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Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls



If you can't tell, I am ready for Spring and all the beautiful products we can expect!


Post your treasured hauls for March here!

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

My birthday goodies!!! I've been lusting after Becca Bronzed Amber for a while and it's everything I hoped it would be Smiley Very Happy 



Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

Hop your way over to April hauls thread, if you would like 🙂

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

A bunch of orders came in this week and I meant to post them as they came in, but got too busy...Mostly restocks...




1. Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Modern Mercury - I got tired of waiting for the re-release so I bit the bullet and paid the $55 for a year of shipping as suggested here on BT (otherwise it would have been $30 for just this!) and it arrived in 2 days! ❤️❤️❤️

Ulta and Sephora:


1.  Ciate London Olivia Palermo Smokey Suedes Eye Palette - I used this the other day and I thoughtnit blended just fine and looked nice (Sephora)
2.  Physician's Formula Color Correcting Cushion (Ulta)
3.  Skyn Iceland Hydro Cooling Firming Eye Gels (Ulta)
4.  Sephora Cleansing Wipes
5.  Maybelline Cover Stick (Ulta)
6.  Benefit Coralista Blush (Ulta)
7. Tony Moly Panda Brightening Stick (Ulta)
8.  Benefit Gimme Brow (Ulta)
9.  2x Pastel Hair Pins (Sephora)
10.  2x Clinique Even Better Dark Circle Corrector (Ulta)
11. Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream (Ulta)
12.  Benefit Erase Paste (Ulta)

Ulta and Sephora GWPs:


1.  Skyn Blemish Dots (Ulta)
2. Samples (Ulta)
3. Samples (Sephora)
4.  Wartt's Up DS (Ulta)
5.  Herbivore Blue Tansy DS (Sephora)
6. 2x Clinique Brushes and Powder DS (Ulta)
* I also got cute bags from Benefit and Physician's Formula from Ulta - not sure why they aren't pictured



1.  Coconut Lime Wallflower Refills
2.  Watermelon Lemonade Wallflowers Refills
3.  Easter Bunny and Egg 3 Wick Candle Holder
4.  Mermaid Best Friend Pocket Bac Holders for me and my daughter
5.  Cactus Bloom Candle
6.  Happy Easter Candle



1.  KVD Tattoo Liner
2.  Sephora Eyeshadow in Lazy Afternoon
3.  Origins No Puffery
4.  Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream

1.  Skin Laundry Face Wash DS
2.  Tata Harper Moisturizer DS
3. Youth to the People Face Wash DS
4.  Samples

Sephora and Nordstrom:


1.  Clinique All About Eyes Serum (Sephora)
2.  Trish McEvoy Instant Eyelift (Nordstrom)

1.  Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner DS (Sephora)
2.   Samples (Sephora)
3.  Extra nice samples (Nordstrom)

Ulta and Sephora:


1.  2x Real Techniques Brush Wash (Ulta)
2.  KP Duty (Ulta)
3.  Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (Ulta)
4.  NYX Eye Pencil in Milk (Ulta)
5.  NYX Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese (Ulta) - name sounds gross, but it is really pretty and shimmery- I may use it as a highlight
6.  Glamglow Thirstymud (Sephora)
7.  2x Spongelle Pedi Scrub (Ulta)
8.  2x Brow Brush (Ulta)
9.  2x Ulta Brush Cleansing Spray 

1.  Samples (Sephora)
2.  Samples (Ulta)
3.  Fulfill DS (Sephora)
4.  Bareminerals Beauty Break (Ulta)
5.  Pureology DS (Ulta)

Bitter Lace Beauty and Bloomingdales:


1.  Sugarfina But First Rose Gummies (Bloomies) These were on backorder and I had totally forgotten about them!  It was a nice surprise!
2.  Darth Vader bottle opener (Amazon)  -So cute!
3.  Sugar Spun Highlight and Rose Gold Compact (Bitter Lace Beauty) OMG!  It is beautiful AND it smells like cotton candy! 💗💗💗

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

That bitter lace is super pretty!

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

Did you buy the pastel hair pins online? This is the second haul I've seen them in, but I can't seem to find them on the Sephora site :/ They are perfect for spring!

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@iris67 They pop on and out of the sale section for $3. I got the same ones❤

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

Thank you!!

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@Tamara76 Super jelly of your MM. I'm trying to be patient and wait for the restock so I don't have to pay the Selfridges shipping. I'd go for the $55 for a year but unsure how much I would actually order from them:/

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@StephaniLynn  Check out their site - I ordered a CT lipstick for like $24 and a Tom Ford Cream/Powder eye shadow for like $51.  They seem to have really good prices.

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@Tamara76 You're right! Theres so much stuff on there at cheaper prices than we get here! I think it will definitely be worth it!

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

so many goodies, as always @Tamara76!! i agree with @whitepolkydots- i'd love to come over and play with your collection!!


what's the deal with selfridges? i'm not that familiar.  do you buy a membership or?

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

Thanks!  Y'all can come over anytime! 😊


Selfridges + is a program that gives you free express shipping for a year - it costs $55, but it's sooo worth it because it would be $30 per shipment otherwise since they are in the U.K.


They also seem to have really great prices - I don't reallt know how, but it seems like higher end beauty stuff costs less with them, but I don't think it's the exchange rate - idk.



Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

I see you got another Ciate palette @Tamara76! How did you get it to work?! Spill all the secrets please Smiley Very Happy

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@Mcakes I just blended it with my brushes.  It worked fine for me, but I couldn't get Tarteist Pro to work no matter what I did.  To each her own, I guess.  😘😘😘

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@Tamara76 i think a lot of us are constantly thinking .. "can we come over??" Smiley Tongue


- modern mercury: ugh, that packaging!! i don't normally use highlighter so i can't tell if the product is "pretty", but everything else about it is gorgeousss


- ciate palette: so glad it works for you! the green wasn't as vivid as i'd hoped, but i LOVE the bottom right mauve. I've worn it five days in a row. it's so perfect for my workplace and i'd happily keep the palette just for that one color (though i like others too) Smiley Happy


- physican's formula compact: is that a color corrector or a foundation cushion? i bought the "regular" blue compact, but don't remember seeing this one


- mermaid best friend pocket pacs ... best mom EVER. lol.

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@whitepolkydots  Thanks!   I am saving Modern Mercury for next week, so I'll let y'all know how it looks - I'll post it in the highlight challenge.  😊


The Physician's Formula is a color corrector, but I havent tried it yet.


I could not resist the mermaids - I'm blonde and my daughter is brunette, so they are perfect! ❤

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@whitepolkydots  Ha,  would love to visit anyone here's vanity for a peek over wine.  

I can't help but want to have a BT slumber party/ sample exchange/ makeover night, lol.  

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@whitepolkydots@heartsmyface That sounds like the best time ever! I am serious, we need to make this BT convention happen Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

@Tamara76 My mouth is literally DROOLING for that EL VB highlighter - I am SO MAD at myself for not picking that up. I don't know what the heck I was thinking. I'm dying to get my hands on it. I can't say that I wouldn't make the same exact decision!!! I really love Clinique skincare, its seems to be the only thing that really works for my skin and doesn't leave me dry or greasy. Fabulous haul!!! XOXO

Re: Much to Do About March! 2017 Hauls

Thanks! @glossforevery1  💋💋💋


Modern Mercury was only $51 through Selfridges.  Since I bought a year of express shipping, I placed another order today and scored good deals on a few other things, too.  So now I have broken even on the shipping.  😊

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