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Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

Hello everyone (: I was looking for a thread on here about sales going on, not only on Sephora but on other websites or stores. I personally like to look for good deals on makeup since I am constantly trying to build up my collection. I thought I would make a thread where we could all post what sales we know or have heard about in stores or online, include any great codes for deals or even products with great prices. 

Of course since I am starting it, I thought I would post a couple that I have been looking into. 



This is a flash deal website that has awesome deals that are constantly changing, hence the flash deals Smiley Tongue Today until friday, they have some awesome deals on Tarte products, so check it out if interested!


Right now, tarte is having a discovery sale with items like the Maracuja miracle foundation for $21.00 instead of $42. There are also two eyeshadow palettes on there for $26 each.


I love their shadows! They have three nice color selection palettes to choose from online ranging from $16-$19.



One last item that is not on sale but I consider a great deal is the lorac glogetter palette! It is exclusively sold at ulta for $20! I am definitely getting that soon.


Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

Yay! My boyfriend surprised me with the Lorac Glogetter palette yesterday, which means I don't have to buy that anymore & can spend my money on other palettes. I am looking at the Jasmine palette, any thoughts on it? Does anyone have it? 

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

There are a lot of great value kits on Ulta's website as well! I love value kits since you get to try a lot of different products at well and find out if you'd like to purchase the full sized product or repurchase. I will post pics to show some of them:

This is the Smashbox Try it Kit for only $19.50! I think I want it..
This is the Lorac TANtalizer Glow to Go Collection for $36.This is the Smashbox Hint of Bronze Value kit for $39.

They have free shipping after $50 as well. 


I can't wait for the disney cast discount sale next weekend, I am already glancing at my shopping list & prioritizing my palettes hahah!

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

The GloGetter palette is beautiful! Saturday was the first time I have ever been in an Ulta and I saw that palette for only $20, I just had to buy it immediately.

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

Lorac has the Mint Edition palette on sale today only for $28 instead of $36! Uh oh.. It comes with a little wristlet, the palette and a pink gloss! Golly! I was trying to save my money but I may have to jump on it, how could I not with Free shipping over $25?


Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

i just went on LORAC's website and couldn't find it. Smiley Sad

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

I'm sorry! I forgot to post that it was from Ulta. I was too excited, looking at what to buy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

It also came with a deluxe sample of their Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow Primer. I can't wait to try it, I currently use the Kat Von D Eyeshadow Primer and I like it a lot. Let's see how this works!

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

Mine is not actually a sale but an awesome Mother's Day Gift from Lorac for $32 and normally 112.00. But awesome stuff and free Croc Bag:


I actually got this yesterday when UPS brought it and this is an awesome deal EVERYTHING in this is full size and the blush/bronzer in it is 30.00 by itself on here and the whole kit is only 32.00 YIKES!

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

Urban Decay & Tarte are having huge sales [on their sites]  right now(:

Re: Makeup lovers! What sales are going on?

Lorac has some beautiful lipsticks for $9.50 on their website, just bought the babydoll color! (: It's a nice coral color. I also got free shipping on it. I keep splurging, I know I should slow down, but it's helping me cope with the death of my grandmother and I feel beautiful wearing makeup. 

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