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Jazzy July 2017 Hauls!

I haven't hosted one of these threads before, but since July is my birthday month, I figured I'd give it a go! I can't wait to see all of the amazing hauls this month will bring!


Image result for hello july fireworks

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Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Did I miss an ABH sale?????  @gonerogue

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul #1








Kylie Cosmetics



Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Oh wow!  What a beautiful haul!   That Guerlain Terracotta is to die for!!!! <3



Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@Tamara76 Almost TOO pretty to play with, right? It's so sparkly!!

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@gonerogue OMG where did you get that little bowl? It looks like mermaid scales! 

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@StephaniLynn It's from Marshalls!! I got it a few years back and I put a small candle inside whenever I have dinner outside in my balcony.

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!


Plisse Lumiere De Chanel Illuminating Powder, Rouge Allure Lip Colour 174 Rouge Angelique, Rouge Coco Gloss 714 Caresse







Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@angel7594 Another great haul! So many lovely Chanel pretties. Smiley Happy

I see you got the new Coco Rouge Glossimer. I still can't bring myself to switch to the new glosses. I miss the old "Levres Scintillantes Glossimer" formula, even though people say it was too sticky. Maybe I'll give in once I run out of Mica. Smiley Happy

How are you liking the new coco rouge gloss formula?  

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!


Thank you! Smiley Happy

I am loving them! The applicator is wider and makes application a dream. The formula is moisturizing, and smoother than the Glossimers in my opinion. I will still use the Glossimers I have though, since I like that formula and can't get a shade match in the Rouge Coco line.

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@angel7594 Great Chanel haul! I have the highlighter as well and I think I will get the lipstick as well it's gorgeous color❤️

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@angel7594 What lovely products. The brush for the highlighter is so cute.

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Thank you @darkiceis! <3

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@angel7594  Wow!   That Chanel haul is glorious!   I think I have Angelique and, if it is the one I am thinking of, it is gorgeous! ❤️

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Thank you @Tamara76, @Ispend2much6! <3

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Nice summer colors, @angel7594

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Posting my latest hauls. <3


Skinnydip and Ulta:

skinnydip and Ulta.jpg

Skinnydip (4th of July Sale):
1. Seahorse Makeup Bag for my bestie
2.  Peach Makeup Bag for me (of course)
3.  Clutch
4. Embroidered Folk Art Phone Case
5.  Unicorn Glitter Phone Case
6.  Peach Phone Case
7.  Peach Pin

1.  Vita Liberata Self-Tanner
2.  PM Lavender Mint Shampoo
3.  Samples
4.  Vita Liberata DS GWP

Sephora, Dogeared and Target:


1.  Pencils:  From the Dollar Spot at Target!  I love pencils with sayings, and these are too cute!  (Target)
2.  Benefit promo (Sephora)
3.  Samples (Sephora)
4.  OH DS 100 point perk (Sephora)
5.  Tocca 100 point perk (Sephora)
6.  Stila 100 point perk (Sephora)
7.  Givenchy Lippie 100 point perk (Sephora)
8.  NARS Lip Pencil 100 point perk (Sephora)
9.  YSL Mon Paris 100 point perk (Sephora)
10.  Tory Burch 250 point perk (Sephora)
11. Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Pro Set (Sephora)
12.  Beautyblender (Sephora)
13.  Part Mermaid Necklace (Dogeared)
14.  Unicorn Earrings (Dogeared)
15.  Essie Gel Couture Spool Me Over Polish (Target)
16.  Sally Hansen Let's Get Digital Polish (Target)
17.  Laura Mercier 100 point perk (Sephora)

Closeups of the Dogeared jewelry:






Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

@Tamara76  Such a cute mermaid necklace!

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Thank you!   🐳  @Ispend2much6

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Nice haul @Tamara76! I love the jewelry and the skinny dip goodies especially! I have several skinny dip phone cases and love them all❤️

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Thanks!   Skinnydip is a really fun brand!   💗   @unfungirl

Re: Jazzy July Hauls!

Those pouches!!! I need to check out this Skinny Dip thing. It's a frozen yogurt place around here so I was super confused for a sec, lol.

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