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Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Please share your magnetic hauls for this month whether it be for yourself or for your lovely Mother/Mother figure. 


Happy Birthday to all the May babies and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Gorgeous and hardworking Mamas/Mamas to be!!!








Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

K-Beauty Haul, from Costco and StyleKorean


I bought these on impulse and honestly, my hair has never felt better. Idk if it's because they have sulfates in the shampoo and silicones in the conditioner but both me and my SO haven't felt our hair this clean and soft ever.


I don't have hair loss but I've been wanting to take better care of my scalp since it gets dry, which led to the Pyunkang Yul and Some By Mi scalp sprays. The rest was just the result of a really good sale and the threshold for free shipping.

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

The haul I broke my no-buy for.  Asos had some Charlotte Tilbury on sale, in addition to another 25% off.

asos haul.jpgstar gold.jpg


Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadowin Star Gold (sale,) Chocolate Bronze, Champagne, Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Blush in Walk of No Shame (sale.)


Swatches of Star Gold, thick and thin.

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Wow, great buy, @Ispend2much6

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

@curlychiquita. Thank you!

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Caudalie sale haul





Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Great Caudalie haul @SportyGirly125 .

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Great products, @SportyGirly125

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

It's good to be back home. Making my way through some purchases over the last couple of weeks. Looking forward to playing with these new beauties this weekend. 


I was surprised how quickly I received the gorgeous Sonia G Hinoki Set - I placed my order on my way to the airport on the morning it launched and received delivery confirmation while at a dinner that same day! Talk about fast! 

5.18.2022 Haul Beautylish - Sonia G brush duo.jpg


I've tried a couple of these products before and am looking to giving some of the others, particularly the YSL items a try.

5.22.2022 Haul Sephora online.jpg


These BIC-enabled treats were from the spring sale - I know, I'm behind on some unboxing. 😬 @Missnur's eye looks are mesmerizing! I have no expectations that I will get anywhere near as good but when she mentioned she uses SEPHORA COLLECTION Makeup Tape #but I thought it couldn't hurt to pick up one for myself. 🤞 I picked up a few of the SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable Rouge Gel Lip Liner after @Saradestin's raves and look of the day post - here we have (top to bottom): Saradestin's lip liner (aks 29 Dressed to the 90s), 28 Sink of Suede, and 22 Mid Day Rose (swatches in spoiler) 

5.22.2022 Haul Sephora.jpg


SC Rouge Gel Liner Swatches.jpg



Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

The brushes are so pretty! I need to try the SEPHORA COLLECTION Makeup Tape @itsfi.

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Mid Day Rose is so pretty !  @itsfi 

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

@itsfi Great haul. I got the Hinoki brush set too and can’t wait to use them. 

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022


The handle on those brushes are beautiful. 😍 

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022








 Highlighter, lip, eye

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Great hauls @sonnydee.

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

The CT makeup set looks so pretty! Enjoy, @sonnydee

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022


 Another collection of lil hauls for the month. Enjoy! I first ordered tan, then watched a couple of videos of the medium being really pigmented for fair skin (her medium is usually way too light for me) so then i went back & ordered the medium. After using them both, I couldve got away with just the tan but medium will work better when I'm lighter in the winter months. 😜



 Tan & medium so you can really see the difference


 And 5 min beauty in sun kissed lip. I have the glow & didnt really like the lip in it. 


 Lip gloss organizer. My 6th? 😛 from Amazon

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

Great hauls @sonnydee.

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

The cream bronzers, too! How nice, @sonnydee!

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022

@sonnydee @Great CT haul. Or you can always mix the 2 shades together. 

Re: Magnetic May Hauls 2022


 I finished the travel sized MMMM… and needed the full size.  It’s my safe and huggable scent;) 

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