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Joyful June Hauls!

Hey BTers!


I decided to start at new haul thread for the month June. I love seeing everyone's hauls.Share what goodies you got this month. (beauty and non-beauty) Remember guys a haul is a haul big or small. Smiley Happy  




Re: Joyful June Hauls!

The OPI bag is so cute!! I saw it in the ad...thought about it!! Still thinking...

I saw the Sinful Colors ad in Walgreens for 99cents, limit 3 unless you live in NM! Score! I bet Sinful Colors will se an incredible upswing in their sales thanks to Consumer Reports AND  BT! Smiley Wink

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

It's so tiny!  It fits about 6-8 bottles, but will be perfect for travel.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I am picking up some Sinful Colors on Tuesday.  Have you used them before?

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Nope, not at all. It was the promo that made me pick them up.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Well, I guess we are both going to be new to trying them.  Hopefully, they are as nice as they say.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Oh yeah, u did awesome! Came out w/ the good's! I have just 1 DORKO question! How did you find the Zoya Polishes at Ulta? Did you go in-store or online? I have tried & tried (including copying & pasting how you typed it out, hehe) & still CAN'T get the polish to appear! ! ! !  It keep's saying the item is not there or check my spelling ): ! Ahhh!  They are 2  colors I need to get my paw's on! hehe Any tip's as to why I'm having such a " what the hell " time w/ these little gem's?! hehe 

Thanks & Killer Job on the $13 Haul! What a rush, right?! lol Love it! Smiley Happy

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

This actually arrived a few days ago, but I finally got around to using my new things today! I'm four brushes and one blush away from completing my collection of Tom Ford brushes and blushes, so once I do that, I'm gearing up for a nice long low buy.upload_9182958780786855725.jpg

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

This is so gorgeous! What a beautiful high-end haul! I'm a little bit jealous of all your tom ford goodies. Smiley Wink Enjoy them!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I like the sound of a low buy.  It sounds like something I can commit to, because we all know this no buy isn't working.  Although, I did make it out of my brow appt at Ulta on the last day of the love your hair event with nothing.  I passed up 1.25x3 points plus 20% off an item and a bunch of goodies in the long checkout line.  That was hard, and I almost gave in.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

omg i want that tom ford palette

Re: Joyful June Hauls!


Is the one on the far right TOM FORD eyebrows pencil?

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

I have several family birthdays coming up, so I made a Sephora run. I can't believe I found a Sun Safety Kit - the last one in the store! Also made some great finds in the sale section...



Formula X The System with polish in Impeccable

Formula X Hydrate

Formula X Ridge Filler

Formula X Erase Cuticle Cream

3 pack 4-way nail buffers ($3 on sale)

(The above are for mom, who recently tried "peeling" off her gel polish - duh)

Sun Safety Kit

Philosophy Amazing Grace rollerball

5 piece slim travel brush set (was $39 got it for $11)


The other 3 items were personal purchases:

Sephora brush protectors (after reading the raves here, was thrilled to find a pack in the sales section for $5)

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

IT cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette (I actually bought this at Ulta a few days ago, but as it is my first ever eye shadow palette with color, I couldn't resist showing it off)

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Way to score a sun safety kit, and I do wish you well on the Naturally Pretty Palette.  Let us know how it goes, and maybe you will share a look.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Thanks, notcreative! I'm slowly dipping into the palette; nothing to dramatic yet. If I can concoct a halfway decent look, I may post my peepers for some critiques and advice.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

The sun safety kit is tempting me they still had a couple at my local store yesterday. What to do?  And the store is only a two miles away. Great haul Quixotic!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

If you haven't bought one this year or have never bought one ever, I would say to go for it! Especially if you are traveling during the summer, are looking for a HG sunscreen, or live in a sunny climate. Plus, it's for a good cause!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

The Safety Kit and Philosophy roller ball are going to my sister-in-law, but as she is not a Sephora addict like me, I don't know if she'll appreciate or share in the thrill of "got the last kit!" (But I knew you guys would understand).


I think you should get one. I was really impressed with how many deluxe samples were in this kit and how generous they were for the price.

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Hawaiian Tropic shimmer effect & shimmer effect with SPF 20.

Jergens natural glow medium/tan


Freeman mint & lemon clay mask


Absolute New York lip balms
Mwah coconut chick lip balm


Zoya polish remover
Nail magic nail hardener
Seche vite fast dry top coat
OPI polishes in haven't he foggiest & jade is the new black (and the cute bag is free w/ purchase of 2 opi polishes)
Zoya polishes in alma & Harper


Re: Joyful June Hauls!

Where did you get the mask? I'm interested to try it! I love the HT Shimmer SPF - I use it all the time, and it smells so good!!

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

pbi- Ulta sells that mask

Re: Joyful June Hauls!

yupp, at ulta! And I love the HT shimmer, I don't know how I didn't know about it before! My skin has been shimmery all day, and it doesn't rub off on anything.