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Jubilant July Hauls

It's July!!! Time to start a new thread for all the amazing July hauls from you guys! Please post all your hauls, big or small, beauty or non-beauty...can't wait to see them all!!


To start us off - here is a tiny sample haul from Dr. Hauschka Smiley Happy

Re: Jubilant July Hauls


What is this Marc Jacobs Siren? Looks weird & cool! lol 

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Yup.  I cannot wait to play with it.  Most of my shadows are neutrals, so I am excited to have some bold colors here.

Re: Jubilant July Hauls


Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Thanks.  I owe it all to you.  Now, I just have to wear makeup sometime this week, so I can try it.

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

got a new powder foundation to try out--it was a toss between this from IT Cosmetics and the BM Ready powder.This  one from QVC (of course) came with the amazeballs brush--super soft!  it had really good reviews, i am optimistic. Glad I didn't go any darker...this is the light/medium. Has anyone else tried this?

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

That looks nice, especially the brush! I watched her tell a/b her prod's on QVC a cpl of weeks ago and I want to try her mascara, eyeliner, and the anti-redness stuff. I have been hesitant on the redness deal b/c I have good cc & bb creams & the BareMinerals Serum-Foundation (& I am scared it will be too thick but I think it was @RandeeBT that said it was nice). SO, maybe I will sometime soon. I can't remember if it has SPF in it or not, does your powder foundation have any? It looks nice! Let me know how you like it & if you have tried any of the other goodies from the line

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

I put a bit on, will try it all over tomorrow. It has a neutral tone, and I am more of a cool tone, but this blends well. Seems to have a dewy/satin finish, not matte but not oily, and good coverage. I didn't use it with the brush it came with yet.  I like that it is made in USA and cruelty free. All of her brushes I have gotten are wonderful! Super soft and full! I have the Naturally Pretty Matte palette (made in China, though...) and have used the mascara and some lipglosses, as well as the Bye Bye Underye/Hello Light duo, which I really like. So far, I have not been disappointed with her products.  The main thing for me to see is if it  will break me out--I hope not!  I LOVE the Laura Geller Balance and Brighten, but it broke me out so I had to take it back.  From the reviews I read, this comes with the brush every time, so maybe I will have to get a refill somewhere else. It does have a sponge in a lower compartment, if one wants to use that to apply it with. I will use this for a couple more days and report back! Smiley Happy

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

oh, and her eyebrow product--the 5-in-1 powder gel pencil, is my favorite brow product I have ever, I guess that's why I went with IT Cosmetics for a new foundation--all the other products so far have been winners for me!

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Tell us how you like it! I've been wanting to try this out.

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

OK, after using it a few days, I have a report. It has a very creamy, dewy finish, luminous, very nice. Covers well, buildable, not cakey, wears very well! Overall, I like it...BUT, alas, I sent it back today, It was just nagging at me that my skin has a cool undertone, and this is neutral but still looked a bit too yellow for me. I used it under my eyes yesterday, and WOW it was a completely different color than my skin. I just didn't love it enough to justify the 43.00 plus shipping, since it didn't match my skin well enough. Maybe if I had used the lighter shade...I don't know.  And knowing I would end up buying something else anyway, I just didn't want to keep it and force myself to like the color. 

So, I still recommend it, but for me the color was just not right for my skin tone. I wrapped it up and sent it back today, brush and all. 

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Here is what I have got "so far " for my July Haul(s)!

Btw, I am SO sorry a/b the yucky way the pic's came out, I realize it look's a bit depressing w/ the BLAH tint it gives off ( I have to take my pic's w/ my pc for awhile....sad eye's)!

 Here is the goods, just in case you can't make it out (w/ a sigh of embarrassment, lol) :

1. REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream (arrived on the 1st)

2. Deluxe Sample: Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

SAMPLES: - Nude Renewal Serum, - Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo, - Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free,


3. Lancome Lip Lover in 336 Orange Manege - Orange (arrived on the 1st)

4. BareMinerals High Shine Eye Color in Flash- Iced Lilac

SAMPLES: - Nude Renewal Serum (it's always the oil though, idk), -Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo, -Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

5. Deluxe Sample: Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo  


6. (MOST RECENT ORDER) - Laura Mercier Inner Artist Quartet

7. Too Faced Glow To Go

8. Deluxe Sample: Benefits Push Up Gel Liner

*100 Point Perk - YSL Baby Doll Lashes Mascara

SAMPLES: -Soap & Glory The Righteous Body Butter, -Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo & Conditioner, - Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume Shampoo & Conditioner




Some I haven't received yet ( & I am waiting impatiently, lol ) :

 Hautelook Haul!

Too Faced
1.Sweet Sunshines Moisturizing Lip Gloss Trio: in Mocha Freeze (Bronze), Watermelon- Ice (pink), Papaya- Slushy (Coral)

2. Too Faced Perfect Eye's Perfect Purple Liner Eye

3. La Creme Lipstick - In the Buff

 OPI By Sephora

4. in FLOW-ER                         (red-coral w/ some golden shimmer) YAY!

