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Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Join me in posting all your Joyful July hauls! I think we could all use a little more joy in our lives right now! Happy Birthday to all the July babies!🎂🛍E34D903B-3C5C-4CBE-839F-3522171B66B7.jpeg


Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@WinglessOne i would freak if you seen it like on the floor when you woke up 😳

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@lmaster 🤣 At that point, I’d have to burn the stick and salt the ashes. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!


"All 7 caps and the top right polish are silver; they're reflecting nearby warm lighting in this photo."


I received 18 polishes yesterday, and would have sworn up and down that S&C used gold caps and lettering up until I read your caption not more than 5 minutes ago. Not sure where my head has been at or how I convinced myself of that, but yes, I just double checked mine and indeed, I do concur that they are silver :facepalm::apparentlyimnotasobservantasithought:

ETA: you know what? I can't tell anymore. They're gold on the site, and as I move around in various lights around my place, they look silver sometimes, or soft gold at other times. I don't know what to think anymore 🙃 


Would you say Stockholm Syndrome is more brown or grey? I've been told that my missing polish is OOS, but I can pick a different shade...but considering I grabbed dang near everything I wanted already, I'm struggling a bit lol. I do have some maybes in mind, but am trying to make myself get something a little different from my usuals. Not sure I have anything quite like SS, the grey/taupe range isn't one I visit often and that looks pretty noticeably different from any of my other greys, so that may be the one I go for, though I'll probably send a list of 3-4 choices in case others are OOS too and just ask them to surprise me.

ETA: I sent them a list of 6, and Stockholm Syndrome is apparently what I'm getting lol


Those Crystal Knockout polishes are gorgeous!!

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@RGbrown  I hope you like Stockholm Syndrome. I took a swatch comparison photo but wound up offline all day (long story). I'll post it now anyway. 😄 


Background is my MacBook Pro for silvery grey color reference. I think IX is the only deep dark brown polish I own anymore. Somewhere around here, I have a mocha polish; couldn't find it while staging this photo, of course.Background is my MacBook Pro for silvery grey color reference. I think IX is the only deep dark brown polish I own anymore. Somewhere around here, I have a mocha polish; couldn't find it while staging this photo, of course.

Stockholm is more smokey purple grey than brown. In fact, I almost didn't buy it because I thought it was too close to LynB Smart Potato. Talked myself into it because Smart Potato's a thermal that'll eventually lose either its smokey purple grey (cold) or lavender (warm) color shift. SS is slightly warmer than SP. 


And the S&C caps might be, I dunno, some alien champagne kinda silver that refuses to stay either gold or silver in various kinds of light. 😂 Chameleon caps. Bottle lettering, too. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!


Thanks for the info on Stockholm Syndrome! There aren't a ton of swatches of it, and the few I found all varied greatly, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect...I'm excited by purple-grey though (though it may not be quite as unique to my collection as I had originally thought)


Every single item on their site is currently sold out 👀


Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Beautiful haul @WinglessOne ! Love the polishes you chose (Psyche!) and of course the LE lippies look amazing!  I can’t believe I haven’t tried this brand of sunscreen yet. So dumb. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Thanks @Sunnysmom ! LE has yet to disappoint me with her lipsticks. 


La Roche-Posay has an SPF 100 chemical sunscreen I sometimes use on my face in the winter, when my skin appreciates a greasier looking sunscreen. I summer, I use it elsewhere on my body. I have one of their 60 SPFs too. Both are US-released, so they don't have any of the updated chemical UV filters. Lots of people love the Ultra Light Fluid sunscreen (US version of the Invisible Fluid sunscreen) because it's less shiny/greasy looking and feels lightweight on skin. LRP makes mineral sunscreens too. The brand's definitely worth checking out for sunscreen. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Thanks for good info @WinglessOne , I need to try something soon. Have to study all the options. 😊 I’m loving the new LE lips too. Myth will forever be my favorite but I love these for summer! What’s your fav shade you think? 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@Sunnysmom  Myth is gorgeous, especially the gloss. It’s hard to pick a favorite though. I love Velvet Dragon and the Dragon gloss. But I also love Velvet Jazz, Cinnabar, the Delilah gloss, and both the shades I just bought. They’re all my faves. 😀 I do like Spirited Away a lot, but not as much as the others mentioned. What’s your favorite? 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

