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Meaningful March Hauls 2023





Please share your hauls for this month. Happy Birthday to all the March babies and Happy International Women’s Day (March 8th).

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Fingers are crossed @CookieGirl1 🤞.

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Forgot one! 




 Went to go take the tags off 

 And it took off the "night" gonna fix with a blue sharpie. 😐 PM is sextrovert. 



  Its a bronze. Not sure why its lookin yellow. 😁

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

These are some great finds @sonnydee😍 Your local Marshall's / TJ Maxx store is really the ones that all others should aspire to be. That's so odd about the PMG - I see the yellow the product photo but your swatch looks a gorgeous bronze - so pretty! 

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Nice hauls @sonnydee.

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Charcoal and lemon mask? I’d imagine that would be clarifying yet refreshing. Have fun with your haul @sonnydee!

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Nice hauls! @sonnydee I'm so sorry the tag did you dirty like that, I hope you can fix it 💖

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

You hauls are great, @sonnydee

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

@sonnydee Nice haul. Sorry to hear the words got damaged on your decor item. The face mask sounds fun. Enjoy!

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023



Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Ulta 21 days sale, missed out on the UD eyeshadow sticks but got the lip liners I wanted! 💋



Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

@sonnydee ,


The 21 Days Sale has been fun for me.  I'm glad that you were able to get at least some of your wishes!

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

@sonnydee Great swatches. Have fun eith all of your purchases!

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

@sonnydee fantastic hauls!!

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Target haul




I'm trying my hand for the first time at winged liner.  If anyone has any recs for a felt tipped liner, pls tag me.  I'll probably post a thread, too, asking for recs later.

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Cute clips @greeneyedgirl107. I have too much hair to support one.

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Those clips are adorable @greeneyedgirl107.

I have tried that liner. I found I had to apply too much pressure and as a result, my lines were thicker than what I was going for. I keep going back to Glossier Pro Tip Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliner Pen Black. The tip has just the right balance of flexibility and depositing the liquid without going overboard. It is a brush tip, as is the Rare Beauty (although the latter has considerably more bristles).


I usually start with how far out I want the line to extend, and pull it in toward the corner as close as  I want. Then I go back to the outermost tip, and draw a line down to the outside corner. After that, I just fill it in. I usually have a smoky liner underneath it, which helps with sliding and not skipping. It also helps to hide mistakes 😉


Have fun on your winged look journey!

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

That liner looks great @greeneyedgirl107!I like using the felt-tipped ones too. The tape trick from @CynthieLu is a great way to start. You can use any tape, even scotch tape, but Sephora’s tape is a little more flexible and you can reposition it easily if you’re not happy. Sometimes products bleed under the tape and you have to clean up after peeling it off. Not a big deal unless you did your foundation first. Another trick I learned is to map out your wing first with eyeshadow and a thin brush, then trace over it with your eyeliner. If you make a mistake, it’s easier to buff out or wipe off and try again. And the other trick I learned was to put a dot of eyeliner where I want the wing to end. It gives me something to aim at and I can make sure they’re symmetrical before I fully commit.


Tagging @Mellmars1185 since you asked for some tips too 😊

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

@JoSometimes Excellent tips. That is very inspiring. I will try it out this weekend! I am excited...Hopefully my eyeliners are not dried out🤞 

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Those are really great tips @JoSometimes 

It's worth experimenting and playing around with @faeriegirl @Mellmars1185 

When you get the hang of it, you'll have really fun looks to play with 🤩

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

Those are cute clips @greeneyedgirl107 

Nice purchases 😄

I use the SEPHORA COLLECTION Makeup Tape too, I saw it mentioned in the comments.  It definitely helps draw those wings. I am pretty novice at this, but I saw a video that did this and it worked well for me so I thought maybe it would be helpful for you 💚
I draw them backwards, I start at the end of the wing, where you want it to finish, than connect it to my lash line. Once you get that first line (straight and steady with the help of the tape) I just slowly build it up to the thickness I want. Lots of practice but it's great once you get the hang of it 😄 

Re: Meaningful March Hauls 2023

@greeneyedgirl107 Cute clips! I wish I had some tips for winged eyeliner. It is something I need more practice with.

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