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No holding back November hauls 2020

Please share your November hauls here.  The holidays are coming up right around the corner and the Sephora sale is going on this month. This is the perfect time to help others put together their holiday wish lists or find the perfect gift for others. I can’t wait to see what we haul this month. Enabling welcomed!



Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Congratulations @WhereYouStand !  That's a huge accomplishment and I'm so glad your feeling better. What a great reward too!  I'll bet you have a ball picking out vinyl now!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Fantastic @WhereYouStand! 🤗

That goes for your haul, too! 😃 


Congratulations on hitting the halfway mark! What an amazing accomplishment! ♥️ Your hard work and discipline are inspiring and the deal you made with yourself is marvelous! 😍 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Great job @WhereYouStand . What an awesome accomplishment. 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

@WhereYouStand , beautiful item.


Taking care of your health is wonderful.  Changing your habits is such a challenge.  Congrats to you on meeting the halfway mark on your goals 🎉

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Thank you @danielledanielle 🙂  

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

@WhereYouStand What an amazing accomplishment!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Thank you @tjffc  🙂 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Wow, congrats on such a huge accomplishment, @WhereYouStand!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

@CookieGirl1  Thanks for the congrats 🙂 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020







 A collective haul from Pre Black Friday sales, I also got a lot of clothing that is not pictured. And placed a tiny Sephora order too! I do not want to go anywhere tomorrow, on actual Black Friday. I want to avoid the crowds, and chaos ESPECIALLY with Covid!! 

💚First pic is some things I picked up at Walmart, my favourite nails, and one of my favourite hair masks! This mask smells sooo good and makes my hair so soft and lush, I love it. 

❤️Second pic are some super cute Christmas earrings from Michaels! I went in looking for Christmas ornaments and wreaths, as everything is 50% off, but my local store has barely anything left😭 so I only left with earrings. 

💚Next pic is a small Bath & Body Works haul. This store is always crazy busy, so I wanted to be in and out. I just needed some sanitizers, but the whole store is B3G3 free so I also picked up a holder, hand cream, and mini fragrance spray. I would have just got 6 sanitizers but my store literally only had 5 or 6 options, and of those I only liked 2 of them😳 


❤️Next pic... omg this is so stinking cute! I had to get it. It’s 2 of my favourite things: pugs, and Christmas! AND IT LIGHTS UP


💚If you know me, you know I LOVE the Grinch! These are pj pants from the men’s section of Giant Tiger (I’m Canadian GT is a Canadian store), lol like I care that they’re “men’s”. And Grinch slippers! I’ve been looking for Grinch slippers for over a month! So happy to have these, also from Giant Tiger.

❤️Last pic is of the CUTEST Grinch face masks! And they too are from Giant Tiger. I went to 3 different locations to find them in stock! I was stoked to get my hands on them💚💚 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

@samkeaysxo  Love all the grinch items!!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

@samkeaysxo awesome hauls!!! 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

I'm expecting a pic of you in that pug beanie, @samkeaysxo .  With the lights on, of course 😁

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Love all the grinch march @samkeaysxo !  Its reminding me to get into festive mode!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

What a fun haul @samkeaysxo! 😃 How’s the scent on the B&BW Snowy Peach Berry? Would you say it leans more peach or more berry? 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Definitely more peachy!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Oh, I like the sound of that @samkeaysxo! Love peach scents! Thank you! 😃

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

The pug hat is so cute, @samkeaysxo

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

So festive @samkeaysxo!

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

All of my Sephora sale items have arrived!  I was waiting for an Hourglass lipgloss but I could tell as soon as I opened the box that it was not a shade for me.  It shall be my first ever Sephora return.  



The Dior concealer is a touch dark.  If I were to bronze up it would work ok so I'll save it for possible summer use (I don't bronze up naturally and rarely unnaturally) so I'm going to add it my list to grab in a lighter colour. I thought I went pretty safe since I've heard how light their shades run... nope, need the lightest colour possible. The formula does seem lovely though. 
The Bite lip stains... I love me a stain.  Love.  The shades of these however did not entice me.  The sale price however did.  The Bite lip mask set was also interesting since I'd like to see how the new formula compares to the old one that I love.  The tinned tinted balm is wonderful and I ordered a second one.  I'm big on 'pot' style balms, but heck yes, this is lovely.
I needed the MM Coffee Break to add to my winter scents.  This will get wrapped and go under my tree since I still have a travel size to enjoy.
The Tower 28 glosses have been a love for me, so these are going to my sister in law for Christmas.  Man I wish they'd have had a set like this for the milky ones as well.
KVD liner is a staple for my SIL so that'll go into her stocking.
Biossance has some products I've enjoyed so I thought I'd pick up the set to have a go at the oil and balm as winter approaches in trial sizes. 
Tower 28 blusher... I picked up a different shade in the Friends and Family sale and yes... I needed this one too.  Love me some cream products.
The Fenty blusher was the other creamy goodness that I picked up after grabbing one in the F&F sale as well.
The SC shadows will go into my SIL's stocking as well... she was using my nieces (age 7) make up the other day since she'd forgotten hers on the boat for a few days.  Granted my niece has nice stuff (mini's I'm not into that I pass along), but I thought we could get my SIL a bit of back up make up lol
The Viseart is the Midsommer palette and I love these colours.  I'm a matte shadow gal for the most part and these are some of the best matte's going. 

Re: No holding back November hauls 2020

Amazing haul, @missjeanie!! So many pretty things!! The lippies!! The blush!! The palette!! Enjoy!!

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