I know it @WinglessOne , just a lot of good lippies from her. I would say Myth, Ribbon and Jazz are mine along with the same glosses. I am liking the new Palazzo tho too but the others have my heart! Prob because shades are similar to some of our other favs in Pat Luxe formula. Grr. Still. Not. Over. It. Lol. And our Mac Liptensity too! We are so similar in this , it’s funny and cool. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Ulta 20% + points redemption and Target:



Ulta: I have been saving my points and waiting for a 20% off coupon and I FINALLY got one this week! Total savings: $186.40. Total spend: $3.29 😎 


The Conair hair styler is something I have needed to replace since I moved almost a year ago, and since I don’t style my hair *too* often, I knew I could wait on it. So we’ll see how it does! 

The FAB Retinol Eye Cream, L’Occitane Hand Cream, Hempz Body Scrub, and Supergoop! TS Unseen are all restocks. I’m actually a little obsessed with the Hempz scrub. I use it on my legs, shoulders, and chest and have repurchased it a couple of times. It has glycolic acid in it, so it does a great job of keeping everything nice and exfoliated. I can’t recommend it enough. No bumps, even tone, smooth, soft skin. 

I just thought the headband was cute! My current one is getting a little worn so this will replace it anyway. 

The Dolce Garden is just to treat myself to something new. I have the original Dolce and really enjoy it. There were a few fragrances I considered and found this one to be quite different and unique from any I’ve experienced previously. The name “Garden” is a little misleading though, it’s more tropical with notes of coconut to warm it up. When I think “Garden” I certainly don’t think coconut haha. Pure floral, yes. Coconut, no. But it’s still really lovely. It reminds me of Hawaii. Maybe “Island” is a better name for it! 

Target: I’ve been looking for a pair of heeled sandals that aren’t too strappy for a while, and these are super comfortable. The purple ones! Haha, funny story about those. I also have that same pair in a pink floral print and my BF absolutely HATES them, but they are perfect for the pool, the boat, and the beach because they float, are soft but supportive, and only $10 so I don’t really care if I lose them. They literally are perfect shoes for summer, and if they get wet it’s not irritating on the feet and dry quickly. So if he doesn’t like them whatever I wear them not him hahaha. But he said he would prefer them in a solid and just despises the print of the other pair, so we’ll see what he says about them in purple. I think he’ll be okay with them, but I still don’t care. They are great little shoes for summer. They’re essentially the knock off rubber Birks for a 5th of the price. Perfect. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Great haul @alexasteph ! 😍

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

Those shoes are so cute @alexasteph!

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@alexasteph ,

Both pairs of shoes are very cute!  

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

I flipping love the shoes!!! @alexasteph 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@lmaster I think I’ve gotten 6 of my last 8 new pairs of shoes at Target. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

So cute @alexasteph ! Loving that polka dot back there and those slides! I’ve seen some on Amazon and these are cuter! (My hubby would hate them as well, yet I still want some!) 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

@Sunnysmom Good news - he likes both pairs of sandals! Hahaha. 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

😂 lucky you @alexasteph !! So fun! 

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!

More nail mail! 



Zoya polishes from my last two orders



Zoya removers and brushes (plus another 24 not pictured) from my last two orders, plus a Revlon from Amazon and a Cirque and A England from What's Up Nails' recent sale



Beyond Polish order to finally grab the yellow I was missing from the CG Dippin Dots collection, plus a few others I'd been eyeing. Orange and yellow were apparently my theme this time 💛🧡 No swatch for the pink as I already have it and the stick is filed away...I bought the set solely for the yellow and the loose glitter 😋




Smith & Cult 70% off sale (still going on...go get some!!); these are the creams I bought.



Smith & Cult shimmers and a lip balm


S&C's packaging wasn't great...these were all just tossed into a box without enough packing material to keep them from rolling around and banging into each other, so many caps are scuffed up a bit and one is badly dented; thankfully no glass was chipped or broken, so I guess it could have been much worse. They also sent me an incorrect polish, and one wasn't closed tightly and arrived completely dried out, so I guess I'll be seeing how their CS response is shortly 😐

Re: Joyful July Hauls 2022!


How was the lip balm for you?

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