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Joyful June Hauls!

Hey BTers!


I decided to start at new haul thread for the month June. I love seeing everyone's hauls.Share what goodies you got this month. (beauty and non-beauty) Remember guys a haul is a haul big or small. Smiley Happy  




Re: Joyful June Hauls!

June is my birthday month, so I went all out. Here's everything*!


#NoShame #NoRegrets


*Well ok, not samples. Too many to fit in the pic. Smiley Tongue

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

It's too bad you didn't get any of the UD 24/7 eyeliners... Oh wait Smiley Tongue

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

IKR? I should check those out..


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Wow! what a great Birthday Haul . Have fun playing with all your new products. 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

The Siren, all of those Glamglows, the meteorites and more.  Yup, I am super jealous of this haul.  Hope you had a great birthday!



Re: Joyful June Hauls!

My Bday was sorta lame, but I think I made up for it. Smiley Very Happy

Feel free to come over & play!!!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I will be there in an hour, lol.  That Siren sure does sing to me.


Sorry your birthday was lame.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! LOVELY haul!! <3 You'll have to tell us about the green GlamGlow! I'm SO curious!!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Oh man I love GlamGlow, a couple of these were re-purchases/stockpiling! 

Which one ya wanna know about? They all have a different job. Smiley Very Happy