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January deals

What kinds of deals did you find post Christmas? Share here! Smiley Happy


I landed:


- BDG dark indigo skinny jeans, $20. Never heard of the brand but they were very comfortable.

- Velvet black scoop neck dress, $20 (!!!)

- BCBG sweater dress, $120. It was roughly 50% off, still an insane markup imo but I've been meaning to get a good sweater dress for awhile and this one was unique.


Currently on the hunt for a good pair of nude heels...


Re: January deals

Oh what a cute dress, looks so cozy!


I love a good deal, when I have downtime and feel like doing something mindless I enjoy cyber window shopping. So far this month I've found some real bargains online. A lot of websites have promotional coupons that can be applied to orders too, for an extra discount or free shipping...which I love!


-A pair of skinny jeans (for just $21)


-Earrings ($15, they were inspired by Alexander McQueen's famous Armadillo shoes)


-A collar-less trench coat  (I was fawning over it and felt the need to make an impulsive has a very regal Kate Middleton-esque look to it)


Double-breasted Skirt Hem Design Blue Trench-coat

I'm currently on the hunt for more dresses, a new purse, and some edgy boots.


I actually have a list on my iPhone of my various 'fashion wants'...hilarious I know, but it really comes in handy when I'm shopping, so I don't drift away from things that I'm in need of.


Whimsically yours,

Re: January deals

@pocketvenus that dress is SO cute! I would love one like that maybe in a dark red or an eggplant purple, how pretty! And the shoes on the model are CUTE! Smiley Happy


@Janine that jacket is pretty! I always have jackets and sweaters with random v-cuts so I want one with a collar to keep me warm this time but I love the buttons on that one and the sorta "flared skirt" on the bottom. 


I haven't really found any "deals" except for some gift wrapping paper and ribbon to save for next year! I've also been trying really hard on this "no buy". I haven't purchased any makeup or clothing all month (it's only 12 days but that's a LOT for me!) after I calculated that I spend almost $1000 a year on cosmetics and products at Sephora (that's not even including things I buy in Target or Walgreens) I DEFINITELY need to cut back. However,  I am on the hunt for a new purse or jeans! Jeans are so difficult to find.. Low rise jeans are NOT favorable to me and sadly, that's all ANYONE makes! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: January deals

@diana-  In the Victoria's secret catalog that arrived today, it looks like they have some mid rise jeans and often on the Sunday night jeans blowout on Haute Look there are mid and high rise jeans from major jeans designers for a great deal. Of course, even looking at Haute Look is really bad if you are on No-Buy, there is always something tempting for me!Smiley Tongue

Re: January deals

Thanks prettyinpa!


Those VS catalogs and hautelook get me everytime (I just got 3 vs catalogs in the last couple days since saturday! enough already!) lol Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: January deals

Off topic, but re: VS:


Enough already, indeed -- I have neither ordered nor bought anything from VS in at least a decade (nothing against it, but I used to be a Gap employee; as a result I get everything at Gap Body) I would love to know how they found my work address! I'm so embarrassed -- I get VS catalogues on practically a weekly my office. The senior partner at my firm Smiley Embarassed) grabs and distributes the mail himself sometimes, and I was so humiliated the day he brought a box as well as the aforementioned VS catalogue to my desk. I'm not prudish whatsoever, but there's just something about having an underwear catalogue land on my desk (with the frequency that it does)...I do have Sephora, J. Crew, Nordstrom etc. orders sent to my office because of UPS / Fed Ex maybe they obtained the address that way.


Back ON topic: I've been trying to stay on track (and failing). The cosmetics I have purchased this month were not "deals" by any stretch of the imagination. (Sigh! Those darn spring 2012 collections!)  I did, however, get a J. Crew jacket (the tipped Hacking, in case any of you are J.Crewaholics like myself) for less than half its original price (which I could not justify paying). 


Also, when I was at home for the holidays, I went to Kohl's with my mother -- I don't really ever go to Kohls in SF, because it's outside the city, but they had a pair (two, actually) of tall boots that fit me! I was really psyched -- I rarely find boots because I can't get them zipped over my calves (genetics, figure skating and running have all blessed me with ginormously disproportionate calves). I was so happy with both of those purchases (both pairs ended up being 36 and 45, respectively, which is really great for boots -- I think these were 158 and 98 originally). Smiley Very Happy


Re: January deals

@diana, @prettyinpa: I totally agree re: the mid-to-high rise jeans. Why are they so hard to find? I don't want "mom jeans" (see below!) but somewhere in the middle would be nice.


Not these: tapered_jeans.jpg

Re: January deals

@katie1724-  Those "mom jeans" are just awful, they always pinch in the waist and seem to give me a wedgie, haha! I can wear any rise jean, and am most comfortable in not-super low jeans or mid rise, but I also don't get why there aren't more cute designs in mid rise. The great benefit of that style is they aren't so prone to panty peek, which is good if you have to do a lot of bending over in public.


I think a lot of these catalogs share addresses- I get more junk mail that I can trace to companies that I do business with by how they misspell my name. Embarrassing that the senior partner deals with the mail, you'd think he'd be too busy.



Re: January deals

I have to admit I bought 2 pairs of "mom-jeans" (well Mom-ish) that are skinny leg and sorta high waisted but they are comfy!! I just make sure to wear a longer shirt that covers exactly how high up they go... hahaha otherwise that would totally be ME in that picture above! Smiley Embarassed


I did manage to find my last jacket I bought with a furry collar on sale. It was in December, but I haven't been so lucky to find a good deal this month! My jacket was from Target and priced down to $41 from $70 which to me was a great find! I'm always bargain hunting and browsing sale racks at department stores. You never know what steals you can find!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: January deals

@janine I love the mix of feminine details with the more structured/uniform cut. And yes, the dress is very comfortable!

@diana I like the shoes too! And I know what you mean about the ubiquity of the low-rise jeans! The BDG jeans I found are mid-rise and very comfortable. You can find them at Urban Outfitters Smiley Happy

@katie & prettyinpa A lot of your spending data from loyalty programs like Beauty Insider, as well as everything you purchase with a credit card, and your "data trail" online is tracked and possibly aggregated in huge databases. Based on this, you are segmented by marketers into a fairly specific demographic in order to target you in tailored ways. Not just ads for things to buy, but this might determine for example, how a political party engages with you, or what search results you get when you use Google, etc. Unfortunately, I find the marketers/algorithms always get me wrong, and show me ads/information on things I have no interest in and all it does is add unnecessary junk/noise in my life!

Re: January deals

Talking about VS coupons, my dad gets mail from them.  His name is Francis so of course, they must associate him with a female or something.  Whenever we get the catalogs, we always laugh because his name is sometimes on them.

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