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Joyful June Hauls!

Hey BTers!


I decided to start at new haul thread for the month June. I love seeing everyone's hauls.Share what goodies you got this month. (beauty and non-beauty) Remember guys a haul is a haul big or small. Smiley Happy  




Re: Joyful June Hauls!

fingers crossed they start having more

great samples like those! Smiley Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Very nice!  I too am jealous about the TF mini & La Mer samples you picked up.  Smiley Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I recently placed and order on Nordstrom and they had the Tom Ford and La Mer samples! I picked both, but unfortunately my La Mer got substituted with a foil of some other brand. But I did get the mini Tom Ford lipstick! It's just so cute! I wish all lipsticks had a cute mini version!


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Aw well at least you got the lippie! I also wish that all lipsticks came in mini versions/sets. Imagine a mini TF lipstick set!!! That would be amazing 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Nice haul. Sooo it was a proper mini lipstick! I'm excited to get my package now. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I know, Im glad! many orders were placed because of it I'm sure Smiley Very Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Eeeeeeep!  I just took the plunge and got the TooFaced Little Black Book Of Bronzers!!!! I really didn't think I'd be able to snag one since they sold so fast on the TooFaced website in a May!  Dancing around!!! 

Now I wait not so patiently for it to arrive:/  *taps fingers impatiently, 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!



Welpppp this is another haul over the past week. Just got a new job (pays well too!) plus doing prom makeup with alongside a very good friend of mine so I've had some extra cash lately to throw around.




Caboodle Lovestruck Train Case for my kit.


Becca Tinted Blotting Powder Perfector 


MUFE HD #180


Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation


Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector




My big brother was kind enough to drive around town with me on a Sally Hansen polish hunt  for the old formula Xtreme Wear and Color Foil polishes. Sally Hansen changed the formula and some of the colors of their most popular Xtreme Wear polishes  which are:


Pacific Blue (this polish sparked the whole cobalt blue nail trend and they changed it from a bright creamy cobalt cornflower  blue with an amazing formula to a nasty, gummy dark blue jelly with shimmer) This is the #1 polish that nail aficionados are hunting for (the old formula) and are angry right now about the change. Currently there is a petition aimed toward Sally Hansen to change it back since it is their best selling shade. I was only able to find one of this. I was hoping to find 3-4 at least.


Mellow Yellow (changed from a light yellow cream to a mustard jelly with shimmer)


Mint Sorbet (slight change)


Lacy Lilac (slight change)


Coral Reef (slight change)



BTW these are all the old formulas above. I compared them to the new formulas while  shopping.


The shades of the Color Foils are:


Titanium Flush


Rose Copper


Liquid Gold


Minted Metal


Cobalt Chrome


Leaden Lilac



 I'm still waiting on my Makeup Geek order, my Renikins jewelry order, and I placed 2 orders today to get the Becca Rose Gold and Opal Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfectors since I've been pining for them


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

How do you like the color foil nail polishes? 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

i like them a lot but application is a bit tricky. You have to be careful while applying them so that they won't streak and pull. If you are going to use top coat with them, don't use Seche Vite because it changes the colors. Any other top coat will work fine

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I've hauled a lot of TF recently, s0 I thought I would post a picture of my TF collection. I now have all the blushes and brushes and quite a few quads. There are three more things that I want, but all are HTF, so I think this is where I will end my collection!upload_2838812357566403390.jpg

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Wowww what an amazing collection! Smiley Surprised which are your favorites?

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

In all honesty, I'm very pleased with everything I still have. I had another quad and trio, but didn't like them and got rid of them. Some of the brushes aren't must-haves, but I wanted the complete set, so I bought them anyway. The polishes also aren't a must have, but I still like them. 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Oops, I forgot to put my Unabashed palette in the picture!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Even though I'm a Tina Belcher fan, I can appreciate me some Louise! 


Go, Bob's Burgers, go!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!



... one of my favorite moments, next to Tina learning to drive. Hahah.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Just when I think I'm done, those buns pull me right back in.


LOVE me some Tina!


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Hahaha love Tina!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Until he releases more items, and then your collection will keep growing!  Very pretty.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

bee, dont give up hope! you may find those items one day! and don't forget about the fall collection! seeing your stash is such a powerful enabler! i now feel i must purchase more tom ford!

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