I didn’t have so much makeup already it would have been a 10/10.  The palettes are both very pretty. Even with giving away the palettes, I think I ended up getting my money’s worth, so I’m not mad about it. I have almost all the Rose Inc blush shades and 4/5 highlighters plus a bronzer. I really enjoy their face products. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Amazing hauls, @makeitup305!! I feel you on the lost all common sense haul.


I love Ace Beaute!! If you don't have any of their other palettes I recommend holding onto it, cause the brand's worth the try especially if you like the color story. 


Your PMG haul!! I'm waiting on mine (its been packed but not dispatched whatever that means, just more delays for international shipping). So nice to hear PMG was good about replacing the shade. 


So many amazing brushes!! 


Enjoy your goodies!!

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@haleyvvvv The palette reminds me a bit of the ND Retro Glam I just picked up. I swatched it and liked it but it just doesn’t stand out in my collection as much since the shimmers are more subdued and I usually prefer ones with lots of texture and sparkle. I’m considering just depotting the shades and putting them in a magnetic palette to use with my Terra Moons singles and other multichromes. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

You got such beautiful products, @makeitup305! Everything sounds fantastic and you know I love VB Beauty. I bet her products work great with Rephr brushes.

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@curlychiquita So far, she has done no wrong. I had always wanted her bronzer and finally managed to get my hands on it. It looks gorgeous applied with that Rephr 22. I do prefer her pot shades with a finger, though. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@makeitup305 ,

I like seeing great hauls made after common sense has flown the coop!  Your common sense was probably holding you back, because you made some great purchases here! 


(I have seen your incredible makeup brush collection, and I am making no comments here!  😊)

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@tsavorite lol thank you ! I needed the validation 😉 I think these might be my last brushes for a while, at least until Beautylish has another gift card event haha

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Wow @makeitup305 ! Such amazing hauls! You have so many great products to play with. You made me laugh so much with your “the haul where I’ve lost all common sense when shopping” comment 😄😄😄😄

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Saradestin I don't think there's been a sale this month that I've skipped lol since I'm not going home for Christmas and it's just my bf and I, and he already got his present early, it was all presents for me😬 I've got so much stuff on the way, too😅

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

That’s ok! I have all my direct family in Spain and they don’t make any holiday gifting nor expect any gifts either (they decided that years ago, it was too much stress) They just make gifts when there is a need or as unexpected surprise. 

As my list was easy and short, I have focused on myself. 😜 So I have done way too much “me gifting” @makeitup305 😅

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Saradestin my extended family is Costa Rica and the rest all over so instead of holidays I just bring presents when I see them. When I went back this year I took back so many products I was decluttering that were barely used plus samples and full size skincare extras that I think they’re set for a while haha Idk what I’m sending my dad or my brother yet, they’re hard to shop for. Although my dad is buying me cordless screwdriver for Christmas after I sent him a picture of my cheap one 😂

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

That’s so cool @makeitup305 ! I also take them gifts whenever we have the chance to visit them. And I take all the perfume samples to my mom and dad because both love perfumes so much. So if there are perfume samples at Sephora when I buy something, that’s what I get with them in mind. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Sephora, Rephr & little something from Amazon


(Restocks, but make it discounted haul.)


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel Holiday Set 10 Treatments 

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil Waterproof Eyebrow Definer Shade 4 

Beautyblender Biopure Sustainable Green Makeup Sponge 



The DDG pads were a steal, $1.50 per pad!

Rephr brushes are from their black Friday sale.  I figured I give it one more shot at 50% off. (I find their brushes kind of on the stiff side.)  I like the candle shape for the highlighter, so I know I'll get use out of it and most comments for no. 30 were about its softness and its bronzing capabilities.


The little blue thing is a multi-sharpener.  Hubbs was telling me about it, and I asked "Hey, you think it can sharpen makeup pencils 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔?"


Also, not pictured, but in a box somewhere 🤦🏽‍♀️ is By Rosie Jane Dulce Perfume Oil .23 oz / 7mL , my pick from the Sephora Favorites Vanilla Travel Perfume Sampler Set and SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Vegan Hydrating Satin Lipstick 


Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@danielledanielle fabulous haul!!

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Nice picks, @danielledanielle! Such a good deal on the DDG pads. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@danielledanielle enjoy your goodies!

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@danielledanielle  What great hauls🥰. Have fun using your products!

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

What a steal deal on the DDG @danielledanielle ! Your hubs sounds fun. And tolerant. 😬

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

I'll tell him you said so @Sunnysmom.


Btw, he  calls y'all my "online makeup friends" 🤣

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Ha @danielledanielle , I love that.  I’m sure we could get a group or thread going for just the spouses/ significant others ! That would be a riot. More like a support group for them I’m sure. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

The real housespouses of Sephora


The Real Househubbies of Sephora


Desperate Houseloves




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