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March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Time to share your March hauls for this month. I can’t wait to see what everyone gets. 








Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Mellmars1185, the are pretty much the same texture and pigment of Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter .  All three swatches were a single swipe.  They could be used like blush, but I def see them as blush toppers or highlighter, too.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Beautiful Fenty and Rare Beauty, @danielledanielle, and I love that there’s a Dior part 5!

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Somehow I accumulated a lot in March 🤔.
















Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

The palette!!! Talk about stunning!!! @CookieGirl1 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@lmaster ohmygosh, it's SO pretty in person.  I don't actually own many cool-toned palettes so I felt justified in splurging on this one and I have NO regrets.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

I hope you post a look with it! @CookieGirl1 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@CookieGirl1, lovin' your lineup of all the Asian Beauty lippies. What's the one between the peripera & Judydoll lip products - the second one from the left?

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@itsfi that's actually from the Chinese brand GirlCult.  I like the texture of the formula--very moussey--and while it isn't the longest lasting of the bunch it blurs over my lip lines and the color itself is unique to my collection as it's kind of a pink with just the slightest bit of a grayish undertone.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@CookieGirl1 so many awesome goodies!!! I hope you love Cold Moon. I was so tempted by Groovy Gardens but refrained (for now). I'm going to need comparisons on all your K-beauty lippies. I have tried both of the Rom&nd and the Peripera in the clear tube.


P.S. For the Rom&nd, I saw a TikTok saying to apply a layer first in the center of your lips and let it set for a minute without rubbing your lips and then going in with another layer in order to get the look they do in their lip swatches. 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@makeitup305 I'm really liking Cold Moon!  I was so torn on Groovy Garden as well but ultimately decided to pass because it seems like most of the shimmers have a greenish undertone and I wish that there was a little more variety.

I really like the texture of the Blur Fudge Tint but I think that I've decided that as a general rule I don't like water tints so the Glasting Tint just isn't a fav.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Somehow @CookieGirl1 ! 😆 Beautiful lineup! I’m sure the blush will be so perfect on you. What’s the pretty lip gloss on the far left please? 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Sunnysmom thank you!  And the lippie is actually a Peripera Water Bare tint.  I did a little K-beauty lip haul so that I could try out a few different formulas.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Ooh thank you @CookieGirl1 ! I have a few different Periperas! This looks pretty. 😊

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Sunnysmom I thought that it looked pretty too but TBH I'm a little disappointed because it's just baaaaarely a hint darker than my actual lip color so even though it supposedly stains, it just doesn't show up for me.  

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Oh shoot that’s a bummer @CookieGirl1 . I hate when that happens. It really wouldn’t show up on me either . Can you layer it at least? Ugh. 

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Sunnysmom unfortunately it doesn't really layer in the sense of creating depth so I'm probably going to end up decluttering it.  It's fine; it was inexpensive and I honestly have realized that I don't love water tints anyway.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@CookieGirl1 Amazing hauls. I love the Patrick Ta blush duo formula. The eyeshadow palette is absolutely stunning.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@Mellmars1185 I like the Patrick Ta blush formula and I really like the new shades that he recently added.  I'm probably going to pick up one other one during the sale.  As for the palette, I absolutely love it.  The formula is fabulous and the shimmers are next-level.

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

Fun hauls, @CookieGirl1! I like your selections!

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

@CookieGirl1 Wow you were seriously hauling!

Re: March Madness Beauty Hauls 2024

My no-buy is more like a less-buy right now lol I got some good deals so at least there's that!


I decluttered a ton of old and broken lip liners and took advantage of the NYX sale. However, I'm a little disappointed that shrinkflation has struck again. These are a little smaller and no longer made in Germany. They still seem good quality, though!


Redeemed a B&BW reward and ended up picking up an extra product in this scent, as well. It reminds me of Open Sky, which is my favorite Wallflower scent. I had a code for a free UD travel sized eye primer, which I was able to grab without picking up anything else from Ulta. I found a code for 20% off at Naturium, which doesn't do sales often (afaik), so I took advantage and picked up some Azelaic Acid products since I just ran out of the Inkey List one plus pick up some products I've had my eye on. The Amuse lippies came in sets of 3 for each formula from Most Inc (through Costco Next). By far the best price I've ever seen for these, which I've wanted to try for a while.


As usual, I got carried away on Olive Young. I'm still on mission "reduce hair falling out" so I'm trying some new Korean shampoos and scalp treatments. They also had good deals on the Dr. G products, which look really nice, and the Espoir brow pencil, which I had my eye on. The I'm Meme multisick and Cosrx cleanser were gwp.1.jpg

I've been getting non-stop ads for this Loreal lippie in 601 which is supposed to be a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury (they even show the CT lipstick bullet in the ad!). I don't own Pillowtalk lipstick only the liner, but the shades are very close. The formula is really good, too. The Lifter Gloss is supposed to dupe Fenty but I don't think so. I prefer this one tbh but others might not. The other two were impulse picks. The Maybellie is quite cool-toned so idk how much use I'll get from it. The Pixi is a great inner corner highlight.


I picked up two more Loreal lipsticks from the Nu line but ended up returning them. They were not the same formula at all and felt cheap. The Real Techniques is kind of a beautyblender dupe but more firm. Maybe it needs a couple of washes. I still like it, though.


Impulse bought the Rephr brushes. I really like the foundation brush but the other two are meh. Good but nothing to write home about. I also bought this travel powder holder from Amazon (the pack came with 2). The puff it comes with isn't very good but the travel case is perfect for what I wanted. 


Some more Ulta freebies

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