5. in Keep Me On My Mistletoe (like a champagne gold, opaque)

Jane Iredale (my most recent purchase)

6.PureMoist LipColour -in Nicole (Have always wanted to try her lipstick!)

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

puts my piddly little foundation to shame! Smiley Happy  I have wanted to try Jane Iredale lipcolors, too--let me know how you like it!

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Oh no it so don't! lol Even w/ the QVC price that's expensive stuff b/c it is good stuff! I have never tried Jane Iredale Lip prod's either and have wanted to for SO long! I will def. let you know how it works out and I will post some pic's as well!

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

I found a really old Bath & Body Works gift card while cleaning out my closet... so no buy hasn't been broken. Smiley Happy I don't think I've been in a Bath & Body Works store in 8 years and had no idea what to get. I've actually only shopped there once. I just bought whatever was on sale. Just when I used up all my body care products, I hoard some more.


Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Haha I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago when my friend wanted to go for the big sale! I think we may have gotten some of the same body washes. 

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Here are my purchases from today.  I am done shopping for a bit but will come back and share the 2 orders I made online today when they arrive.


Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Well this isn't makeup, but I'm in love with my Hot Topic haul Smiley Happy do do do do do do do sailor moonnn haha! 

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Literally going to the HT site now to see if I can find that top xD
I used to wear HT's shirts exclusively, but as I got older I started hating any shirts that were too close to my neck, so now my weird self prefers V-necks. 

Much sadness. *stares at the shirts sadly*

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

I feel the same way - all of my T-shirts I have made into V-necks. Almost any other shirt I buy actually is a V-neck or something similar Smiley Happy

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Yay, fellow sailor moon fan ? or fellow frozen fan ? lol 

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Sailor Moon Smiley Happy I actually haven't watched frozen yet Smiley Surprised

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

Ugh, here I come with more woeful tales of those stingy Sephora employees--HAHAHA! Smiley Tongue Smiley Tongue Smiley Tongue Wait, wut?


3 items purchased, the rest is FREE BOOTY!


Went to Freehold today, good times as always! Both me and my boyfriend got lots of new things to try out.


First at the freestanding store, I bought the Anastasia Brow whiz and B&B dry shampoo. I never tried any brow stuff, because I've always thought when groomed properly my brows are darn near perfection, but I asked an SA to help, and she was great. Totally agreed my brows are fab, but just a TINY bit of filling could make them even better if I wanted. So she demo'd on me and I agreed, SOLD!

While I was shopping around, I asked another SA in the skincare section for something to help with blackheads and she happily suggested Dr Brandt's Pore Vacuum and made me a sample. Then my boyfriend asked her for a GlamGlow Youthmud and she gave him a half oz TUBE. I admit, I was jellz HA!

During checkout (forgot to mention I was also returning a $26 item) I asked the awesome SA ringing me up if there were any men's perks, because I thought I'd get a little something for my boyfriend since he's stuck bringing me all these places. She said "No, but we have samples from Jack Black" and when I mentioned how much I LOVE the Deep Dive, she said "Oh I'll put 2 of each!" so we both got all three items. Then she asked if I wanted to try the B&B Hairdressers Oil samps, I said "But of course!" Then I just happened to mention (more like thinking out loud because I have no filter, like) that I need a hair mask, so she finished checking me out she said, "Come here you should try this!" and she filled TWO clamshells of Living proof hair mask and then tossed in whatever that other Living Proof stuff is. 


Then we had to walk thru Penny's to get back to the car (yes of course I had him park at Penny's knowing full well we'd be passing by an SiJCP walking into and out of the mall) and as I walked in an SA tells me that Benefit is having a promo, any Benefit item you buy comes with this snazzy studded makeup bag and your choice of a They're Real mascara or Stay Flawless stick primer. So I bought the new They're Real remover (it is really is good, another SiJCP gave me a deluxe sample on the 4th to try and it got off my crazy patriotic makeup in a snap!) and since I have a couple small T.R. mascaras already, I chose the Stay Flawless to give it a whirl. My boyfriend asked for samples of PTR Neuroliquid serum and GlamGlow Powermud which she happily got for him too. 


As always, I got everyone's named that helped us today, and all 4 (3 at freestanding, 1 at SiJCP) will be getting good shoutouts from me in surveys. 


If you have a hard time getting samples, just come shopping with me. I wasn't even trying that hard today! Smiley Happy

Re: Jubilant July Hauls

I'm glad you two had such a good time.

What great samples.

I want to go shopping with you!!

I love when everybody is so nice and its even better when they're generous with the samples, too.



Re: Jubilant July Hauls

You had awesome Sephora experiences today.  I was in a SiJCP Penney today and no one really helped me in the Benefit section.  That's okay, because I got a free bag at Ulta today.  I tried the They're Real liner, but she gave me some of the remover to clean up the mess, and it came right off.  I snapped some of that up as well.  Great stuff.

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