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Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Welcome to the July hauls thread! I can't wait to see what everyone purchases this month! Also, Happy Birthday to my fellow July babies! πŸŽ‰




Until the clock strikes midnight, please continue to share your loot in the (be)Jeweled June Hauls thread! πŸ˜ƒ

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Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Last day of the month so I'm posting all my hauls for the month in one post Smiley Wink











HUM Direct




Morphe from the Morphe store in LA




HSN & Ulta Combo


IMG_2571.jpgTF Concealer from HSN, Stila and freebies from UltaIMG_2573.jpgStila Glitter and Glow in Enchantress



Bath and Body Works



Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@gonerogue Have you tried the Morphe setting spray yet?  Great haul, by the way!

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@CookieGirl1 I hadn't tried it before I purchased it but have always been curious about it. I have tried it a few times since I got it last week and I really like it! It smells fresh and slightly herbal and the mist is VERY fine so it doesn't feel harsh on the skin. It's cheaper than the Urban Decay setting spray so it is worth a try if you are willing to try it Smiley Happy

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@gonerogue Great haul ! Such a wide range of products! I hope that you’re enjoying everything! 

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@keana1 I am, thank you very much! Smiley Happy

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Great range of products @gonerogueI'm currently using the Kate Somerville cleanser and really enjoying it.

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Wonderful July hauls, @gonerogue!  You're like me - we get hauls from all over the place! 

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@curlychiquita Great minds think alike! I'm not one to pass up a shopping opportunity Smiley Wink

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

awesome @gonerogue would love your thoughts on the glow glow supplements!!!

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@Kim888 No problem! I love sharing my thoughts on products Smiley Happy

I just received my second bottle of the Glow gummies and really like the product. The gummies smell and taste like orange creamsicle and 1 bottle will last you a month. I can't say I've noticed an astounding amount of glow after a bottle but I have seen some results. I mainly take it because I like the idea of the Vitamin E + hyaluronic acid combo and the gummies are delicious. 

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@gonerogue thanks for your thouhts! I've tried their hair ones and liked them so I may give those a go next time I order

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Wow @gonerogue!  These are some great hauls for July!  That card case from Ulta is soooo cute!  Stila Enchantress has such a beautiful iridescence to it and I can only imagine how wonderful your Bath and Body Works haul smells.  <3

Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Small and final haul of the month. The Sephora Play! Smarts: Superfoods box! 😍 Plus a foot mask to get the CR scrub gwp 😍 and some killer samples! 😍

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

July's play box is a good one, @Lazybeautybeast!

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Thanks. It was a good one 

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

This is such a fun haul @Lazybeautybeast!  Which Ilia product is that in the Play! bag?  You picked up some fab samples as well. Nicely done!



Thanks @itsfi! It is the

Thanks @itsfi! It is the fade into you soft finishing powder

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Last haul in July for me.


Sephora - The GrandeLash MD is a restock for me. I had no intention of purchasing wipes but the Sephora Papaya Exfoliating Wipes smelled sooo good.  Everything else is meant to be a gift.



Nordstrom - My scorecard for the Anniversary Sale looked something like this: Shoes 3; Beauty Products 0.  Smiley Happy  Then I walked by the Chanel counter and this happened - 


Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

@itsfi  Fantastic haul! The Chanel products are definitely beautiful! I can totally see how it would be hard to resist, ha ha!! Enjoy everything! πŸ‘ŒπŸ€—

Re: Jovial July 2018 Hauls!

Thank you @Shosh85!  <3  It'll be easier to resist now that I have these treats to play with. Smiley Wink  These should keep me busy for a while.  

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