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Joyful July hauls 2020!

I think we could all use a little more joy right now so please join me in celebrating all the joyful hauls of July! Happy Birthday to all the other July babies!🥳🥳🥳4D52519D-4F0D-4E1A-95F4-1089876767F1.gif


Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

@lmaster Thank you

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

What a great haul @SportyGirly125! Tokidoki has such fun prints. That CT setting spray looks good! 😍

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

@itsfi Thank you.  I have a feeling some people may not like the spray because it has a scent to it. 

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Good to know @SportyGirly125! How would you describe the scent?

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

@itsfi it smells like a perfume but lightly scented.  I get a hint of floral with a twist.  It's not bad.

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

PS Thank you @faeriegirl! This was a great post and a fun one to ready! And thank you for sending us July babies a Happy Birthday note! I had to wait until today to write my response as it took me the entire month to finally get all that I had been needing/wanting but I definitely treated my self this July! 😘

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Yay!!! I'm a July Baby so THANK YOU! I turned 39 on July 1st and it's a bit scary being less than a year away from turning 40 (and you guys shoulda seen how I freaked out when I turned 25 knowing I was 5 years away from being 30 and then again at 30!😂🤣😂)  Plus, I was a swimmer for almost 20 years who hardly ever wore sunscreen (it was the 80's! People were not so obsessed with putting 100SPF sunscreen on their kids every time they walked outside!).


I was also a late bloomer to the makeup/beauty/skincare scene until I was *gasp* 34!!! So I'm really starting to worry about mainly dynamic wrinkles - but fine lines too due to sun exposure (I suppose I should be getting checked more regularly for skin cancer too but I've had a couple of spots removed which thankfully were benign!).


So I went a bit (ok A LOT) CRAZY this month on skincare! I already used the Ordinary 2% retinoid emulsion serum, hyaluronic acid + B5 & a moisturizer but I went nuts and got Buffet (which you can mix with hyaluronic acid), Agireline 10% solution for dynamic lines & wrinkles - oh yeah and the undereye caffeine solution too! Crazy right? I love The Ordinary though! Their products are effective and won't totally kill your budget. However, does anyone know if they like stopped making the retinoid emulsion serum?? I can't find it in stock ANYWHERE and it's alarming! LOL! 


I also spent points at the rewards bizarre for the Lancome Gentrifique Anti-Aging Serum. I did this in multiple orders and actually got two because it had such great reviews! Also, the bizarre's Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment lightening Serum ... it had mixed reviews but why not try it out right?! 


I always cleanse with Drunk Elephant Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser which I thankfully already had ... but then I wanted a moisturizer, primer, sunscreen all in one if one existed as my routine was already getting fairly complicated! I found one in Murad Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 PA+++ 1 oz/ 30 mL !! Sometimes I till use one of my moisturizers but this works as all three - and is fabulous, IMHO!! Ah! Ok, so I was done with skin stuff .... but then ... 


I saw the new ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr GO OFF Makeup Dissolving Mist 3.4 oz/ 115 ml there were only five reviews at the time and I just went for it they were all so positive - and I'll tell you - that stuff is magic!! If there is one thing you buy this year when it comes to beauty products - THIS IS THE ONE. It is a MIRACLE SPRAY, that feels like it will last a long time and literally does that it says! Your makeup melts off and your skin feel clean and soft .. I didn't feel like i had to wash after using it but of course I did! LOL! I probably grabbed a few other things along the way .... but that's the biggest Sephora haul I've ever had!! Took most of the month to complete but I am ready and less frightened to turn 40! 😂

Hope your birthday was great @BaseballJen It's never too...

Hope your birthday was great @BaseballJen It's never too late to start treating your skin nicely! Those sound like some great products you purchased. Keep it up and you will see results. I didn't start to get into makeup/ skincare until I hit 45 and was ready to put the breaks on. I'll be 48 this year and my skin appreciates what I've done. This is a no makeup, only sunscreen pic 2 weeks ago.

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Happy birthday, @BaseballJen! Enjoy your great products! 

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

@BaseballJen Nice haul!

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Happy belated birthday @BaseballJen ! 🎉

RE: Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Happy belated birthday! 🎉 @BaseballJen

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Happy birthday @BaseballJen. Try to remember that age is only a number. You hauled some awesome items.

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Happy birthday July month! @BaseballJen 

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday month @BaseballJen! 😃  Happy to hear you liked the O/S Makeup dissolving mist!

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Happy Birthday month @BaseballJen! Enjoy all your goodies!

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Brushes and skincare orders from the second half of July: 


Brushes from Visage USA and UltaBrushes from Visage USA and Ulta


Chikuhodo (via Visage USA) 

  • KZ-02 Cheek - it’s more like a mini powder brush, which is exactly what I wanted. 
  • R-C2 Cheek - the brush I wanted 2 years ago but couldn’t find in stock anywhere, so I “settled” for a Z-4 instead (which quickly became my favorite face brush); I’m glad to finally have my red-handled R-C2! 
  • KZ-08 Shadow - pencils are one of my most used eye brushes, so I keep adding more. 
  • FO-7 Shadow - another pencil; can’t tell in this photo but it has a very pointy and sturdy tip. I see myself using this one a lot. 


MAC (via Ulta): 239S shader - I already had one of these (plus a nearly 30 year old 144 shader, plus shaders by other brands) but hey, you can never have too many shaders! 

Orders from various retailers (Lily’s Bathcarry, Ulta, Nordstrom, Jolse) plus a gift from a friend, all jumbled together in photos: 

Accidentally included a freebie (hand cream) in this photo.Accidentally included a freebie (hand cream) in this photo.6C01224B-3AB8-496D-9FE5-F62BD5108611.jpegFreebies!Freebies!

Quick notes:


  • Routine makes stick deodorants now! I had to try 2 of my favorite scents in stick form. Also finally trying Moon Sisters and Johnny’s Cash (the 2 mini jars under the sticks). 
  • The Maskingdom set was a gift. Looking forward to trying these sheet masks soon! 
  • Jolse sent me a TON of freebies. I got a scrubby mitt! (Will use on body in shower.) Lily’s Bathcarry also sent a couple of DS. Whenever I don’t order directly from Routine, I order from LB. They always include a friendly handwritten note in my packages.  


@WinglessOne Thanks for posting pics of your brushes! I'v...

@WinglessOne Thanks for posting pics of your brushes! I've definitely marked the KZ 02 cheek brush for my next purchase. I loved how soft the Kazan and the FO series eyeshadow brushes were, so now I'll definitely invest in some of the face brushes from those series. I'm glad you were able to get your red handle R series brush! Enjoy your purchases 😊

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Fabulous new brushes and masks, @WinglessOne!

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

@WinglessOne Great haul!

Re: Joyful July hauls 2020!

Great skincare, brushes haul @WinglessOne ! Enjoy! 

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  • Cica, snail and honey....some of my most favorite ingredients!
  • Masks and freebies
  • Can't wait to try this out!
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