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Joyful June hauls 2019!

The month of June is upon us with all of its beauty. It looks so bright and green that makes you want to get out and splurge. It is time to start a new thread to share all you haul during this month. Show us all you get , what you like and what you don’t. 

Come , Share the joy of June hauls !


Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

My Holy Grail K-Beauty items. The Pyungkang Yul Cleansing Foam is magic. It has an almost glue-like consistency. Directions tell you to use a small amount, tap and stretch it across your skin. I use it with my Clarisonic at night and it takes off everything. I use a white microfiber face cloth and it stays white after I cleanse. This is my 5th time purchasing it. The Mist Toner is a must. I keep one in my shower and one next to my sink. Rule of thumb is to use an essence on wet skin within 3 seconds after washing it. I will always have this amazing list within arms reach. The peeling gel is for my brother. I personally stick to acids, but my brother loves this line. He has extremely sensitive skin and Pyunkang Yul has been a lifesaver for him. These eye patches are my favorite. They plump fine lines and make me look more awake since I never get sleep due to working nights and having kids.



Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

I keep hearing about this brand @darlyndar... believe it or not, it's not easy to buy in Korea. I think they're sold only in a few locations and I've been to lazy to seek it out.  I'll probably buy when I get back stateside,  thanks for the recommendation on where to buy!!

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

I have to admit, @darlyndar, I'm not as familiar with K-beauty brands as I would like to be and I've never even heard of Pyungkang Yul.  Where do you typically purchase it?

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

I purchase all my Pyungkang Yul from Oh Lolly. It must be based near LA because it always arrives the next day, @CookieGirl1. The amazing thing about the Pyungkang Yul brand is that they are made up of 7 or less ingredients and are also extremely affordable. I recommend YouTubing Gothamista. She does an entire Pyungkang Yul breakdown. On the website, they break every product down to your skin concern. It’s extremely easy to use. 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

Sounds like a fabulous haul, @darlyndar!

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

Great haul @darlyndar. I'm not familiar with the Pyungkang Yul brand, so I'll definitely need to check it out. 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

You must, @PrettyPaint! YouTube “Gothamista Pyungkang Yul”. She does a breakdown of the brand. If you jump on Oh Lolly (Where I purchase my K-Beauty), it will list their products by concern. The entire line contains 7 or less ingredients and is also extremely affordable. My HG cleanser is $13 and lasts me about 4 months. 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

Thank you so much for the info @darlyndar. I'll definitely check out the videos. I have never had a cleanser last that long - that's impressive! 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

Great haul of products that you love!  @darlyndar 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

Nice haul @darlyndar!

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

This turned into an unintentional lip product haul lol

-Tarte Colour Splash lipsticks in Pink Sands, Siesta, and Weekender

-Huda lipstick in Spring Break

-Kaja Chocolate Dahlia trio

-Mac Aladdin lipstick in Friend Like Me and Diamond in the Rough gloss

-Tarte Chrome Paint highlighter

-Tarte Chrome Paint Pot in Paradise Found

-Nudestix Canada Day set (Poppy dewy stix & Pulse lipstick)

-Anastasia eye primer 


Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

That's an awesome lippie haul @sydtomato!!

@sydtomato, What a great lippie haul and those Tarte pots...

@sydtomato, What a great lippie haul and those Tarte pots with the swatches you gave are so pretty!

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

Ohhhhh, @sydtomato! I just purchased the new Chomre Paints! I’m so excited to get them. Top Yacht is on my inner corner every single day. 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

@sydtomato great haul. The Tarte chrome paint sound interesting 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

@sydtomato Amazing haul! Do you mind swatching the Tarte chrome highlighter? Debating on whether to get it or use the million other highlighters I have haha. 

RE: Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

I actually swatched it earlier it just wouldnt let me upload more than one picture! It was hard to capture the actual look of it. Its super intense and glossy. I honestly didn’t need this but I’m really glad I picked it up with how it looks on me. This is what’s swatched in my pic left to right: tarte eye paint pot in paradise found, tarte chrome paint highlighter, then the kaja trio. I hope this helps a bit! The swatch that made me want to buy it was from Ashley Klaty’s video on youtube on the unleashed palette, she swatches it near the end on video @writtenonpaiges

Re: RE: Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

These swatches are amazing! 

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

@sydtomato   Everything is beautiful!

Re: Joyful June hauls 2019!

I love the colors, @sydtomato!

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