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Jubilant July Hauls

It's July!!! Time to start a new thread for all the amazing July hauls from you guys! Please post all your hauls, big or small, beauty or non-beauty...can't wait to see them all!!


To start us off - here is a tiny sample haul from Dr. Hauschka Smiley Happy 9dafdde4ca37086693d70b6d7e8162dad035f5063c6e8352d6d12fc6f579d316.jpg

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

My oldest was also born on December 6th.  His sixth birthday was a year and a half ago, and that is when my SIL informed me he was having a golden birthday.  Prior to that, I always assumed it meant your 50th.  I am actually closer to my 50th than my Golden one (as my Golden one was 19 years ago, before I even knew what the term meant).

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

SUPER NUTS!!! I was 19 when my golden birthday happened so I couldn't really spoil myself then like I can now. Please spoil yourself for the both of us Smiley Very Happy

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Happy early birthday, crayzeeRN.

I believe you have the right to go super nuts this month.

Enjoy it!

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Of course!

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