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Notorious November Hauls 2022

November is here (Well almost here) which means the official holiday shopping season and the month when most of us shop more than rest of the year. 
May it be what you shop during Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale or anything else you haul for yourself or for gifting. Show and tell here and enable us all. 


Image from Campaign USImage from Campaign US


I really really wanted to connect with you all through your haul so I am starting the November thread a few days earlier. Until No ember actually starts, keep posting your hauls in October thread and do come here as soon we Hit 11/01. Happy Shopping 🛍 



Happy Birthday to all November BIC babes 💖


Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125 these look yummy! 😃

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@CynthieLu @Thank you. They are really yummy snacks. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Great snack haul! @SportyGirly125 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@sister13 Thank You 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125  Lemon pistachio granola sounds delicious! I can practically taste it now over plain Greek yogurt + a bit of honey. Also, I don’t like eating almonds for some reason, but a Vietnamese coffee coating could totally change my mind. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@WinglessOne That Vietnamese coffee coating would change my mind as well. It’s by far the best coffee I have ever had. I remember bringing quite a lot to Spain after my trip to Vietnam because it was extraordinary. If anyone knows where I can find it, please tell me 😁

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

We used to have a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant near us and my mom became friendly with the owner. She used the Cafe du Monde chicory coffee and condensed milk. You can usually find that and the little filters at most Asian markets, I think. Here’s the kind she used, and we’ve always used. Though, I guess I don’t know what else that’s used if not this one authentically! @Saradestin 



Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Thank you so much @sister13 ! 🤗 I have to start picking and trying 😁

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Saradestin  Do you remember which brand of coffee it was? 


I’ve had whole beans from Vietnam by Chestbrew (the Moon Bear variety) and Nguyen Coffee Supply (the Hanoi and either Saigon or Loyalty; don’t recall which one). You can order those online. For the absolute real deal experience, you want a coffee made of 100% robusta beans (not arabica beans), plus some sweetened condensed milk to mix in—though some of us espresso drinkers can drink it without add-ins that tame the bitterness. Nguyen’s Saigon and Loyalty blend both types of beans, while Hanoi is all robusta and thus stronger and bolder tasting. 

Oh, and you can order cans of Trung Nguyen coffee from Amazon; that’s a brand you’d find all over Vietnam. And every now and then, Starbucks releases their reserve Vietnam Da Lat coffee. Back in The Before Times, one of my favorite Sbux baristas made me a pour-over of that coffee and poured it all over ice with a bit of heavy cream. That coffee’s also tasty when served hot. 
You can kinda simulate a traditional iced Vietnamese coffee at Starbucks with espresso instead of Vietnam Da Lat. Order an iced double shot (iced espresso, doppio) + regular splash of heavy cream + 3 or 4 pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Thank you so so so much for the information @WinglessOne ! I don’t know which brand I purchased, because I just went to one of their shops and got a few packages not thinking on finding them anywhere, and this was almost 15 years ago. I purchased the metal filter they used in their coffee shops and did how they used to, and it came out perfect. I always drunk that coffee by itself, because I found it so delicious that it didn’t require any addition. It tasted like chocolate and it was not too bitter. I will search the brands you shared and see if they taste like I remember 😋😋😋 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Saradestin  If you got it at a coffee shop in Vietnam, it was probably Trung Nguyen. If you try it, lemme know what you think! 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Of course @WinglessOne

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@WinglessOne someone mentioned the granola brand on Instagram and I found them at Whole Foods. The whole family loves them. We get original and lemon pistachio but they have a bunch of flavors. I love them as a snack or on top of yogurt. They were having a sale and I wanted to try their nut butter which I really like and some other flavors. 

I heard about Pocket Latte from @eshoe She gifted me some coffee chocolates a few years ago. Then a couple months back they had a pop up nearby.

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

coffee chocolates sound so good right now, @SportyGirly125. I had forgotten about those until now, thanks for the reminder;)

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125  I'll definitely look for the granola during my next Whole Foods outing! 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Another awesome haul @SportyGirly125! 👍

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Saradestin Thank you 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@SportyGirly125 Great haul! I am a fan of everything Hello Kitty.

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Mellmars1185 Thank you. Couldn’t resist the sale they have going on. 

Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

Pat McGrath Labs sale from the website 


She had a trio deal plus free blush if you spent a little more.  I could not resist.


Mothership III Subversive 

Fetish Eyes Mascara 

PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil with Sharpener 


Divine Blush Duo in Paradise Glow 


Lust Gloss in Aphrodisiac 







Re: Notorious November Hauls 2022

@Cissy63 beautiful haul

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