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鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Happy Birthday 馃巶馃コto all of the beautiful June babies out there!! Share your almost-summer hauls here馃泹 馃槏 So many good things to look forward to, soak up some sun and let鈥檚 see what everyone is bringing home!



Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Oooh @ather , do tell

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@danielledanielle  Lol SEPHORA COLLECTION Glow Peel Pads 60 Pads  and SEPHORA COLLECTION Hydrating Booster Pads 60 Pads i started using the glow pads first before the clarifying ones and I really enjoy them. I used them at night. And the hydrating ones are great for a little extra hydration. I don鈥檛 know why but I am obsessed with little pads. Maybe because it鈥檚 the perfect amount I need so I鈥檓 not over using products!!! The hydrating ones are great if I need a boost mid day and not wearing makeup!

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

A few hauls that trickled in slowly, but are finally all here 馃槂





Thanks to @itsfi for introducing me to this brand 馃槉 I bought a couple Vitamasques recently, but decided to order a few more 馃槈




The Creme Shop masks were $1 off because the box they were in was trashed - so it came out to only $2.99 for 5.

I've liked the Jayjun masks I've tried and I'd never seen this AHA version before and $7.99 for 10 is a pretty good deal 

I'd never seen the XL wipes before and I got the other wipes mainly because of the unicorn 馃 馃槈




Briogeo Superfoods Mango + Cherry Balancing Shampoo + Conditioner Duo for Oil Control  These smell so good! I do smell both mango and cherry, but probably more mango than cherry

amika Flash Instant Shine Hair Gloss Mask 6.7 oz/ 200 mL I first got this as a GWP and didn't think I'd like it because of how watery it is, but the results were surprisingly really great! 

Farmacy FILLING GOOD hyaluronic acid plumping serum 1.0 oz/ 30 mL 
This really smells bad, haha! - but I really love the results, so I just spray a nice smelling mist on top and I'm good 

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+I was running low on this just in time for the 4x points promo to hit

SUNDAY II SUNDAY HAIR FLOURISH Vegan Biotin Gummies 60 count 
I've never tried a biotin supplement before and this got some good reviews so I thought I'd give it a shot

IT Cosmetics Mini It's Your Skin But Better Setting Spray 1 oz/ 30 mL 
Still lookin' for that HG setting spray, and this got some good reviews 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Coach x Sephora Collection Tea Rose Eye Mask Set 3 pairsThis was half-off so I figured it was a good time to try it out

Sephora GWP's:



Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Love this haul, @Shosh85! Some of those Vitamasques look very intriguing! 

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Thanks @quspork! I didn't plan on buying that many of the Vitamasques... it's one of those things that just kinda happened 馃槄

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Impressive hauls, @Shosh85!

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Thank you so much @curlychiquita!!! 馃槂

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

You hauled so many fabulous products @Shosh85! I love that you went back for a few more sheet masks! 馃槅 Would love to get your thoughts on the Briogeo shampoo and conditioner after you鈥檝e had a chance to use it a few times.

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Thanks @itsfi! can't wait to try the masks! They all looked so good, I couldn't leave any behind 馃槀 I forgot which ones you've tried? I think I remember Lychee?

I'll definitely let you know about the Briogeo!

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@Shosh85, I tried the lychee and then went back to get more ... of the lychee mask. 馃槀 I did pick up some late last month too. Always exciting when we discover a promising new brand. 馃槏 Just have to make sure I keep this mask stash in check. Ha! Will be fun to try this brand and share our thoughts on them! 

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Excellent haul @Shosh85! The new Briogeo scent is so good!

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Thank you @faeriegirl! I really love the Briogeo scent! Can't wait to try it! 馃槂

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

You will love the new briogeo scent!! @Shosh85 it'll make up for the farmacy scent 馃槅

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@lmaster  I love the Briogeo scent! It is sooo good! 馃構 Have you smelled the Farmacy serum? It really is terrible 馃槀 

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

No I have not @Shosh85 I have a couple unopened serums so Im having patience for once 馃槀

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@lmaster  What's that saying?... "Patience is a virtue?" ..... yeah, I don't have it either 馃槀

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@Shosh85 I tell myself,,, it might go bad before I get to it,, that's helps me hold off better on skincare 馃槅

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@Shosh85 Such a great haul. So the Amika really does make your hair shiny? Does it dry out the hair? 

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Thank you @Ispend2much6! It doesn't dry out my hair. It makes it shiny and sooo soft, to the point where I can't stop playing with it! I was surprised I liked it because of the watery consistency - I'm so used to hair masks being thick and creamy 馃槂

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

@Shosh85 oooh looks like some awesome new masks! I'm super curious about the cherry one!

Re: 鉀别煆滼OYOUS JUNE HAULS!!馃尀馃尨 2021

Thanks @Kim888! I owe all my Vitamasque purchases to @itsfi!! Can't wait to try them! 馃槂

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