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β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚πŸ₯³to all of the beautiful June babies out there!! Share your almost-summer hauls hereπŸ› 😍 So many good things to look forward to, soak up some sun and let’s see what everyone is bringing home!




Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Thank you, @Sunnysmom!! Everything is really so pretty!! 


I haven't tried the paste, but I have loved the other things I've tried from Christophe Robin, so I have a strong feeling. I did mostly grab it because it was part of the trio GWP, of course. Do you use it in place of a detox shampoo (it mentions restoring the scalp and removing product/oil)?

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

I think I got mine with a Beautylish purchase @haleyvvvv. I decided to try it just randomly as an in between quick shampoo between washing days and have only used it twice so far. It really worked to get the gunk and extra products cleared out plus I definitely felt the volume in my short hair! I’m impressed! Let me know if you try it!πŸ’ž

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Aether makes such gorgeous curations, @haleyvvvv. Those mattes are vivid! The Kaleidos palettes are beautiful, too-what great fun!

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Aether Beauty really has such pretty palettes, @eshoe!! And I really appreciate the sustainable packaging. Thank you!!

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@haleyvvvv Great hauls!  Love the variety from makeup, skincare, fragrance to body care.

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Thank you, @SportyGirly125!! πŸ˜Š

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@haleyvvvv Thats a huge Haul!! I forgot about the 500point bonus until it ended. Ended up ordering something for the sk-ii sample but the points would've been better. 


Have you tried the dr.jart cicapair?


I hope you enjoy your products!!


Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Thank you, @DianaHuynh!! These are a few months in the making. Stuff that arrived in May and June that I'm just now getting around to posting. And some of this shipped from far away, so I bought in April or early May but it got here in June.


I'm a sucker for a good points haul, plus everything I got was on sale (BB large cleanser solid and liquid), so it worked out really well. Plus I got the Augustus Bader GWP. It was a really good deal!! I'm sorry you missed out, hopefully they'll run another points promotion towards the ends of the year. 


I haven't tried the Cica products. I've mostly tried the ceramide line, but my skin responds really well to Cica so I'm excited to hopefully tamp down some of my redness. I grabbed on a whim because I needed a good GWP when I bought my partner's face wash (not pictured). 

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021


Another Asian Beauty Haul

I did try some of the items already (ordered a week ago)


Cosrx - watery toner x2 (it was on sale) and I bought a mini bottle from another site and loved it

cosrx - ph face wash (sister asked me to order but this is her third bottle and she has better skin then me)

papa recipe whitening honey mask - on sale and I really wanted to try out the brand

Dr.Jayjun Centella simple mask: I have the green tea eye patches so I thought I would get something from this brand

VT acne patches - cheaper then the cosrx ones. These are also good no complaints

SNP Lion mask - free, this site offered some samples of some stuff


Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@DianaHuynh  Awesome haul!!! Cosrx is such a good brand! Also the papa recipe is one of my fav mask brands! Hope you enjoy!!

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Lovely haul @DianaHuynh 

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

They sound really good, @DianaHuynh!

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@DianaHuynh  Great haul! I've really liked the Papa Recipe masks I've tried. I've never tried the VT acne patches - glad to hear you like them! 
Hope you enjoy everything! πŸ˜ƒ

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@DianaHuynh, fun haul! πŸ˜ There are some great sheet masks in the Papa Recipe Bombee Honey line.🍯 Good to know about the VT acne patches; I will keep them in mind. Curious to know what is in the upper right hand corner of your photo - it looks like it has the Molang character on it? The print on it is cute! 

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Nice haul, @DianaHuynh!! Enjoy your goodies!!


Are these from pink n blossam? I feel like they normally have a pretty good sample bag with purchase.

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@haleyvvvv  Yes it is!! My first time ordering wih them and now theres an 40% off sale I'm tempted to order more things.

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

They do have sales fairly regularly, @DianaHuynh, if you're looking for a reason to stay away. But 40% off a more expensive item is a great deal.

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

I can't upload a photo right now but, I have gotten (a) makeup product(s) after each of my COVID-19 vaccinations. As well as a product I bought just because I needed it. 


  • Wet 'N' Wild Bronzer (shade: Sunset Striptease)
  • Almay Skin Perfecting Matte Foundation (shade: Cool Nude)
  • CoverGirl Eyeshadow Eye Enhancers Quads (shades: Sheerly Nudes and Pure Romance)

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@FullCoverageBB  Love the idea! Great picks!!

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

Thank you, angel!! ❀️ @ather 

Re: β›±πŸJOYOUS JUNE HAULS!!🌞🌴 2021

@FullCoverageBB Good way to celebrate! I used to have the Pure Romance one I liked it! It was over 12 years old so I finally tossed mine haha. 

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