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Joyful June Hauls!

Hey BTers!


I decided to start at new haul thread for the month June. I love seeing everyone's hauls.Share what goodies you got this month. (beauty and non-beauty) Remember guys a haul is a haul big or small. Smiley Happy  




Re: Joyful June Hauls!

That is a lot of awesomeness.  The Fresh promo looks awesome.  

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Did a little early birthday shopping, all the stuff on the top was free Smiley Happy

Took a chance on House of Lashes. Anyone use their lashes before?

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (holy grail status)

House of Lashes Eyelash Adhesive

House of Lashes - Lashes in 'Siren' And 'Pixie Luxe'


Make Up For Ever Birthday Set

Buxom Haute Pink Lips Promo

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Awesome haul!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

ohh those lashes look amazing!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I had friends from Brazil staying with us until sunday so I disappeared a bit. But their visit made us sooo happy! But I caught a cold or something from my Mother in law or her boyfriend, so I have been coughing non stop since sunday. No drops, medicine or syrup are stopping my cough, so I get very week and can't be online for long periods, I can't sleep because I cough all night and I lost my voice for 2 days, but it's starting to come back.  

So I came here to get some distraction and to share this is cheapie Haul before I went on my no-buy/low-buy. I had a $10 discount coupon, shipping was free and taxes were almost free too, so I decided to order the only Milani Blushes they had in stock and 2 Revlon lipsticks. The other item is a sample that came with it.


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Glad you're feeling better...good luck with your no/low buy Smiley Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Milani blush is on my list of things to try.  I am thinking of picking up one soon, because it is so cheap that it should not violate my no buy.  Good luck with your low buy.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I haven't even tried the blushes yet, I just swatched quickly on my fingers and they are very pigmented, so I'm a bit scared of being too much when I try to wear.

If I stay stuck in the house for a while and with all the things I have to deal with right now, the low-buy should not be that hard, unless I get anxiety attacks, that make me buy compulsively. (excuses, excuses Smiley Tongue )But so far I haven't even been leaving the house, unless to show the city to my friends the other day, and as long as I'm sick I won't be thinking of makeup and shopping! 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I think I had that same (or very similar) crazy cold! Sore throat and coughing which took away my voice for over a week! I still have a bit of tightness in my lungs and coughing here and there (on week 3 now...) but overall it's much better. If it's the same thing, it will drag on and on, but you won't feel awful for all of it. Last week I sounded terrible, but I felt fine enough.


Also, I love your haul. I've been scoping out the Milani blush selection at my local CVS lately too. We'll if/when I pick one or more up.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Yeah, it was a crazy cold started just with a sore throat, that was quickly gone, but took my voice away and I could not stop coughing, I even moved to the guest bedroom, so I can let my boyfriends sleep and rest at night! But today he brought me some natural stuff from the pharmacy and it's working like magic. I'm still coughing, but a lot less than before and hopefully it will be gone by the end of the week! I'm glad you are fine too! It's so uncomfortable and inconvenient to lose your voice and be coughing all the time!
I've heard so many good things about those blushes. The original price is already cheap, but with free shipping, reduced taxes and the discount, I had to get them . It's a shame those were all the colors they had in stock! 

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Yeah, sounds very similar. I hope you're back to normal soon!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Hope you are feeling better now.....these blushes look pretty, what is this website offering free shipping and no tax?

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I'm feeling much better thanks! Smiley Happy There were taxes, but much lower than I'm used to pay in Quebec, I paid 5% instead of 15%. I ordered from, and they have a fathers day $10 discount for orders over $40 (my order was just $40). My final total was  $31.87 after taxes and discount. Considering the other day I went to walmart and those lipsticks were for about $10 each before taxes, so I figured it was worth trying the blushes, since I never saw them in the pharmacies .

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

This month's haul:



Clinique Instant Lift for Brows

Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in Deep Cobalt (for my mom)

Clinique Quickliner Intense in Intense Black (for my sister; these two eyeliners were requests from them)



Sephora X in Daredevil

Sephora X in Prism (replacing the one that shattered all over my floor)

Caudalie My Hydration Kit

Caudalie Glowing Complexion Set

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20

Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40

Korres Wild Rose +Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial

VIB Rouge Buxom lip kit

Tarte Flush Cheek Tint 100 point perk

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Went a little Bite Beauty crazy and loving it Smiley Very Happy

Also managed to snag a sample of the new GlamGlow mask!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I love the second one from the left in your swatches! Which shade is that?

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

That's Fig. Everyone has raved about it, and now I understand why. So beautiful on.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Wow, it looks a lot different on you than it did on me, very pretty! It doesn't work well with me for some reason Smiley Sad

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Isn't it crazy how the same color looks so different on different skin tones? I'm one that can't pull off a lot of the raved about colors/products but for some reason this one worked.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Every single one of those is awesome.  Hopefully, you come back and share another look.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I love those lippies - so pretty!!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Thank you I love em too Smiley Happy can't wait to play with them!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

e.l.f. merry berry blush

Nars: sin Blush

WNW Fergie center stage powder in rose gold  


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Just hauled a ton of Ole Henriksen from TJMaxx, and some Dr Brandt products too.  I'm not in my normal area (out of town at the moment) but have never seen these at my east coast stores!